Tuesday 29 September 2020

I definitely don't trust Steve now...

...I asked Steve how much the grocery shopping came to yesterday and he said "about £50" which was fair enough 'cos he moved a fiver over to cover the extra at the end of last week.

I asked him to check through the order one last time and add the substitution voucher to it, which he said he did, then the conversation went like this:

Steve:  "they're throwing a wobbler about the toilet rolls.  They're saying the ones on our order are out of stock so are suggesting Andrex rolls instead"

Me:  "Oh right, they're gonna be a lot more expensive 'cos they're a big brand name though.  How much are the Andrex rolls?"

S:  "Getting on for £9"

M:  "There's no way I can afford that!  Maybe have a look for a smaller pack and see how much they are?"

Steve goes and has a look.

S:  "They've got a pack of 9 super soft rolls for just over £3"

M:  "There's nothing cheaper?"

S:  "Nope"

M:  "We'd best get 2 of those then"

Steve adds them to the basket and checks out.

S:  "It's cheaper than original taking off the voucher and including the delivery"

M:  "Coolies!  How much is it now?"

S:  "£51.32"

M:  "What??"

S:  "I've taken off my sausages too, 'cos there are already 2 packs in the freezer"

M:  "How much was it before?"

S:  "£52.97"

M:  "I'd best go in and take my stuff off then to take it to below the £50 absolute limit we had for this week"

I log in and tinker around to find a pack of 9 toilet rolls for £1.95, add them to the basket and take off the ones Steve found, then check out.

M:  "It's £49.50 all in now"

S:  "Oh right, cool"

Maybe it's just me but "about £50" means pennies over instead of very nearly £3 over!!

You're supposed to be able to trust your partner but that and so many other things mean that I no longer do.  At all.

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