Sunday 27 September 2020

My supplements were dispatched while I was studying

That's speedy work by anyone's standards❗  I ordered my supplements at 8.12am, my Quidco cashback was tracked at 8.51am and my order was dispatched at 1.29pm.  I spent £61 so the delivery was free and next day too, which is even better❗  If you're in the UK and looking for a fantastic supplements supplier, I can't recommend Simply Supplements highly enough.

I studied another course with the New Skills Academy today and passed the course on my second attempt at the assessment.  Not gonna do any more courses now though, 'cos the puppy is getting ants in her pants for her tea and she needs her evening walk too, so I'll do that then check my email and catch up with Facebook and stuff until bedtime.  I'm gonna hopefully have an early night tonight too and not wake up and come down until a more sensible time tomorrow morning  😉

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