Saturday 15 August 2015

I've just triple-checked with Steve about...

I've just checked with Steve again about me mum moving in with us... it's a huge commitment and it'll be a tight squeeze with 3 of us and a pup but Steve said "as long as she doesn't mind me walking around in me pants" then it's OK with him so I'm going to suggest it to me mum next time I talk to her to see what she thinks to the idea.

I'm guessing she'll give her house to my brother to keep it in the family but she's got easy access to the hospital, the train station, at least 2 GP surgeries and a dentist, as well as being within easy reach of the centre of Gloucester and buses to Cheltenham at least 4 times an hour and online shopping for things she wants to get and Tesco and Sainsburys deliver groceries to here as well.

It's up to her though.  I won't pressure her either way, I'll just suggest it and leave it at that.

Steve's too good to me!

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