Monday 31 July 2017

Printer sorted now

I've just set up our new printer all by meself.  The instructions were good until it came to opening up the scanning bit to install the cartridges... I genuinely thought there was something on the glass part of the scanner.


Steve found a video showing me where to lift and it was all fine then!

So, today, I've finished my novel, sorted out 99% of the printer, put the cartridges in and installed the software.

I'm now going to take me pills and head to bed for an early night.

Gonna feel lost tomorrow!  lol

That's the groceries been and gone

Had to bin a packet of sliced green beans 'cos there just wasn't enough room for them and todays freezer stuff.

According to Steve, we're not allowed to buy any other freezer stuff until we've used up what we've already got 'cos there just isn't any more room for it!

Completely paid off one of my credit cards!

Just paid off SB with the money I was awarded for PPI which saves me £50 a month and takes my monthly outgoings down to £277 now.  Gonna see how I get on with not paying any more off CO and BC and just put £90 a month into my B account!

If I get any more PPI money, I'll pay off CO next and take my BC payments up to £100 a month... I just hope I paid off the right one!  lol

Sunday 30 July 2017

Supplements taken

Went down nice and easy today, thankfully!

Saturday 29 July 2017

A day later than usual, but...

I totally forgot to set the virus scan going yesterday so set it off at 6.30am today and it's finished now.

Virus free for another week.

Less than 200 words to write and I've written 4,500 words today.

So proud of myself!

Supplements taken

Just taken me supplements... almost threw up the multi and it took forever to swallow it, but all 3 have been swallowed now so the multi will be kicking in soon so that I can get on with my writing again this morning.

I love the RSPCA!

Last night a teenage seagull got stuck in our back yard so Steve phoned the RSPCA.

They've just been and gone in less than five minutes with the seagull safely in a cage.

They do an awesome job for all animals in the UK and I love that they are so brave in unexpected situations.  They are an amazing charity!

Friday 28 July 2017

Steve's just phoned about Patrick

Apparently Betterlife don't fix punctures so it's an Assured Mobility thing and they don't fit kerb climbers to certain wheelchairs and the Betterlife Aries is one of them unfortunately.

Gonna phone Assured Mobility this afternoon to get them out to fix Patrick's wheels and then get a ramp to go over the kerb outside the house so that I can at least get Patrick onto the pavement!

Just taken me supplements

The multi caused me a problem with swallowing it today but it's gone down now and will be kicking in soon so I'm happy enough.

It's kicking in now  👍

Thursday 27 July 2017

Gotta phone Betterlife tomorrow

Had a phone call from the con artists saying my insurance was due for renewal tomorrow.

I explained that I can't use Patrick because he's got a puncture in both back wheels.

They said to contact Betterlife to come out and fix the punctures at my own cost.

Just tried to phone Betterlife and they are open 9-5.30 Monday to Friday so I've got to try and remember to call tomorrow and ask about getting a kerb climber fitted to it too.  It's out of warranty now so it's going to cost a pretty penny but better to pay a one-off price and get my independence back again, than to have him just sitting in the hallway getting dusty and me being street-bound again too.

I can afford it thanks to the PPI payment and if Betterlife say no then I can go with Assured Mobility in Gloucester which'll be about £150 so one way or another I'll get my independence back again... just don't know who will do it yet!  lol

That's the insurance sorted for another year

Just paid for new insurance for Patrick for another year at £75 less than the original insurance but it's more customised for things I want for him like puncture repair and breakdown cover.

It's £1,000,000 less public liability insurance but I'm not worried about that and I've got the puncture and breakdown cover for £41 a year which I didn't have at all with the other con artists!

She's baaaaack!!

The pup's just got home from being groomed, panting like mad and smells of talc for some reason, but my little baby girl is home again!


The pup's just gone to be groomed

As soon as the front door closed I was missing her like crazy!

Supplements taken again

Just taken my supplements again and all 3 went down easier than usual today!  Only had 4 mouthfuls of squash to wash them all down, compared to my usual 7 or 8!

Wednesday 26 July 2017

Supplements taken

Just taken me supplements and I'm already feeling more awake and creative!

Tuesday 25 July 2017

Supplements taken

Just taken me supplements and I feel more alive again too, so I'm all set for a good day of writing now!  Yay!

Monday 24 July 2017

That's all the deliveries arrived now

The Argos stuff arrived first, 5 minutes later my Amazon stuff and my prescriptions have just arrived too, so I'm just waiting on a Freegler for the lamp at 4pm and someone else for the printer either before 5pm today or tomorrow, then that's it, other than the groceries tonight, so I can sit down and recover for a few hours now!


We've had insurance with PetPlan since we got the pup.

Steve had the renewal dooberry thing through on Saturday and it was £56 a month and we just can't afford that right now, so he phoned up to cancel it and within 5 minutes it was cancelled after the renewal date!

It kinda makes you want to go back to PetPlan because they didn't go into the hard sell over trying to keep us, but we just can't afford it any more.

Steve's found one that offers slightly less protection for half the price, so we're going with that one and hoping they are as understanding as PetPlan if we decide to cancel it at the renewal for whatever reason!

Sunday 23 July 2017

Just bought...

Just had a look on Argos and they've got a sale on atm so I've bought a printer/scanner/copier for £40 without the fax instead of paying £60 just for the added ability to fax that we would probably never use.

Saturday 22 July 2017

Money - I don't get it!

Just checked me bank balance and after next week's shopping has come out, I'll have £80 left over.

Add that to the £75 I've spent on Amazon and supplements and stuff makes £155 yeah?

Add on the £100 I've moved into B for the printer makes £255 yeah?

I can understand where the £55 has come from, cos that's been building up over the months at about a tenner a month.

I get £760 a month in benefits

Take off £330 for me bills leaves £430 yeah?

£100 a week times 4 weeks in a month is £400 yeah?

That leaves me with £30 that I was expecting.

Last month was tight so where has the £225 come from this month??

Even if I say we spent £105 a week on shopping, that still leaves me with an extra £200 for some reason!

So come on, readers of my blog... where has the extra £200 come from during July??

Friday 21 July 2017

My morning supplement routine for the next 360 days

Calcium crunched up and swallowed first - not expecting any noticable effect from this one straight away, but it'll make my nails and teeth and bones healthier and stronger slowly but surely.

Iron next which I can swallow whole - not expecting a noticable effect straight away from this one either, but because I'm vegetarian and eat mostly frozen veg instead of fresh leafy veg, I'm not willing to take the risk of being short of it.

The multivitamin is the one I'm expecting to notice the difference from in less than a minute and because I haven't taken it for a couple of weeks, I'm hoping it'll be even sooner!

So, Calcium first then... as predicted, no immediate effect.  Not worried about that though, I never felt an immediate effect with it so wasn't expecting to this time either!

Iron - no immediate effect from that either, but wasn't expecting to.  It'll be the multi that'll have an immediate effect hopefully!

OK, so multi last.  I'll count the seconds between the time I swallow it until I start to feel it kicking in... 19 seconds - took a few seconds longer to swallow the multi than it did with the iron so it started breaking up but that was only 'cos my mouth had got used to not swallowing it immediately is all and it didn't totally break up, just detached a bit is all but it did that before too.

I love this combination because it works for me.  The multi with minerals is cheaper by a long way and it was more convenient to swallow one pill a day instead of three, but I don't need to fill my stomach with food before taking them and they don't make me feel sick for hours afterwards!

If you're looking for a good quality supplement supplier, I definitely recommend Simply Supplements!  If you want money off (10% I think but could be wrong) then just use my name (Amanda George) and email address ( when you're supplemented up and you've got them all in your basket, this is quoted from the site "You can do this either on the homepage or as you're buying from us. There is a link just above the voucher code box during checkout saying "Been referred by a friend?" et voila! Money off for both of us!

I was wrong about the referral discount on your first order using my details too... it's not 10% but double that and you get 20% off already great prices for your first order!  Go for it, I very much doubt you'll regret it!  😉

Supplements have just arrived, so...

I've waited for 5 days for them and oh boy have I been feeling it, but they've just arrived so I'm gonna take them then get on with me writing again!

If they are the same as the original ones I took, I'll be ready to go within literally seconds!  Yay!

Thursday 20 July 2017

That's the PIP assessment done and dusted

Wasn't as bad as I was dreading, thankfully.  Certainly didn't need to be up at 3am because of nerves and anxiety and stuff!

Apparently he did Steve's PIP assessment too and Steve had to answer most of the questions because I just couldn't remember names or dates or what happened when or whatever.

I'll hear what the decision is in 3 to 4 weeks, so please keep me in your thoughts until then!

Wednesday 19 July 2017

That's me new phone and toothbrush heads delivered

Me new phone has just been delivered along with me electric toothbrush heads... just waiting for me supplements now!  Hope they come soon 'cos I'm really feeling the affect of not having a multi inside me!

The pup is getting groomed next Thursday

Apparently the last time she got groomed was January so she's well overdue but she hasn't needed it sooner than this!

I reckon her fur grows slower in hot weather and faster in cold... that's the only explanation I can come up with!

Tuesday 18 July 2017

That's my prescription requested

Hate using the phone 'cos I never know what to say, but my 2 repeat prescriptions will be delivered on Friday.

Gonna be a busy week this week... my supplements'll be here tomorrow, PIP bod on Thursday and my new smartphone and prescriptions on Friday!

I'll be able to relax on Saturday then hopefully meet up with C and H on Sunday, shopping on Monday then that's it.

The 3 supplements will be here tomorrow, and...

Had an email from Simply Supplements at 7.30am today to say the 3 supplements have been dispatched so they will be here tomorrow and the ones that make me feel sick are going this evening... just need to remember to order the 3 instead of the single one from now on!

It's cheaper to get the single one, but I'm not willing to feel sick after taking them and it's only £45 once a year so it's well worth it to me!

Monday 17 July 2017

Just put the multi on Freegle and bought the original 3 I had

I was just fed up of feeling so sick every morning after taking it, so I bought the original 3 supplements that'll be here tomorrow or Wednesday... I know I can take those without eating a whole supermarket's food and drinking the entire supply of squash... it's frustrating that I'll be taking 3 supplements again, but better that than feeling sick every morning and spending a small fortune on ginger beer!

Review: Opal ring

This has just arrived and I love it!  I've got small hands and was worried that it'd be overbearing on my finger, but I was wrong!  It's beautiful and fits perfectly!

The ring in the picture shows silver coloured and the description says it's black which confused me but the ring is definitely black which really sets off the blue opals beautifully!

If you're looking for an opal ring and don't mind waiting for a couple of weeks (it comes from Singapore) for delivery, then get this ring!  You won't regret it!

At last!

Steve's just emptied the kitchen bin into the wheelie bin at last.

It was rotten and full of liquid as well as stinking so we've binned that too and we'll just use bin bags instead of me having to nag Steve to empty the bin each time it needs emptying.

I know that I can haul bin bags into the wheelie bin as long as they aren't bursting at the seams 'cos I do that every time it's full anyway... just need to remember to use bin bags instead of the bin now... the next few days will be weird while I get used to the space, but other than that everything will be fine, I'm sure  👍

Just taken me multi

Lined my stomach with 2 Twix's before taking it but it wasn't quite enough 'cos I feel sick now.

Not as badly as I do without anything in my stomach, but definitely there.

Gonna go back to taking the multi, iron and calcium 'cos I didn't need to line my stomach with those and the multi was working within seconds but this multi doesn't seem to affect me at all, other than making me feel sick.

Bit of a PITA but so much easier for my stomach.

Sunday 16 July 2017

Review: Trails and Trials by Maretha Botha

✱✱✱✱ out of 5

Just finished reading this and it's a good book that I enjoyed, but there are way too many characters names and descriptions to remember for an adult, let alone a tween.

I found it really confusing in parts and the faunalang was confusing as well as who the main character was... sorry Maretha!

That's why it's getting 4 stars instead of the full 5 from me... it's a good book but way too confusing and rushed towards the end.

Saturday 15 July 2017

My main mobile is officially dead, so...

My main mobile has died on me so I've lost everything I had on it so don't know anyone's number or email address or anything like that now.   :bash:  If you're happy for me to have your number, just send me a quick text with your name in the message so that I can add you to my address book.

If you don't want me to contact you, that's totally cool, as of now I've got no way to know your number or anything so you won't hear from me unless you text me first   :happy0158:

My number hasn't changed, I just haven't got anything left on it any more   


It was the battery, so...

Steve's just put it into my phone and I'm just waiting for it to start again now!  lol

Just waiting for the light bulbs now!

Taken me multi and...

Just taken me multi and an A5 box has just come through the door, so hopefully that's my phone battery at last!

Friday 14 July 2017

Multi taken again

I've just taken me multi... I definitely need to line my stomach before I take it!

Thursday 13 July 2017

Supplements definitely taken this morning

Forgot to eat before I took it so I now feel sick, but I've definitely taken it now!

Wednesday 12 July 2017

Have I taken my multi this morning?

I genuinely can't remember.

I remember shaking it out of the bottle and I've got the taste of it in my mouth, but I don't feel sick so I really don't know!

Not going to take the risk of potentially taking double the amount of Vitamin D just in case I have taken it!

Tuesday 11 July 2017

Review: Soul 7 Poetry 4 The Soul: "The Black Diaries" by Alisha (Eyce) Rylander

✱✱✱✱ out of 5

Started off slowly but it's an OK introduction to the authors life and how she believes the soul works.

I liked how God was mentioned without being shoved down my throat and she seemed to really get into the writing after a couple of pages.  The words that were capitalised so frequently got on my nerves - why not embolden the words or italicise them?

If you want a quick read and you're not sure if you like poetry or not, get this book and have a read!

Just taken me multi

Just done my usual morning routine of having me breakfast and taking me multi.

Feel a little bit sick, but not too bad thankfully.

Gonna watch The Bill at 10am then spend the day writing.

Monday 10 July 2017

After almost 24 hours of being constantly charged...

My mobile has been constantly plugged in for 24 hours, I've temporarily moved the SIM card to my back-up mobile until I've got the new battery tomorrow or Wednesday.

Far from ideal but better than nothing!

Half an hour later and...

Took me multi less than half an hour ago and other than the first ickiness for about 5 minutes straight after taking it, everything is fine now!  No nausea, no tiredness, more motivation... it's not as obvious as the previous multi, but it's definitely there!

Yep, need to line my stomach first

Just taken my multi and ate a couple of flapjack bites just before I crunched it up.

I felt a bit iffy after taking it but I'm fine now so I do need to line my stomach just before taking it... doesn't need to be much, but it does need to be something.

So, I'm thinking, get a box of breakfast biscuits with the shopping each week, eat one of those then take the multi et voila!

Sunday 9 July 2017

Cashback sites

Are you willing to add a grand total of about 30 seconds and maybe 3 or 4 extra clicks to your online shopping to be able to get cashback in your bank account or vouchers to spend on eBay for almost free?

I am.

My mobile battery died on me overnight so I've just used 2,000 Nectar points on a new battery for the phone that will be with me on Tuesday or Wednesday.

How much did I actually end up paying?

Less than a fiver including delivery of £2.99!

It took an extra couple of clicks with my weekly shopping every week and I paid less than £5 for a new battery for my phone!

Unless you're in too much of a hurry to get things online (and it's happened to me a few times so I do understand) then that extra few clicks and seconds can make all the difference for things like this!

Taken me multi

Felt really sick again, so opened another can of ginger beer... maybe I need to eat just before I take this multi 'cos I was fine yesterday when I'd had me breakfast, but felt really sick this morning and didn't eat anything, so tomorrow I'm going to try eating something then taking the multi to see what happens.

The only way to find out for sure is to experiment!  😊

Saturday 8 July 2017

Review: Declutter your mind by Sandy Quinn

✱✱✱✱ out of 5

This is a great little book!  The author has a knack of making me feel calmer and more relaxed just by reading her words.

It starts off with some background that wasn't really taken into the heart of the book and that's the only reason it gets four stars instead of the full five from me... starts with a gentle introduction to mindfulness then takes you through a gentle meditation.

I've never tried mindfulness, but this seems, to me, to be two mini books in one without really exploring anything in detail.  If you want a brief introduction to mindfulness and meditation then get this book, but if you are after something with more depth then you'll need to look for something else.

This is a great introduction, but definitely needs more research if you're interested in mindfulness and/or meditation... sorry!

Just taken me multi

It's 4.30am and I've been awake for an hour because it's so hot so decided to take the multi so that it doesn't keep me awake until the early hours tonight or whatever.

I'm pondering on getting a fan to go in the bedroom like we've got downstairs 'cos the one that's up here atm is nowhere near powerful enough!

Friday 7 July 2017

PIP assessment

Got a letter calling me for a face-to-face assessment for PIP.

I really want to go, but because Patrick's tyres have a puncture I can't even leave the street in him right now.

Steve's phoning them to see if they can do a home visit for the assessment.

OK, so the appointment I got the letter for is cancelled and I'll be hearing from them in the next 10-14 days with a new appointment, either for a home visit or I'll have to go down into town and hope for the best.  😕

Taken me multi

The nausea was definitely my stomach getting used to a new multi.  I've just taken my third one and I'm fine today!

Thursday 6 July 2017

Insurance for Patrick

The insurance I was conned out of cost £133 every July.

I've just found another insurer that offers better cover for £87 a year!  It offers optional cover for puncture repair and for breakdown recovery I asked for included in the quote!

Gonna do a bit more research in case there is an even better policy out there, then I'll wait to see what happens at the end of July with the con artists, ready to take out the insurance at the start of August!

Just saved £133 a year

When I got Patrick I took out insurance too "just in case" (feel free to call me paranoid  😉).

I've spent the last 45ish minutes trying to find a phone number for them to ask if I could pay the premiums monthly instead of annually.

Can't find them anywhere now!

Looked in my bank statements for the name of the company.

Did my first search online for a phone number for them.

Couldn't find one, so I phoned my bank and they gave me the full name of the company.

Did another search.

Phoned 2 companies with the same name and they said they had had several other clients getting them confused with the company they were looking for.

Alarm bells started ringing.

Phoned my bank again and they put me through to another company who deals with stopping debit card transactions.

They were fantastic.

Stopped the scam company from taking any more payments and said that they may try and take the money still but I will be "immediately refunded if that happens"!

How awesome is that!

Means I've got to go back to finding a decent, trustworthy insurance company now who are happy for me to pay monthly instead of annually, but I'll be more careful this time!

PPI claim

Just had someone from Trusted Advisory Group on my mobile.  I explained that I was with another company looking into the mis-sold PPI on all my cards.

He said that was fine and that I could claim with a second company if I wanted to.

Dunno if that's legal or not, but if I can sign and date the forms and bung them in the post by Monday morning, he'll fast-track my claim so that I hear back within 8-12 weeks which ain't bad!

I've got nothing to loose but a few minutes of my time and could, potentially, get thousands back!

Barclaycard and my credit rating

Had a letter from Barclaycard saying that unless I phoned them and arranged to pay the minimum payment every month, they would put a default on my account.

I called them and said that I could pay a maximum of £100 a month, but no more.

They said that as I wasn't paying the minimum payment I'd still be defaulted.

I asked why that would happen if I was paying more than the minimum.

That got the woman in a fluster.

She did something on the system and said that I could pay the £100 a month and not get the default, but I had to be sure I could afford it.  I read out the list of my monthly outgoings and the money I get from benefits each month.  said it would leave me with pennies, literally.

She said I could still keep on paying the £75 but it would result in the default.

She's just been on the phone again and said that I could carry on paying the £75 a month and I would be defaulted, but it'd only be for a year then it would come off my credit record again.

I'm hopefully getting money back from mis-sold PPI anyway so if that happens, I'll be able to pay a chunk off the amount anyway but even if I don't, everything is back to normal again now.

I don't like being falsely defaulted not once but twice (O2 were the first ones) but that's it now... it'll be a couple of years before a couple of cards are paid off, 5 years for Barclaycard and then that's it.  I'm never getting credit ever again.  It's just not worth it.

Gonna cancel Patrick's insurance too... I keep forgetting about the annual payments and I just can't afford it right now unfortunately.

Veggie ravioli for lunch today

Just had an early lunch of vegetable ravioli so that's me full for the day now.

Gonna try and write at least a couple of chapters today... really need to get back into it again!

Just taken me multi

I'm really impressed with the new multi.

My previous multi kept me going for 14ish hours, but the new one was still working when I woke up this morning.

Just taken my second new multi and it still made me nauseous, but not as bad as yesterday so it's definitely my stomach getting used to a new multi is all.

The only way they could improve it is to make the physical size of the tablets a lot smaller so that I can swallow them whole instead of crunching them up.

That's a minor point though... I'm even getting used to the smell so it really is just the size of them that they could improve!  If they were the same size as the previous multi they'd be perfik!

Wednesday 5 July 2017

Review of my new multi - day 1

Other than the ickiness within minutes of taking the multi first thing, I've felt so much more awake and energised and motivated all day!

I've put another couple of bottles of ginger beer on next week's shopping order and I've got 6 cans that came with this week's shopping, so I've got enough to last me just while my body gets used to the new multi, but I definitely reccommend them!

Just taken the new multi

Wasn't as hard as the calcium to crunch up and didn't taste as bad as I was dreading so I'll keep taking them, just need to remember to have at least a quarter of a bottle of strong squash to take it with is all.

My body is sorta going "this is new, not sure if I like it or not" right now.  It's kinda kicking in like yesterday's multi did, but my stomach is going "has it got milk in it?"

Got a can of ginger beer open now, to try and settle my stomach... not giving up on it yet, if the multi works then I'll just buy cans or bottles of ginger beer with the shopping every week.  No big deal  😌

Wish me luck!

Just taken the pup for her walk and fed her so now it's supplements time!

It's my first time taking the gross-smelling multi and I'll have to crunch it up so I hope it doesn't taste as gross as it smells!

Tuesday 4 July 2017

Just taken me last supplements

Just taken me last calcium and multi.

Put the new multi in my drawer ready to take tomorrow morning.

It still smells gross, we'll find out how it tastes tomorrow!

Monday 3 July 2017

Review of: Inner peace calling

✱✱✱✱ out of five

This is a good book - not the best, but better than average and definitely worth a read!

It was a bit confusing in places and I could put it down then pick it up again which is a rare talent nowadays, but the author has a wonderful way with words that makes you want to keep reading.

It's more of a mini autobiography about how the author found his own inner peace which is OK if you like that sort of thing, but the books title doesn't really describe what it is... might have been better to call it something like "My inner peace was calling" or something?  There's no way to find your own inner peace or find ways to talk about finding your own inner peace, which is what I was expecting from the title.

That's why I'm giving it 4 stars instead of the full 5.

Just opened up the new multivitamin

The pills are slightly smaller than the calcium ones so I'll have to crunch them up and hope they don't taste to horrible crunched up.

If they do, I might have to give the new ones to Steve and find a whole new pot instead or take them with strong squash or food or something.

I'm not going to give up on them before I've even taken one in case I'm paranoid about them but they smell disgusting!

The machine gave me a £20 note, so...

Totally forgot to say about the machine giving me a £20 note instead of two tenners like I was hoping and nobody had any change on them, so Jackie (sp?) said to keep it until next time we have our hair done and pay the £20 then for both sets of hair cutting.

Soooo... I'm going to pay for the hair cutting from today and next time with the cash I got out of the machine today and Steve's going to send the money to his mum when we've got the vet food for the pup.

Supplements taken now

Just taken me last Iron.

Got one more dose of calcium and multi left of the original bottles then I'll be onto the new multi on Wednesday.  Hopefully they will be as effective as the current ones.

The new ones have got the iron and calcium already in them, so it'll be one pill every morning instead of three which can only be a good thing I reckon!  I hate taking pills, but I hate the grottiness I feel when I don't take them even more!

Done really well so far today!

I usually take me supplements first thing, but I didn't this morning and I've been able to walk and feed the pup like normal, walked to the end of the street, took some money out of the machine, that was on a slope, got me hair cut, came home and it's only now that I'm gonna take me supplements!

I've really felt not taking the multi today, but this morning was just too much of a rush to get the pup walked and fed then walk up to the end of the road.

Gonna take them now though... don't want to go for longer than necessary without them!

Sunday 2 July 2017


Just had a shower and washed me hair in preparation for tomorrow when we're having our hair's cutted.

Gotta remember to take me bag and phones with me so that I can get cash out to pay for them again!

A tenner altogether is pretty good!

Gotta get another tenner out for the next bag of Mitzi food too... I just hope that the machine gives me 2 tenners instead of one twenty!

I was wrong

Just taken me supplements and there are 2 doses of my original multi and calcium left, not 1, except for the iron.  The reason I thought there was 1 left was 'cos they were playing hide and seek with me!  😃

Saturday 1 July 2017

Feeling sick :-(

I usually take my supplements 3 or 4 hours before I have my lunch.

Took them at lunchtime today and had my lunch less than an hour later.

I'm thinking they need those few hours on an empty stomach and being late with everything this morning then having me lunch so soon after taking them has made my stomach go WTF and the nausea is how it's telling me off

Just taken me prescriptions too so I hope they stay down when I go up to bed!

Supplements taken now

A couple of hours later than usual, but I've taken them and the multi is kicking in slowly at last.

Walked and fed the pup but haven't taken me supplements yet.

Pinch and a punch
for the first of the month

and all that jazz!

Walked and fed the pup first thing, same as every day.

Andrew was already here when I went downstairs... I haven't seen my mum for almost 7 years but Steve sees his family more in one week than I've seen my mum since my dad's funeral 7 years ago!

Hardly fair is it!

Haven't taken me supplements yet 'cos Andrew is down there and I'm forced into spending hours on end up here again.  *sigh*