Monday 15 February 2010

Valentine's Day 2010 - the day after

Belated happy valentine's day everyone! I realise that not everyone has someone to celebrate the day with and many of those people find it hard to get through the day when everyone is expressing love but why not celebrate friends on valentine's day? You care about your friends so why not use 14th Feb to let your friends know you care??

I can now tell you what I got for Steven for valentine's day... I got him an adopt an animal thing and some sort of cartoon book which he was really pleased with as, apparently, the cartoons are no longer being drawn!

He got me a £50 Amazon voucher which was spent on 3 books and a blu-ray disc! I took advantage of the free delivery thing so hopefully they will be with me in time for next weekend! Steven said it was the 21st centuary flowers from a garage gift but I don't see it like that at all! He got me something that I could use to buy things I really want which is better than guessing and maybe getting it wrong!

I'm almost £900 overdrawn at the bank after buying all the Christmas pressies for both families and getting Steven's valentines pressies but Steven is getting the birthday pressies for Andrew (Steven's brother) and Jonathan (my brother) so I haven't got to worry about buying anything until June so that's 4 months away so I'll be sorted by then easily... I've just got to sit on my hands and not buy anything for a couple of months!!

I think I'm a shopaholic... yes, totally serious!! lol

Until next time folks!

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