Sunday 2 August 2015

Knew it was too easy to be true :-(

My BIL and his fiancee were getting married today.

I had all of Steve's stuff (invite, phone, house keys etc)  in my neck bag which was on the handle of my quad cane.

I asked Steve to take the quad cane and bag out to the car while I got the pup settled.

I jumped in the taxi and asked where they were.

"In the hall" says Steve, "I left them in there for you!"

"Oh bugger" says me, "it's all locked in the house then"

I went over to number 12 to get a locksmith to come out and was quoted £89.

The emergency locksmith came out and asked what had happened to the door.

I explained about Steve smashing it in.

More than £227 pounds later we've got the house secured again but we need to contact a carpenter about the door frame.  I can't afford any more so Steve will have to pay for that.


Andrew and Jacki will be married by now and at the reception.  Hopefully they will have a long, happy life together and they don't have the house problems me and Steve have had over the years!

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