Saturday 29 August 2015

Clothes sizes

Just to make clothes buying nice and complicated, not only am I petite but I'm also 3 different petite sizes depending on what I'm wearing/buying.

For tops I'm size 16 because of my huge but totally natural GG boobs.
For skirts and trousers I'm size 14.
For clothes that don't go over my belly I'm size 12!

That means I've got 2 sizes left to drop for skirts and trousers and only one more size for below belly clothes!  I'm so close now... I reckon I'll be size 10 again by the end of 2015!

It's not like I've been on a diet or anything either and the only exercise I've had is walking the pup every morning!

I've got great calves and my thighs are slowly shrinking too - I'm so close now, I can almost taste the weight loss!

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