Saturday 12 September 2020

Pills taken, breakfast eaten, just waiting for...

...the puppy (and hubby) to wake up now, so that I can take her for her first walk of the day and let her have her brekkie.


Written to my GP too about something I read in a magasine last night - she's got a very similar diagnosis to me (I've got an extra word in the middle of mine) and I just wanna check with my GP that it *is* similar to my diagnosis so that I can maybe try and get her email address so that we can both get to know each other and support each other with things that we are both going through with our illnesses the way that people without it will never understand 'cos they ain't going through it.


I'm expecting another package from Amazon at some point today with me scales in so that I can keep track of how much I weigh and aim for those 5kg by January.


I've gotta remember to phone my GP surgery on Monday to rearrange my flu jab 'cos it says on the site that you have to be able to stand for 10 minutes and there won't be any parking, so I'll have to charge up Patrick's batteries and go down there in 'im instead of getting Marie to take me down there.

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