Sunday 30 August 2015

Just while I remembered...

I remembered about the B12 spray while I was at the in-laws, so took it out of the pouch I keep it in and it's a year past it's use by date!

Rather than risk it, I've binned the spray and re-invested in the B12 along with a multi-vitamin so that I can take it every day without forgetting about getting them and a drink out of the kitchen, bringing it in here, taking the tablet and taking it all back out to the kitchen.

If I remember to take the tablet that's all well and good, but as of tomorrow it's no great shakes if I forget 'cos I can just take the bottle out of the pouch et voila!

It lasts for 40 days and if it's anything like the tablet I'll feel the difference straight away which will hopefully encourage me to keep taking it every day!

 The dosing of each of them is 4 sprays a day but I'm just going to use the B12 as and when I need it and slowly work my way up to the full 4 sprays of the multi-vitamin just to see what happens.  Hopefully the multi-vitamin spray will be worth it, but as it was under a tenner with free next day delivery on Prime it's no great shakes if it doesn't!

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