Tuesday 8 September 2020

The puppy has been walked and fed, I've taken my pills and...

...adjusted the shopping so that Steve could have even more stuff and I haven't got any pop for the next week now.


The stuff just for Steve (meaty things mainly) come to £10.70 but mine (literally a bottle of squirty soap for the bathroom and another bottle of squash) comes to £2.60 - hardly fair, is it❓  Means that Steve'll be drinking pop and squash as well as tea and coffee next week, but I'll be having water so that I've got enough squash to last for my pills.  He used the "I put £3 in that we haven't used yet so that'll cover the extra £3 over budget" excuse again, but for the last two weeks we've been £2 over the budget, so if I'd left my pop on, we'd still have been £4 over the budget for the last two weeks or £7 before his added £3 but I bet he'll use the same excuse again next week, same as always.


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