Saturday 8 July 2017

Review: Declutter your mind by Sandy Quinn

✱✱✱✱ out of 5

This is a great little book!  The author has a knack of making me feel calmer and more relaxed just by reading her words.

It starts off with some background that wasn't really taken into the heart of the book and that's the only reason it gets four stars instead of the full five from me... starts with a gentle introduction to mindfulness then takes you through a gentle meditation.

I've never tried mindfulness, but this seems, to me, to be two mini books in one without really exploring anything in detail.  If you want a brief introduction to mindfulness and meditation then get this book, but if you are after something with more depth then you'll need to look for something else.

This is a great introduction, but definitely needs more research if you're interested in mindfulness and/or meditation... sorry!

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