Sunday 16 August 2015

Think I've almost dropped another clothes size! Yay!

I'm not following a diet and the only exercise I get is walking the pup up and down the street every morning, but me size 14 knickers keep slipping down to me bum and the size 14 trousers I was wearing yesterday kept having to be hitched up whenever I stood up and walked anywhere.

My thighs are still huge so I'm reluctant to buy any size 12 trousers in case I can't get them past me knees, but maybe some size 12 skirts and knickers is the way to go atm so that I can see if I really am size 12 now but if not, they will be ready for when I am!

Wish me luck!

Steve's just been whining about the cost of the apple juice I asked for with the shopping.  I've offered to pay for it and it won't be every week, I just want to have something other than Dr Pepper available to me for a change is all.

He whined about changing from Sainsbury's own brand cherryade to Dr Pepper too!


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