Tuesday 29 September 2020

Puppy's had both of her strolls and three meals today, so...

...she can curl up and snooze the evening and night away now, ready for a new day tomorrow.


I hope I'm wrong, but I don't reckon I'll be getting any more food before I head to bed, which means I'll only have eaten 492 calories all day, which won't help with my need to put on weight❗  Steve's got some cooked and chilled meat in the fridge, so he'll be OK, but there is nothing else I can eat other than toast and Steve'll want the last remaining bits of bread for his sarnies this evening, so it's yet another day at under 500 calories, and I bet it'll be the same tomorrow too 'cos it's Wednesday so instant soup day then our groceries delivered between 3-4pm so he won't want to cook anything in the evening either.  I've eaten a bowl of porridge and 4 biscuits all day.


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