Monday 31 August 2015

Starting tomorrow, Steve will hopefully ask about getting...

...someone to come in a couple of times a month to sort the kitchen out so that I can start experimenting with things and getting some small kitchen appliances like a food processor and blender and ice cream maker and waffle maker and mixer and all that jazz so that we will hopefully start having home-cooked meals instead of relying on take-away's again... have one take away as a treat on maybe a Monday 'cos that's usually when our groceries get delivered and the other 6 days cook something at home.

That won't be happening soon, but hopefully having someone to come in and help us will encourage us to give regular home cooked meals a try!

Mitzi is definitely watching the telly!

Wallace and Grommit are on the telly atm and the pup is definitely watching it very intently!  No matter what we say to her she doesn't take her eyes off the TV!

I realise she prolly doesn't understand it, but she's sat on the back of the sofa with Steve and her little eyes haven't left the screen since Steve put it on!

Bless her little furry paws.

The vitamin sprays have just been delivered and, if I...

... do the full 4 squirts of each of them a day I'll be getting 400% of the RDA of vitamin B12!

It's impressive speed considering I only ordered them yesterday and today is a Bank Holiday!

I've taken today's multivitamin in pill form so can't review either of them yet, but if I remember to take them tomorrow I'll put a review up then.  I'm going to take it slowly and do one squirt a day this week, then 2 a day next week, then 3 a day the week after and the full 4 squirts a day after that!

Wish me luck with remembering!  :-)

Another reader in the last 25 minutes!

Whoever you are, I really appreciate you reading my words every day - thank you so so much!

Two readers in the last 2 hours!

At some time in the last 2 hours, 2 people have read my blog... I still don't know who they are, but thank you both so much!

A total of 10 times this morning

We walked up and down twice first thing and another 8 just now so that makes 10 times.

I was happy with 7 but the pup carried on walking so we did 10 and we're both drenched now, Mitzi's got her food and water in the kitchen and she's in her bed almost asleep now... so cute!

Only twice so far this morning

It's peeing it down out there and Mitzi doesn't like being wet so we only went up and down the road twice this morning... I'll take her out again when Steve's carer has been and it's hopefully stopped raining!

Sunday 30 August 2015


Watching the Big Blue Live atm and I've had an amazing treat tonight 'cos the programme showed a huge group of my favourite animals, dolphins, playing together and with the boat the presenters are on... an amazing display and made me love dolphins even more!

They are showing a sc... they've just shown a huge blue whale and it was an awesome sight!

I know it's only a television show and they are in America, but just being able to see the gorgeous sea life in their natural habitat that I wouldn't see otherwise is just amazing!

Amazon have done well out of me in the last week or so!

I've just bought 2 sets of plastic drawers (1 for me and the other for Steve) to keep beside us to keep all our little bits and bobs in to hopefully clear up a bit of room in here (the living room) while still having everything we want close at hand.

They will be here between 4th and 8th September so that's the end of next week, yeah?

I just hope they fit into the 2 places we are planning to put them!  lol

Just while I remembered...

I remembered about the B12 spray while I was at the in-laws, so took it out of the pouch I keep it in and it's a year past it's use by date!

Rather than risk it, I've binned the spray and re-invested in the B12 along with a multi-vitamin so that I can take it every day without forgetting about getting them and a drink out of the kitchen, bringing it in here, taking the tablet and taking it all back out to the kitchen.

If I remember to take the tablet that's all well and good, but as of tomorrow it's no great shakes if I forget 'cos I can just take the bottle out of the pouch et voila!

It lasts for 40 days and if it's anything like the tablet I'll feel the difference straight away which will hopefully encourage me to keep taking it every day!

 The dosing of each of them is 4 sprays a day but I'm just going to use the B12 as and when I need it and slowly work my way up to the full 4 sprays of the multi-vitamin just to see what happens.  Hopefully the multi-vitamin spray will be worth it, but as it was under a tenner with free next day delivery on Prime it's no great shakes if it doesn't!

Just got back from the in-law's and...

...I spoke to my little nephew via Marie's phone - such a little cutie!

Only 5 times this morning because of the rain

Typical innit... it's dry until I close the front door then there's a downpour until I've finished walking the pup then it stops raining again as soon as I've put the lead back in the kitchen!  *sigh*

We're going over to Steve's family again today and we're still waiting for his carer to turn up to do his legs.  *sigh* again.

Steve sees his family several times a month every month and I haven't seen my mum for 5 years... hardly fair, is it!  :-(

Saturday 29 August 2015

Another 2 readers within the last half an hour!

Thank you, all of you, for reading my blog every day, and reading my drivel!  lol

Clothes sizes

Just to make clothes buying nice and complicated, not only am I petite but I'm also 3 different petite sizes depending on what I'm wearing/buying.

For tops I'm size 16 because of my huge but totally natural GG boobs.
For skirts and trousers I'm size 14.
For clothes that don't go over my belly I'm size 12!

That means I've got 2 sizes left to drop for skirts and trousers and only one more size for below belly clothes!  I'm so close now... I reckon I'll be size 10 again by the end of 2015!

It's not like I've been on a diet or anything either and the only exercise I've had is walking the pup every morning!

I've got great calves and my thighs are slowly shrinking too - I'm so close now, I can almost taste the weight loss!

2 readers while I was in the shower this afternoon!

Thank you both so much for reading!

Thank you to...

... the 2 people who read my blog overnight!  I really appreciate your reading what I say... it makes it all worthwhile!

Would be good if you left a comment now and again though - it doesn't have to be a huge comment, just a "hi Amanda, just read your blog and wanted you to know" is all  ;-)  lol

Friday 28 August 2015

We have a truly spectacular, amazingly fantabulous puppy dog!

Mitzi has just been an amazing little girl!  She has gunky eyes a few times a month and the gunk usually comes out easily but it had dried quicker than usual this time so she pulled away after a little while so I dampened some toilet roll to de-solidify the gunk and our spectacular little puppy let me do her left eye with no problems after that but she toddled off when I tried to do her right eye so I got her a Dentastick and she was happy to let me do her right eye then.

That wasn't the end of it though... I made her 'wait' for 30 seconds before I let her have the Dentastick and I only asked her to wait once the whole half a minute instead of every few seconds like I usually do.

When I gave her the Dentastick she ran off with it bless her... she didn't want to work for it any more than I'd already made her do!  Bless her little furry paws!  lol

Thursday 27 August 2015

Blimey I've been chatty today!

This is post number 6 today and I haven't even taken me pills yet!

Bloated again, but...

Just had our spago-bolo and it was yummy scrummy in my tummy, it was just too much of a plateful!  Steve couldn't finish his either and apparently there's still some in the slow cooker so that's tomorrow's lunch sorted!  lol

We're having a home-cooked tea instead of a take away tonight

Steve put bolognase (sp?) in the slow cooker this morning and it's smelling yummy!  Just gotta do the s'getti when Steve's finished work and less than an hour later we'll be scoffing it!

I definitely prefer home-cooked food!

The nausea seems to be because of...

... hunger and/or thirst 'cos just eating and drinking a little bit seems to knock it on the head!

Much bizarreness!

I'm grateful for having 2 bank accounts! lol

After spending almost £80 on Facebook last night I was overdrawn again, only just, but I'm now in credit everywhere and I've got £3.50 to last until Monday and all my accounts have a good amount in them so my OCD is happy too!  lol

I'm grateful for the telephone ordering, but...

... what should have taken 3 days has taken a week!

I've signed up for electronic ordering now though, so hopefully things will go through better and faster next time I order from them!

Wednesday 26 August 2015

Does anyone who uses Blogger know how to...

... get the statistics on the "posts" section to be the same as the page views please?

It's just that I've had 30 page views so far today, but only 3 are showing up in the statistics part!  That's a 90% difference and it's annoying me!

Please read this post... it's important law stuff!

I've just spotted a notice on the account bit of my blog saying that I need to let you know about the cookies that Blogger and Google use on my blog.

Literally all I know about cookies on computers as opposed to the American word for biscuits is that it's a tiny text file that gets put on your computer to let the site know that you've been to the site and which pages you've seen on the site.

That's literally the extent of my knowledge though... have a word with a friendly computer expert if you want to know more!

This is what prompted this post:

"European Union laws require you to give European Union visitors information about cookies used on your blog. In many cases, these laws also require you to obtain consent.

As a courtesy, we have added a notice on your blog to explain Google's use of certain Blogger and Google cookies, including use of Google Analytics and AdSense cookies.

You are responsible for confirming that this notice actually works for your blog and that it is displayed. If you employ other cookies, for example by adding third-party features, this notice may not work for you. Learn more about this notice and your responsibilities.

I'm liking tails even more now!

I was thinking of trying tails custom food for the pup when she's finished her vet diet but wasn't sure if Mitzi would like it 'cos she can be a fussy eater at times and she refuses to eat only dry food so we have to buy wet food for her so that she eats.

There is some dry food that you can add water to, to make it moist and more like wet food and I've just found out that any friend referrals I make, I can donate it to their charity of choice, which made me love the company even more, because that charity is:

Dogs Trust!!!

That's where we got our pup from and they've definitely got my custom now!

If you're a UK dog owner, keep your eye open for a friend link on my blog and website... the food won't cost you any more, but it helps to build up the amount they donate to my favourite charity! 

Knew it was too good to be true :-(

I woke up this morning and didn't feel sick.

I came downstairs and felt sick again.

Slowly drank a can of ginger beer and stopped feeling sick so went to get a bottle of Dr Pepper from the kitchen.

Felt sick again.

I'm about ready to give up  :-(

Tuesday 25 August 2015

Tree Aid

Just had someone come to the door about a charity called Tree Aid that helps people in Africa to earn a life by planting trees which helps with shelter and food and oxygen and protection and stuff.  The bloke who came to the door showed me before and after pictures and it was impressive how many trees they planted and grew in literally a vast desert with one poorly tree in the whole picture and the after picture was almost a forest!

I've signed up for a tenner a month starting in 6 weeks time which is the day after my birthday and like the bloke said, if a large number of people give a small amount regularly rather than a small number giving larger amount a few times a year, it's cheaper for the donator and a regular amount that the charity can come to rely on so that they can do more with a reliable amount each month.

I approve! lol

I've just moved money from my main bank account into the other accounts I've got with the same bank and they all have exact amounts (£x.00) in them now, so my OCD is happy!

I only meant to move £50 into each of my savings accounts, which I did, but then realised that I was only about 50p away from a full OCD number in each of the accounts and I had the exact amount I needed in my main account so the OCD in me said that I only needed to move the 50p over and it would be happy.

I did a bit of quick maths and moved it over, et voila!

8 times this morning!

The pup walked me up and down the road 8 times this morning!  I was happy with 7 but she carried on walking and did another up and down the street before coming home!

Bless her little furry paws!

Our little girl was an expressive pup this morning!

I came down and was met with a waggy tail and lots of kisses for a good 10 or 15 minutes!  When I got my cane ready for our walk the pup started dancing around on her back legs excitedly.  Then I got her lead and she couldn't wait for me to put it on her... her walk was uneventful and she's on the back of the sofa relaxing and calming down now!  lol

Monday 24 August 2015

Is it possible, after 4 days of not eating...

... to have a bigger stomach than you started with?

This time last week I was pondering on investing in a couple of trousers and skirts in size 12 because my size 14 clothes were getting loose on me.

I now can't get my size 14 trousers over me belly!

This time last week they were loose on me!

Literally the only things I've eaten in the last 4 days is 2 slices of bread, 4 slices of garlic bread and a small bag of chips... most of the calories I've had have been from flavoured water and a bottle of Dr Pepper!

Sunday 23 August 2015

For the first time this week...

... I feel well enough to have a short bath and change clothes!

I know it sounds disgusting to have 1 bath and change of clothes in a week, but this is the best I've felt this week!

Spectacular little puppy doggy!

The pup came over to me for a kiss, which I obviously gave her and I noticed that she had a gunky black splodge going in to her right eye so I tried to get it out with my right index finger but couldn't, so I decided to go with the bold move of using my left index finger (I'm right handed) to get the gunk out and the spectacular little pup trusted me enough to do it and kept her eye open the whole time!

What an amazing little girl!  She's such a good little puppy dog and obviously trusts me to use my non-dominant finger so close to her eye without even blinking!

Whoever gave her up all those years ago don't know what a gem she is turning out to be!

Huge way to go, pup, you're an amazing little girl and mean the world to me!

Saturday 22 August 2015

Our Westie mugs have just arrived!

I bought a couple of mugs for me an' 'im last Sunday and they've just arrived!  Yay!  They are white mugs that say "I can't keep calm, I have a West Highland White Terrier" on them... when I saw them as an ad on Facebook I just had to get one for me and another one for Steve... a matching pair!

If only they did a bowl for Mitzi that said "I can't keep calm, I'm a West Highland White Terrier!" I would have got it for the pup too!  lol

Yaaaaay! This is post number 1111 on my blog!

This is another big OCD post... number 1111 on my blog!  Yaaaaaaaay!  The next one will be 1234 which is only 123 posts away but it'll be several weeks before I've posted that many!  lol

Another one for M that I've just seen on Facebook

A huge 7 times this morning!

Just got back from walking the pup and I was prepared to come home after 5 times up and down the road but the pup carried on walking another twice up and down!

I then cleared her poo up in the back yard and the one right outside the door was almost diarrhea... it looked solid but as soon as I scraped the rake bit onto it to move it into the shovel bit, it turned very smeary... almost liquid!  Yuck!  It's done now though, thankfully!

Friday 21 August 2015

3 to go

Just got to write another 3 posts after this one to make a big OCD number (1111) then 123 posts after that to make another big OCD number (1234) then that's it until 1500 posts!


Just got an email from One Drive saying that I'm in groups there and that the groups will be deleted... I don't even know what One Drive is and I'm pretty sure (about 90%) that I'm not in any groups there but I can't reach One Drive atm to check!  :-/

Nope, nothing about groups anywhere within my One Drive account so it was prolly a phising email or something!  *sigh*

So vewy tired!

It's not even 3.15pm yet and I already want me bed!  :-(

Urgh :-(

We were supposed to go over to Steve's parents today and we were both looking forward to it, but I woke up feeling and being sick  :-(

Hopefully it's just a 24 hour bug or something but I really didn't want this today  :-(

Wednesday 19 August 2015

This says it all about me!

Hopefully that'll speed things up a bit now

Just deleted all my online community email addresses so hopefully I'll be able to have my email programme, 2 browsers and my newsreader open at the same time from now on... we shall see tomorrow morning!  :-D

Still haven't been invited to download Windows 10, so...

I'm downloading another desktop theme instead, when I've downloaded and installed that I'll try deleting my email accounts that I no longer use for the online communities I was with and take it from there... wish me luck!

Tuesday 18 August 2015

Faking being well is hard going at times!

Just taken me multi-vitamin again...

... and it is already working again, it's started lifting my mood, made me more awake, I can see in HD again and stuff like that.  I woke up this morning with a much clearer head than yesterday morning and everything seems sharper and more defined now.

If it's doing this to me after 2 days then I'll definitely keep taking them!

What an experience! lol

Steve's mum and E made some cupcakes that Marie brought over last night.


I've got a very sweet tooth most of the time and I can take any amount of sugar, but these cakes are too sweet to have more than one at a time!  lol

Ooh! Yumsk!

Just tried a mouthful of the apple and mango juice that Steve got me with the shopping yesterday and it's very yumsk!


Fantabulous was the word I couldn't remember yesterday!

You know that post I made yesterday about the words I'd made up, in the "Frips" post?

Well, I remembered last night, when I went to bed, that the word I was searching for was fantabulous!

I've got to remember to search for the nearest coastline to us too - you watch me forget now!  lol

Monday 17 August 2015


This is my 7th post of the day... awesome feeling!

I'm going to take me pills and head to bed now though so I'll shut up until tomorrow - nite nite orl!


I can almost hear you asking what a frip is... is it a new swear word or something?

Nope, nothing like that.

It's simply what I've had for me tea... wider and crunchier/more solid than the fries you get at Mc Donalds and Burger King but not as wide as a chippy chip, somewhere between the two that I don't know the right word for so I made one up for them!

Same with flibble wibble and frig - very minor swear words I made up that is suitable for children to use amongst friends, but nothing worth being punished for by adults.  Splendiferous too.  And spork.  And ginormous.  It's just my mind working in overdrive is all!

I saw one of the words I made up as a child being used IRL a few weeks back... that was an awesome feeling, knowing that I'd improved the English language at such a young age!

Just bought meself 2 vases for less than...

... £20 including delivery and a donation to charity!

I'll have one of the vases in the main bedroom and the second one in the kitchen or bathroom or something.

I've got at least 20 of the 50 fake roses and 2 short stemmed bunches as well as the over-crowded vase full of fake flowers in here so I'll have flowers to fill each of the vases and if I get given any real flowers at any time, I've got a choice of which vase to use and I can just take the artificial flowers out and fill it with water et voila!

I'm ace I am!  lol

Maybe it's just wishful thinking, but...

...I'm not as tired or achey as I was before I took the multi-vitamin and everything is sharper and more defined now too.

Is that just me and less than an hour after taking the first one is too soon to notice a difference?

Just about to take my first multi-vitamin and...

... I'm thinking I'll record the effect it has on me.

I used to take 6 supplements every morning without any noticeable effect, so maybe I was just taking too much and my body didn't use any of them?

Maybe just taking 1 each day I'll notice a more obvious effect?

We shall see!

Just taken it and it was very hard to crunch up... there was no way I could have swallowed it whole but at the same time I don't want to crack my teeth by crunching them up!

Is it too soon to notice an effect?

20 posts to go

In exactly 20 posts after this one I'll have written my next OCD number of posts.  Yay!

Busy week this week!

I'm expecting 3 deliveries from Amazon.

I'm expecting 2 deliveries of Westie mugs for me an' 'im.

At least 1 delivery from HobbyCraft so that I can contribute to the TT books

Food shopping is coming tonight.

Jess has just come for Steve.

I'm gonna walk Mitzi up and down the street at least 7 times every day.

Gotta remember to take me multi-vitamin every day 'cos I took the last Folic Acid last night.

Plus more that I've already forgotten!  Busy, busy, busy!

Sunday 16 August 2015

There are 3 people in my life that I really don't like

J, M and B have all done several things each to hurt me and shred my self-confidence and trust but you know what?  I don't hate them, they've just made me stronger and in to a better person.

I don't hate them, I just can't stand any of them. 

I'm not a hateful person but I'm not a push-over either.

23 posts to go before my next OCD number!

My next OCD number is 1111 and this is post 1088 so I reckon I'll hit it in about the middle of next week - what do you reckon?  5 posts yesterday and this is already my third today and it's not even lunchtime yet!  lol

10 times this morning!

I walked the pup up and down the street 10 times this morning before she decided to come home and I'm feeling more awake and ready for the day now!

Yay us!

Think I've almost dropped another clothes size! Yay!

I'm not following a diet and the only exercise I get is walking the pup up and down the street every morning, but me size 14 knickers keep slipping down to me bum and the size 14 trousers I was wearing yesterday kept having to be hitched up whenever I stood up and walked anywhere.

My thighs are still huge so I'm reluctant to buy any size 12 trousers in case I can't get them past me knees, but maybe some size 12 skirts and knickers is the way to go atm so that I can see if I really am size 12 now but if not, they will be ready for when I am!

Wish me luck!

Steve's just been whining about the cost of the apple juice I asked for with the shopping.  I've offered to pay for it and it won't be every week, I just want to have something other than Dr Pepper available to me for a change is all.

He whined about changing from Sainsbury's own brand cherryade to Dr Pepper too!


Saturday 15 August 2015

I've just triple-checked with Steve about...

I've just checked with Steve again about me mum moving in with us... it's a huge commitment and it'll be a tight squeeze with 3 of us and a pup but Steve said "as long as she doesn't mind me walking around in me pants" then it's OK with him so I'm going to suggest it to me mum next time I talk to her to see what she thinks to the idea.

I'm guessing she'll give her house to my brother to keep it in the family but she's got easy access to the hospital, the train station, at least 2 GP surgeries and a dentist, as well as being within easy reach of the centre of Gloucester and buses to Cheltenham at least 4 times an hour and online shopping for things she wants to get and Tesco and Sainsburys deliver groceries to here as well.

It's up to her though.  I won't pressure her either way, I'll just suggest it and leave it at that.

Steve's too good to me!

A dog is...

Something to be proud of

I know it may not sound like much to many of you, but it's a huge deal for me!

I've just stripped the bed, put on a new sheet, 2 new pillows and the duvet back on the bed, emptied the bedroom bin and binned the wrappers for the pillows and sheet.  The duvet still hasn't got a cover on it but I know I can't do that alone so I'm not even going to try!

Like I said, to most of you it won't be anything out of the ordinary, but after walking the pup 7 times this morning, tidying up upstairs so that I could get to the pillows then making the bed and binning the rubbish it's a huge deal for me... I'll sleep well tonight 'cos of using so much energy to do it!  lol

Now it's bath-time if I can find a clean towel and set of clothes anywhere!  lol

We walked 7 times this morning

I was aiming for 10, but 7 isn't too bad I suppose and I can take the pup out again later too, like I did yesterday... maybe her little legs just can't cope with 10 times in one go, so maybe I'll take her out for 5 in the morning and the other 5 in the afternoon or something?  Break it up a bit?

Grrr Steven!

Remind me to say "just push the door open" and "I wish you wouldn't buy things then not know what they are when they arrive" to Steven while I stay sat down, not even attempting to move when he needs help.


Friday 14 August 2015

Impressive speed by Argos today!

I ordered 3 sheets from Argos this morning to go on the bed upstairs and I was thinking it'd be early next week at the earliest before they were delivered, but less than 10 hours later and they were delivered!  Also, I got one of them free and for all 3 including delivery was less than £20 which was the price of just 1 of some of the sheets I looked at!

OK, so they may not be very durable but it will protect the mattress more than it's currently protected and for less than twenty quid for 3, I'm not going to complain!

She really doesn't like the rain!

Our poor puppy really doesn't like being out in the rain and that's not a good thing in Britain 'cos there's barely a month that goes by without rain, even in Summer!

Took 3 attempts today, but we eventually walked up and down the street 5 times and the poor pup wanted to come back in after 3 walks up and down (1 on each attempt instead of the twice each of the last two attempts I forced upon her).

Hopefully it won't rain tomorrow morning so I can encourage her to walk up and down the road 10 times to make up for the 2 she didn't do today plus a bonus extra 1 for my OCD!

Only once so far this morning

It's typical British weather out there atm... it's peeing it down!

I took the pup for her walk despite that and we made it up and down the road once before Mitzi opened the door and ran back in!  She really doesn't like getting wet, bless her!

If it stops raining or at least slows down I'll take her out again but not before that.

Thursday 13 August 2015

Another one from me to M

Just seen this on Facebook and it describes M to a tee!

Only 3 times this morning :-(

The pup was being a right royal little bitch on our walk this morning so we only went up and down the street 3 times.

Steve wants to watch the test match at 11 and someone is coming over at around then too to pick up the 2 bottles of supplements so when they've been I'll take the pup out again to see if she's more sensible the second time around, and I'm expecting a couple of deliveries today too so it's gonna be a busy day for me!

Wednesday 12 August 2015

The Prime watch has just turned up

I ordered 1 cheap and cheerful watch that I could wear when my current one's battery dies and that's just been delivered so now I'm just waiting for the other 2 watches next week, the book will hopefully be here tomorrow, Mitzi's harness and lead which will hopefully be here on Friday and the art stuff I ordered at lunchtime today.

Spending addiction strikes again!

7 times this morning!

I took the pup out for her walk up and down the street 7 times this morning!  The first 5 were good, we walked, she sniffed etc.  The 6th time she was reluctant to go in front of me so I thought she was having a funny 5 minutes but by the time we got to the front door the 7th time, the pup stopped and refused to go any further bless 'er!

She's now fast asleep in her bed, growling and snoring and yapping away like a good 'un!  Bless her furry little paws!

Tuesday 11 August 2015

Amazon have done well out of me today!

I bought myself 3 watches and saved about £100 just for those in the sale.

Then I bought myself a book because it was on Prime and my spending addiction took over.

Then I took the pup for her second walk of the day and I've just bought her a harness and lead that let's others know she's friendly on our walks each morning.  Didn't save any money on those but they were on Prime so will be here on Thursday too.

I'm gonna be making Mr Postie earn his wages this week!  lol

4 times this morning, 5 times just now...

I walked the pup up and down the road 4 times this morning and 5 times just now so we've had a good walk today so we should both sleep well tonight!

Just spoken to me mum on the phone too and the transport bods in her area just don't seem to care about leaving people literally stranded in the middle of nowhere!

Me mum wants to move to the south coast and I'll support her whatever she decides to do but it has to be her decision and, talking totally selfishly, I want her to move to Gloucester or Cheltenham so that I'm only a bus or taxi away if she needs me and there are buses between Gloucester and Cheltenham every 10 minutes, every day and she can do her shopping online and there are plenty of GP surgeries around here as well as us literally being behind the hospital too!  There's more buses in one morning over than she currently gets in a fortnight!

She's not getting any younger (none of us are) and neither of us can drive so it seems like the sensible option to me... it has to be her decision though, not mine or my brother's!

I just want to see my mum as often as I can and I haven't seen her for literally years as it is!  I miss her!

Monday 10 August 2015

Got 2 savings accounts now!

I applied for the first one last night with my old email address.  I didn't know it was my old email address until I applied for the second one with my new email address this morning and just happened to check that account.

I've just had an email come through to the new email address saying that it was ready to be used.

So, when both savings accounts show up in my online banking thing, I'll set up a standing order for £50 to go into each account every 4 weeks.

Not much, granted, but better than nothing!

6 and two thirds this morning

I came downstairs and took the pup for her walk this morning but we only managed 1 and two thirds up and down the street before the bin men came and the pup opened the front door with her little paw and jumped inside.

When the bin men had gone out of the street, I took Mitzi for part 2 of her walk and we walked another 5 times!

I don't know why, but Mitzi really doesn't like the bin men when they come, whether it's the size of the truck or the noise or the colour of the uniforms or something else but she really can't walk on the street when they come each fortnight!  Maybe she had a bad experience with them before she was taken to the Dogs Trust or something?

Poor little puppy!

Sunday 9 August 2015

Lookin' good!

I've just put some of the artificial flowers into the vase and they're looking good!  I didn't realise how few stems would fit in the vase though... there's still half the bag full of the white roses and no more room in the vase!  lol

I've still got more coming too - it'll make a change to have different colours but there isn't really anywhere to store the spare flowers except behind the curtain of disappearance but I'll forget I've bought and put them there though!

Brain damage eh?  That's what has caused my memory problems  :-(

I've now given up on...

... leggings.

I've bought 4 in the last few months and they have had to be binned because of huge holes appearing in them after 3 washes, so I'm going to stick with long skirts and trousers now - I know they don't produce holes like the leggings have done!


Children and animals

Saturday 8 August 2015

That was a nice surprise!

Just checked my secondary bank and got an amazing surprise... not only had the locksmith money come out already but I was expecting to have maybe £20 or £30 in there after paying for the door and moving £250 out of it last month back into my main bank.

I had over £400 in my secondary bank though, even after the door money had come out so I've moved £200 back into my primary account and I won't be overdrawn now.

I like surprises like that!  lol

Blimey that was quick!

Some of the artificial flowers I ordered from eBay a couple of days ago have just arrived!  Fast work by the 2 bods I ordered them from... the others are from elsewhere in the world so I'm not expecting those yet and the vase to put them in is drip-drying in the sink so as soon as that's dry I'll put the flowers in the vase, arrange them and I'll just add the others when they arrive!

I ordered a bath pillow, bright yellow hair spray and an Alice Band from Amazon too this morning.  The bath pillow will hopefully be here tomorrow 'cos it's on Prime and the other stuff will be here next week along with the rest of the flowers from eBay.

I'm not going to spend anything else for the rest of August now though so that I don't go too badly overdrawn again.  I'll be overdrawn for about a week 'cos most of my Direct Debits come out on the 15th of each month but I'm not paid until a week later this time  :-(

Friday 7 August 2015

Yes. This.

Jess, Steve's carer, seems to have...

... the knack of closing our front door from the outside, which neither me or 'im can do since it was installed!

The only thing I can think of as to how Jess does it without a key, is to hold the lock bit in as she closes the door or something!  Even that doesn't seem possible though 'cos she would have to let go of the lock before the door was closed and she would have the same problem as us then!

I'll have to ask her at some point!  lol

Thursday 6 August 2015

Religion picture from Facebook

Cricketers whites, or whatever they're called...

...what happens to them after they've been worn to Test Matches and stuff?

I mentioned to Steve the other day that the laundrette the uniforms are taken too must have some sort of miraculous washing powder to get the clothes so white every day they are on the telly.

Steve said that they get a whole new set of clothes every day.

If that's right, what happens to the "used" clothes?

I hope they are sent to the 3rd world or donated to charity or schools or local cricket clubs or something... is that wishful thinking though?

Wednesday 5 August 2015

If at first you don't succeed...

...scream at your partner for something that isn't their fault.

Sorry Steve!

I've just tried to put in an order with Simply Supplements.


I hope I won't be charged more than once though!

The first time I typed in my password but it wasn't accepted.  I typed in the wrong one so I was thrown back to the first page with my order still in the basket, so I tried again.

The order has already been processed apparently!

So I tried again.  Same result.

I've emailed Simply Supplements to see what the next step is... I just don't want to pay almost 85 quid when all I wanted was a £27 order!

Just bought loads of bunches of flowers from eBay

Spent all of £2.05 for them (I used my Nectar points for the other £15) but I'm planning on cheering up the living room and changing the colours every week or so.  I've bought pink, blue, purple and white roses so that'll keep me going for a while and assuming they all come as individual stems I'll be able to use lots of creativity for them too!

I've got 10 peacock feathers too so even if the flowers are all bunched up instead of individual, I'll still be able to put my own stamp of creativity into the vase and we won't need to worry about the flowers dieing or hurting the pup either!

Steve whined about not having room to store them but I'll keep them in the bedroom when we don't need them all at once!

Happy birthday Jacki!

Happy birthday, Jacki!  You deserve to be spoilt rotten today!  :-D

Tuesday 4 August 2015

Just heard from my Dogs Trust sponsor dogs, and...

... each of them sent me a letter and magnet!

It's only £1 per week per dog and they keep in touch with you 4 times a year and you are helping all the dogs in the re-homing centres to feel loved while they are waiting for their furever home!

We got our pup from the Evesham centre 5 years ago but I've been supporting them for at least 15 years and they are my favourite charity!

If you live in the UK and are looking to get a dog for your family, I definitely recommend going to the Dogs Trust, but if you don't want to re-home a dog for whatever reason then sponsor a dog instead?  I've done both!

Those extra 2 hours sleep...

... have made all the difference this morning!

I usually wake up at 8am but this morning I woke up at 10am and I feel more awake and ready for the day now!

I haven't done the Yoga yesterday or today but I'll get back into it tomorrow and do it every morning after that again 'cos that made a difference to the days too.

Wish me luck!

I walked the pup up and down the street 5 times this morning too and Marie came over yesterday evening and showed me some photo's of the wedding that I missed on Sunday... Jacki was a beautiful bride and the little family are going to be so happy together!

Congratulations Andrew and Jacki and H!

Monday 3 August 2015

Instead of taking 6 supplements every day...

... I'll just take 2 that I've found on Simply Supplements - a multivitamin & mineral that's suitable for vegetarians and a calcium with D3 pill to cover the dairy allergy that is also suitable for vegetarians when I finish the Folic Acid so I won't need to see my GP after all - yay!  I'll also be able to get 10% cashback on Quidco too, instead of only 8% on Top Cashback!  I'm not greedy, just want to get as much back as possible is all!

Mother and wife in 3.5 months!

Jacki and Andrew got married yesterday and their beautiful baby is only 3.5 months old so they've taken 2 huge steps in their lives in a very short space of time!

Congratulations to them both... they are a wonderful little family!

Mother Earth isn't happy


Walked the pup up and down the street 6 times this morning and I'm really feeling it now!

I haven't done the Yoga yesterday or today so maybe that's why?  Really should get back into it though as it woke my body up gently every morning I did it!  I'm definitely doing it tomorrow though, for sure!

Sunday 2 August 2015

Just added yellow hair spray to my Amazon wishlist!

A while ago I asked my God and Goddesses for something and Gaia gave me the feeling that I had to dye my hair bright yellow (she was very clear that it had to be yellow, not blonde) if she answered the prayer.

I agreed.

Gaia answered the prayer.

I've been looking for bright yellow hair dye ever since and have just found exactly what I've been looking for on Amazon, so I'll buy it when we go and have our hair cut again and ask for it to be sprayed all over the top layer of my hair.

It apparently washes out after one wash so I'm happy, I just hope it's enough for Gaia!

Something to think about

Knew it was too easy to be true :-(

My BIL and his fiancee were getting married today.

I had all of Steve's stuff (invite, phone, house keys etc)  in my neck bag which was on the handle of my quad cane.

I asked Steve to take the quad cane and bag out to the car while I got the pup settled.

I jumped in the taxi and asked where they were.

"In the hall" says Steve, "I left them in there for you!"

"Oh bugger" says me, "it's all locked in the house then"

I went over to number 12 to get a locksmith to come out and was quoted £89.

The emergency locksmith came out and asked what had happened to the door.

I explained about Steve smashing it in.

More than £227 pounds later we've got the house secured again but we need to contact a carpenter about the door frame.  I can't afford any more so Steve will have to pay for that.


Andrew and Jacki will be married by now and at the reception.  Hopefully they will have a long, happy life together and they don't have the house problems me and Steve have had over the years!

Saturday 1 August 2015

Words to live by

I haven't got the first clue who Anne Lamott is, but she knows what she's talking about with this!

Banbury Cross nursery rhyme

I used to go to college in Banbury and walked past the cross into the centre 5 days a week.

Apparently the cross was vandalised and torn down in the late 1600s by a religious group that didn't like it or something.

The cock-horse bit isn't rood or anything, it was just that the cross was on a steep hill so the Banbury council bods arranged for a white stallion to escort Queen Elizabeth the first up the hill but a wheel of the Queen's carriage broke and she decided to ride the escorting horse, the cock-horse, to the cross to have a look at it.

The rings on the fine lady (the Queen)'s fingers were to show that she was rich and powerful so deserved to be respected.

The bells on her toes was in fashion when the original cross was there.

The words, for those that don't know them, are:

Ride a cock-horse to Banbury Cross
To see a fine lady upon a white horse
With rings on her fingers
And bells on her toes
She shall have music
Wherever she goes.

There endeth your history lesson!  lol

M is, IMNSHO...

...a two-faced cowbag of the highest order.

She's nice as pie when you first get to know her... your future best friend even, but after a while the real M starts coming through and she gets stroppier and angrier and nastier the longer you know her.

I found that out too late though... she'd already got me right where she wanted me and won't leave me alone now!  According to M, everything is my fault and everyone else is blameless.

I'm past caring now.  I really am.

Can't get away from the idiots at each end of the street now!

Just taken Mitzi for her walk and we were told not to walk her up and down the street "like you've been told not to" by the idiot at the other end of the street, so I'm going to email the police again and get the idiot visited by the police like they did with his dad.

They don't own the street and we're not doing anything wrong so let's get the police and council involved again.