Tuesday 23 November 2010

OK, so it was slow going but I did it again!

I’ve just walked down the stairs without holding on to the rail again! It took 5 minutes (as opposed to a few seconds that anyone else could have got down the stairs in) and the top couple of steps were hard until I got into the swing of things but this time 6 months ago I was still bumping down the stairs on my bum with the occasional walk down them holding onto both the wall *and* the rail when I felt brave. OK, so I’ve only done it twice but even the tallest mountain is climbed after a few smaller mountains have previously been climbed!
I’m on my way up now! Yay for me!

Saturday 20 November 2010

I only went and did it!

I know this may not sound like a big thing to be proud of but it's a big deal to me so go somewhere else if you don't want to hear me blowing my own trumpet! :-)

I've just walked downstairs without holding onto the rail... I haven't been able to do that since before I went into hospital so it's a huge deal to me!

I've been slowly talking myself into trying it for a few days but I did it! It's a major achievement and it's given a huge boost to my confidence to such a degree that I don't think it'll be too much longer before I can walk into town alone again! I'll be able to take our little girl for proper walks instead of just up and down the street!

I know I'm probably talking months or years before I can do it but an hour ago I had to cling on to both the rail and the wall to get downstairs so I think I've got every right to feel proud of myself!

I'm going to take my pills and head to bed with a huge smile on my face now! :-D

Sunday 31 October 2010

I'm now...

I’m feeling really proud of myself right now… I’ve just got into a size 16 skirt and done the button and zip up straight after drying myself after getting out of the bath!

Last time I tried to get into this skirt it was my fat bum holding it up and I couldn’t do up the zip let alone the button! Thanks to this, I’m now officially a size 16 which means I’ve dropped 5 clothes sizes since I came out of hospital a few years ago! It also means that I’ve only got 3 sizes to go down before I can get into size 10 clothes again!

I’m feeling really proud of myself right now!

Thursday 28 October 2010

Is it wrong of me to

Is it wrong of me to not want children that are ours by blood and to want to adopt instead?

I've got several reasons for wanting to adopt and they are:

1) Both me and my mum are short in height so whatever it is it's obviously a genetic thing that I don't want to pass on to our children

2) There are already lots of unwanted children looking for parents so why not adopt one (or more) of them instead of bringing another child into the world

3) Steven is obese and I'm about 2 stone overweight so I don't want to pass that on either

4) I've been ill for over a decade and still don't know what it is so don't want to pass it on just in case it's hereditary

5) I've got Endometriosis so might be infertile and even if I'm not the Endometriosis might be passed on to female children

6) My dad died of cancer back in June this year so this is another reason I'm wondering about adopting instead of having our own flesh and blood knowing that they could get cancer too

7) We are both getting on a bit in age (I'm 33 and Steven is 39) so we would be getting on a bit by the time a flesh-and-blood child went to school but if we adopt then we could adopt an older child so that we wouldn't be so much older than them

8) Because of the Growth Hormone I took as a child I'm not allowed to give blood so I'm worried about passing whatever it is that stops me onto our biological children.

I'm seriously thinking of getting my tubes tied but every time I mention it to Steven he says "it's your body so it's up to you" which doesn't really help!

Just thinking is all... I'm hitting the hay now... nite all!

Wednesday 29 September 2010

Our little girl is brilliant!

I didn't write anything in August or most of September but this is going to be about our little girl again!

Since I last wrote about her she's run out of the open front door even though I'd told her to "stay" which she had done until then so Steven and I have been holding onto her collar when the door has been open since then!

This isn't about that though... last night the electricity went off and Mitzi woke both Steven and I so that we could turn it back on - it might have been the shock of the room suddenly going black or the "pop" as the switch flicked but our little girl knew that she had to wake us and she did... thank you Mitzi!

She's also off all her medicine and doesn't have to see the vet any more too! We've just got to remember to ask about getting our little girl spayed next time we go over there! We've still got to shampoo our little girl every couple of weeks but she lets us know when she's ready for a bath by licking her front paws... she's an amazing little dog!

We've only had her for a few months but she's such a huge part of our life already!

Saturday 31 July 2010

Our little girl has amazed me even more today!

Mitzi is our little girl that we got from the Dogs Trust almost 3 weeks ago and she is an amazing puppy (she's 1 year, 1 month and 1 day so is that still a puppy?) and is so much more mature than her age!

Today alone she has done 3 things which make me so proud of her and I feel sorry for those that rejected her just because she was missing half her fur (it's pretty much grown back now - it just needs to thicken up and grow a bit longer)! Those 3 things are: a) she knows not to go out of the front door if she hasn't got her lead on, b) she knows the meaning of "stay" and does it and c) she likes raw carrots!

I don't know about you but that's an amazing 3 things from a rescue puppy who has only been with us for 3 weeks (it'll be 3 weeks on Tuesday, yes I *am* counting)! My previous dog, Whiskey, was 17.5 years old when he went to Rainbow Bridge and he wasn't a rescue puppy and I had him when he was a lot younger too and the only time he would do "stay" was in the garden, with his flexi-lead on and constant eye contact. I kept trying to train him to "stay" and he would remember to do it for a week or so then conveniently forget it!

Mitzi does it with no training so she was either trained by her previous owner or the Dogs Trust to "stay" and it was a wonderful surprise when Steven told me about it this afternoon! Apparently he was taking a bag of rubbish out to the bin and had the front door wide open when our little girl appeared. Steven told her to "stay" and she didn't move at all until the door was closed and Steven praised her!

So, with pretty much no training from either Steven or I, our little girl is already house trained, knows "sit", "no", "stay", "come", "good girl", "say please" and "say thank you" (she learnt those last 2 after I said them to her 3 times on 3 different days but that is literally the only training she's had from us).

With the raw carrots, Steven saw a programme on TV a few days ago that said to give dogs raw carrots as a healthy treat so he ordered a bag of carrots with the shopping, knowing that if our little girl didn't like them then I do so they wouldn't be wasted.

When he'd put the shopping away, Steven opened the bag of carrots, broke one in half and offered half to Mitzi. She gladly took it from him and started chomping away on it! Steven peeled the other half and gave it to me... by the time I was half way down my half, Mitzi had finished her half and was looking up at me with her gorgeous pleading eyes wanting the other half! lol

I want to publicly say thank you to those people who rejected Mitzi just based on her fur problem - we have got a wonderful little girl living with us now and you don't! So there!

We are lucky to have Mitzi! She's an incredible little girl who is ours for the next decade!

Thursday 22 July 2010

For those that don't know...

If you have read my domain, you will know that I'm a huge Take That fan and I'm not sure how I feel about Robbie re-joining the group! He said a lot of nasty things when he left the group but if Jason, Gary, Howard and Mark can forgive him and let him back into the group then I don't have any reason to keep disliking him either!

Should I forgive him for hurting Take That and several thousand fans 15 years ago or should I realise that he's hopefully grown up since being a solo artist?

I really don't know right now!

Sunday 11 July 2010

Some good news before I forget again!

If you are a member of any of the same groups and/or communities as me then this won't be new news but we were officially accepted to rehome Mitzi from Evesham Dogs Trust yesterday afternoon! Big yay!

I've been nagging Steven since January about re-homing a dog from them and last Saturday (not yesterday, the Saturday before that - 8 days ago) he surprised me by suggesting going over there as long as we didn't bring a dog back with us which I happily agreed to.

When we arrived we told them that I had filled in the rehoming form online back in January so they found the form on the computer, printed it out and told us to take it down to the kennels... oh boy were my legs hurting by the time we got down there! lol

The bods at the kennels took the printout off us and gave us another form to fill in letting them know the names of the dogs we were interested in. After an hour or so of walking around the kennels looking at all of the dogs we came up with a list of 3 that we wanted to know more about.

We took the form back to the reception of the kennels (the bit where we handed in the re-homing form) and were told that 2 of the 3 dogs were 'booked' and the third was now on a walk with someone who had the same idea as us but got there before us!

After waiting for the dog to come back for 45 minutes with no sign of them coming back any time soon we decided to go home and try again on a different day. We told the woman behind the counter that and left. I'd met the dogs and seen how they were homed and fallen in love with several of them and we knew where to go now and both Steven and I had fallen in love with the dogs they homed so I knew we'd be back.

The centre is huge though and we quickly got lost as we were trying to find our way back to the car. That's when things went better than I was expecting because someone came after us and told us that there was a wonderful West Highland Terrier looking for a new home. We'd both seen her on our way around and hadn't put her down on the form because I was worried she would be too small for me to bend over and put her lead on (I'm not very steady on my feet and I was worried that bending down would unbalance me so much that I would fall flat on my face and not be able to get back up alone) so we hadn't put her down on the form.

Steven and I looked at each other and I think I must have fluttered my eyes at him or something because we went back to reception to meet her and I fell in love with her then and there!

I held onto the desk and bent down enough to let her sniff my outstretched hand and her tail started wagging... that sold me more than anything - she had literally only just met me but she was already pleased to see me!

So, after she let me and Steven stroke her for a couple of minutes we went for a short walk so that we could both get to know her on the lead too... she pulled a bit but I reckon that was just because she was excited to be out of the kennel! As she is so small the pulling didn't unbalance me like I thought it would - I've never been so glad to be wrong!

We found out that her name is Mitzi and we both went back to reception to say we wanted to take her home. We were told that we would need to go to a pre-adoption talk (we went to that yesterday) then we could take her home the next day (today).

It's my dad's funeral tomorrow though so we didn't think it would be fair on her to leave her on her own so soon after bringing her home so we are going to collect her on Tuesday instead!

Steven is going to take his mobile with him so that we can take a photo of the centre, Mitzi and hopefully the bods who have been looking after her... keep an eye on my domain as that's where all the photos (and hopefully videos if I can work out how to put them on YouTube) will be!

If you live in the UK and are thinking of getting a dog then I definitely recommend going to your nearest Dogs Trust re-homing centre and getting your dog from there! If you don't want to re-home a dog then maybe sponsor one (or more) of the dogs on the site instead? It's only £1 per week per dog which is £4 a month! The Dogs Trust URL is dogstrust.org.uk

I seem to have written a book already so I'm going to shut up now and give you a bit of peace and quiet!

Saturday 26 June 2010

Second time lucky?

I've just realised that I've paid £41.27 for pretty much word for word what I paid for before Steven went into hospital! Drat and double drat! I'll be following it word for word this time though and if I'm not making money in 12 weeks (like the site promises) I'll ask for a full refund (like the site promises).

I won't post the URL yet in case it's a scam - I don't want you to make the same mistake I might be making now!

It's stupid really, right down to the way I got the message about it to how much the individual had "cut the cost" in half, right down to the not getting any sleep the previous night and even listening to the same radio station... it's all pretty much word for word and I've fallen for it twice!

Ah well, 12 weeks is 3 months yeah? So if I haven't started making money by 26 September I'll be asking for a refund! You watch me forget now! lol

Monday 31 May 2010

There really are...

I haven't written anything in here for a couple of months so figured I'd bore you all again!

There really are Higher Powers and Angels hanging around you know?

I've been praying to them every night since I became a Pagan and they have answered prayers and requests that aren't that big (for example, getting me to loose weight - they answered that by popping up an advert for pills that was hard to ignore and a month later I've gone down a clothes size... things like that), but they are making sure that I learn from their gifts by not providing everything as soon as I ask but giving me the things later on when I've stopped begging them for what I want and I've forgotten I've even asked for it!

Then there is the love of Steven too... he came back from seeing the district nurse this morning and said his legs are infected again but he said that if his legs were OK later in the week then we would go to the Dogs Trust in Evesham to have a look at all the dogs they've got with a view to re-homing one of them soon - that's another prayer answered!

They aren't huge things and could, quite easily, be overlooked and not made to happen but I reckon all the Gods, Godesses and Angels are providing answers to my prayers so that they can proove to me that they *do* exist and that they *do* answer prayers!

That's all :-)

Wednesday 24 March 2010

This may sounds silly but...

Guess who!

Tomorrow is the day I go into hospital to have my coil replaced and I'm not looking forward to it!

Don't get me wrong, it doesn't hurt to have it done or anything (although getting the stitches out is a bit ouchie), it's just in case I don't wake up and things like that! I'm a real scaredy cat about it as I've got so much going right for me and I don't want to die yet! Silly huh? That's what it comes down to though!

Hopefully I'll be home tomorrow evening as I really don't want to stay in overnight!

Tuesday 9 March 2010

I want to get but don't have the money for...

Me again!

I want to get a smartphone and laptop but I'm over £600 overdrawn at the bank so it won't be happening for a while unfortunately!! :-(

If you know of a legal way to earn about £2000 without becoming a spammer then let me know please so that I can get both!

I might ask Steven to get together with my family and get me a laptop for our anniversary at the end of June and again for my birthday at the beginning of October so that I can get a smartphone... can I wait that long though?

Tuesday 2 March 2010

I think I need to go to bed in a bit!!

Me again

I've spent all day "playing" in PSP Photo X2 trying to create text on a curve and it just didn't want to happen! I just couldn't get the curve to happen no matter what I tried to do!! I gave it one last chance this afternoon and luckily it worked this time!! I don't know what I did differently so can't recreate it but it's done and up on my site at last!

Now I've just got 2 more things to do before Sunday and I'll be a happy bunny!!

The first thing I've got to do is write more in the children's book I'm writing as I haven't added anything to it for ages!!

The other thing is that I'd like to try and find more people to join friends without faces (fwf) as I haven't invited *anyone* today!! I did my 7 invites yesterday but I wanted to try and invite extra people this week as I'm the only member in catchers!! If you are over 18 and have an active email address then take a trip to www.friendswithoutfaces.org and join up (hint, hint)! It's totally free which can't be said about a lot of things!!

Steven is back at work on Thursday so I'll be staying downstairs in case anyone comes to the door or the phone goes or anything like that!!

Friday 26 February 2010

Love is a wonderful thing!!!

Me again!

This post is going to be about love and my wonderful husband so if you think it would make you feel bad or unhappy then please do *not* read this!!

OK, I met Steven at the grand old age of 19 in a penpals newsgroup. We sent 50 emails a day to each other... I sent mine from work (oops) and Steven replied when he got home from work!!

Soon we were meeting up most days of the week and the days we didn't meet up we would spend literally hours talking on the phone and running up huuuuuge phone bills!!

I would come to Gloucester on a Saturday evening after work and go back to Oxford on Sunday evenings!

Steven knew that I had a boyfriend so we stayed friends and nothing more until I split up with Jeff (sorry Jeff) and Steven became my second boyfriend and I became Steven's first girlfriend! A few months later we got engaged then I moved to Gloucester with Steven on 23rd December 1998 and I've been here ever since!

On 29th June 2002 I became Steven's wife and I plan on staying married to him for the rest of my life... everyone should have what we have!!!

Sorry,just feeling really loved up right now!

Sunday 21 February 2010


There are 2 things that have just become apparent and wanted you all to know what they are before I forget!

The first is that Steven thinks my hair looks like Bart Simpsons because it is sticking up all over the place today!! Cheeky git!!

The second is that apparently I'm not the only Amanda George out there in the world because someone has just got me confused with someone else in WORD! They thought I was already a member but I only applied to join last night!! There was me thinking I had an original name!! lol Maybe I should change my name again or go back to my maiden name or something!!

Thursday 18 February 2010

Not only but also!

I appear to be ace!!

Yesterday I installed some javascript on my site that means just changing 1 navigation page instead of every single page and I did it all by myself which is a big thing in itself and I've just set up something in my style sheet on my site that has got 3 fonts for the browser to choose from and it looks wonderful now!!

Steven had to give me the stylesheet line for the fonts but other than that I did everything myself!

I'm feeling really proud of myself now... can you tell? :-)

Monday 15 February 2010

Valentine's Day 2010 - the day after

Belated happy valentine's day everyone! I realise that not everyone has someone to celebrate the day with and many of those people find it hard to get through the day when everyone is expressing love but why not celebrate friends on valentine's day? You care about your friends so why not use 14th Feb to let your friends know you care??

I can now tell you what I got for Steven for valentine's day... I got him an adopt an animal thing and some sort of cartoon book which he was really pleased with as, apparently, the cartoons are no longer being drawn!

He got me a £50 Amazon voucher which was spent on 3 books and a blu-ray disc! I took advantage of the free delivery thing so hopefully they will be with me in time for next weekend! Steven said it was the 21st centuary flowers from a garage gift but I don't see it like that at all! He got me something that I could use to buy things I really want which is better than guessing and maybe getting it wrong!

I'm almost £900 overdrawn at the bank after buying all the Christmas pressies for both families and getting Steven's valentines pressies but Steven is getting the birthday pressies for Andrew (Steven's brother) and Jonathan (my brother) so I haven't got to worry about buying anything until June so that's 4 months away so I'll be sorted by then easily... I've just got to sit on my hands and not buy anything for a couple of months!!

I think I'm a shopaholic... yes, totally serious!! lol

Until next time folks!

Saturday 13 February 2010

My very first post in my very first blog!!

Hello everyone

Welcome to my first blogg!!

I haven't got a clue what to do or say in here so expect to be bored to tears!! lol

Today is 13th Feb 2010... the day before Valentine's Day and I hope Steven likes what I've got him!

I started this blogg with the idea of declaring my undying love for my wonderful husband so that he publically knows how much I appreciate everything he does for me every day but I figured that would get boring and repetitive so be prepared for anything to appear in future!!

I've got to try and remember to ask Steven to show me more advanced style sheets so that I don't have... ooooh! Just a sec! Nope that won't work :-(

When Steven gets home from the railway I'll have to ask him to show me how to do more advanced style sheet stuff so that I can have my navigation page in the style sheet without having to worry about updating loads of pages every time I want to add a link!

Until next time, world!!


Steven's just got home and I asked him about the CSS and he said stylesheets were for the look of the site more than the navigation - drat! He's going to write some Javascript for me to do what I want my site to do so be on the look-out for it to be up and running soonish!