Tuesday 31 March 2015

Yummy scrummy in my tummy

Just had me tea... jacket tatty with cheese and beans - yumsk!

Got to start taking my vitamins again though, especially the calcium, 'cos I accidentally ripped one of my toenails off last night!  Oops!  :-(

Let's try this again...

£450 is what I've got in my account today
£200 in 13 days
£650 yeah?  Things right so far?
take off
£400 for my bills on the 15th April
£250, right?
take off
£150 for Steve's car
£500 in 28 days from today (end of April)
£600 yeah?
take off
£150 for Steve's car
£200 for my fortnightly pay day
take off
£400 for my bills
take off
£150 for Steve's car
makes a grand total of...
£100 again!

Is my maths right?

In my main account I've got £450 and I'll be getting another £200 in 2 weeks so that takes it up to £650 take off £150 to go into the joint account for Steve's car which takes it to £500 yeah?  My bills are £400 on the 15th of each month which leaves me with £100 to play with... is my maths right so far?

At the end of April, I'll get another £500 plus the £100 makes it £600 take off £150 for Steve's car and £400 for May's bills means I'll have £50 left, yeah? Plus the £200 for my pay day in the middle of April makes it £250 to play with yeah? Take off another £150 for Steve's car from my mid-April pay day makes it £100 again to play with?

But that can't be right, can it?

£650 - £400 = £250 (balance mid-April) + £200 (mid April pay day) = £450 - £300 for Steve's car = £150?

Where am I going wrong please?

Today, as a treat, I've bought myself...

... a beautiful opal from India and a psychic reading but paid less than £35 combined!

I've also moved another £150 into the joint account for Steve's car and I'm still nicely in credit too.

Just got to not spend anything with my main account between now and the 15th when all my bills come out!

I can still use PayPal and my back-up account though!  lol  ;-)

Monday 30 March 2015

Day of speed in everything I've done today!

I woke up and took Mitzi for her walk then came home and watched The Bill then the recording of this morning's Masterchef while checking in with my online groups.  Skype then wanted to reboot my laptop after updating it, so I did that then did my online assignments, then sent the URLs to the 3 groups then Marie came to help with the shopping.  She'd been sat chatting to Steve for less than 15 minutes when the shopping was delivered and taken in to the kitchen.  The delivery driver went and Marie put the shopping away, finished her coffee then went home.

Steve ordered his take-away while I ate the cakes that had come with the shopping et voila!

As soon as Steve's take-away is delivered, I'll take me pills and head to bed for another early night.

Speedy day of achievements today!

Sunday 29 March 2015

My hair colour + the sun =

Not only does my eye colour change depending on my mood, but my hair colour changes depending on the weather too!

My eyes, as per usual are green.  When I'm upset they're blue.  They are the only way to tell how I'm genuinely feeling.  Their colour is something I can't hide.

In Autumn my hair is dark brown, Winter is almost black and by the time the sun is regularly out and I'm in it for more than 15 minutes a day, it slowly gets naturally dyed from brown to blonde.

I've never touched contact lenses or hair dye... my body is naturally dying my hair and eyes without me needing to result to artificial means!

I'm the only one I know of that this happens to... if you know anyone else, can you leave me a comment in reply to this please?  Just their first name and which country they are in is all I'm asking for please!  :-)

Mother Nature strikes again!

I'm not meeting up with Chris today because Mother Nature has decided to blow a gale and rip boughs off trees and make them land in the road so it's just not safe to drive over here  :-(

Ho hum  :-(

4 days later and...

... my neck is still sore after the trip into town on Thursday!

OK, not as bad as Thursday, but still noticeable ouchiness when I turn my head!

Stoopid British weather!

I might not be meeting up with Chris for lunch today after all because of the stupid weather.

It's wet and blustery at best so I can't go into town in Patrick and the weather where Chris is, is nasty too so unless the weather improves in the next few hours it'll be a weekday meet-up instead and I'll have to try and remember to look for the Optician when the pavements have dried up.

Gotta love being British!

Saturday 28 March 2015

Bouncy puppy dog!

Me an' Mitzi are playing with her toys and she's bouncing around like a little puppy!

She's 5 years old but bouncing around as if she was a puppy of less than a year!

Bless 'er!  Little sweetheart!

According to Steve this morning

"Mitzi is the most intelligent dog I've ever had!"

Couldn't agree more!

She's the cutest, most loving, lovable ball of fur and I seriously can't imagine my life without her in it any more!

Friday 27 March 2015


We had curry for tea last night and I had my curry for lunch today.


The veggie samosa's ting'd my tongue last night so I thought the curry would too, so I left it until today.

Awesome idea by me!

The tinglyness had disappeared and left a gentle spicy flavour in it's place... yummy scrummy in my tummy!

I think Masala (the place Steve ordered from yesterday) have found a new regular customer in me!

Just heard back about my DLA claim

I asked the Benefits Agency to look at my DLA claim again because I've got worse since it was awarded back in 2013 and I've just got their decision through the post.

They haven't increased the amount but they haven't decreased it either.  I'm still entitled to the money I've been getting so I'm a happy bunny with that!

29 reasons not to own a Westie

Worth the wait - 29 reasons to not own a Westie like Mitzi.

It's very graphic intense so it's slow to load even on a cable connection but take a peek!  It's worth the wait!

Thursday 26 March 2015

My neck is protesting about the trip into town now!

My neck is killing me now, asking why I wasn't wearing a coat or at least a scarf when we went into town!  I can just about turn my head to the left with some pain, but turning my head to the right is agony!


Back from town now

Just got back from town and only used the green blobs up on the battery of Patrick today which Steve says is prolly because I wasn't stopping and starting so much 'cos that's how it works on a car.

My optician has vanished from where it used to be, but apparently it's in the Eastgate centre instead of Kings Walk and Steve reckons there's a second level in there so I'll try and find it next time i go into town.

I dropped off my prescription and it's a good job I did it today instead of next week 'cos it's going to take 6 days for it to be delivered for some reason, so if I'd taken it a week later I would have been without me pills again by the time it was delivered!

Steve's watch sent me all over the place!  I went to the place I went to a few weeks ago about it and they said that the hole to open the part they needed was too small so they sent me to another shop and they said they could do it, but I'd have to phone the manufacturer to get the link things sent here then I'd have to go back into town to get it done... just got to remember to do it now!  lol

Going in this afternoon

I'm going to take my prescription down to the pharmacy this afternoon, then head in to town to the optician for new glasses frames then head to a jewellery store to get Steve's Christmas present from me (a watch) either adjusted by 2 "links" or get an expandable band like I've got on my new watch.

Just need to remember that now!  lol

When I take my prescription down to the pharmacy...

... I've got to remember to go into town and look for a new set of frames for my glasses because these arms seem to be getting uneven and I don't want them to break because then I won't be able to see anything beyond the end of my nose!

Yep, totally serious, my sight really is that bad!

The prescription doesn't need to be changed, just the frames.

2.5 cans of Diet Coke in less than an hour!

Before I took Mitzi on her walk this morning, there were 4 full, unopened cans of Diet Coke and my "recycling bag" was empty.

We've been home for about half an hour and there are already 2 empty cans in my recycling bag and I'm half way down my third!


Well that doesn't inspire confidence!

Just got back from Mitzi's walk and we met a man from the flats at the end of the road who said the dog at the end who Mitzi has a conversation with when s/he's outside the house escaped the other day and took itself for a walk up and down Mitzi's road and barked the whole time!

If s/he's escaped once, what's to stop him/her doing it again?

From the bark, it sounds like s/he's at least double Mitzi's size so, what if the dog escapes and decides to have a fight with Mitzi?  :-(

What if the escaped dog is hungry and decides to take a bite out of Mitzi?

I walk with a quad cane and I'm not stable enough on my feet even with that!  In theory I could use it to defend the pup but I don't fancy getting sued!  :-(  Maybe I should just stand between them and hope for the best?

There was also something going on in town 'cos 3 police cars sped down the main road, at full speed, with blues and two's going!  I hope whoever was involved is OK and the police were safe!

Wednesday 25 March 2015

4 things before I forget again

First off, my second regular reader is back!  Yay!  I still don't know anything about my regular readers though!  I'm just grateful that they want to read what I post!

Second up is Mitzi said hello to 2 human friends on her walk this morning... who wouldn't want to be said hello to by our little pup!

Thirdly, Steve put the hodder-dudder around the carpet this morning... looks cleaner now!  Yay!

Lastly, I'm about to jump in the bath with my new watch on to see if it really is water resistant or not... it only cost me £7.99 plus delivery so it's no big deal if it isn't!  lol

Tuesday 24 March 2015

If I've done it right...

... I've just set up my first ever direct debit online to come out on 15th of every month which is a huge achievement for me!

OK, so it was only for £4 but I want to be sure it's £4 not £400!  I'll soon find out!  lol

She's got him so well trained! lol

Steve's on a Skype call to someone he works with.

Mitzi wanted her bed made.

Mitzi scratched the plastic bit of her bed until Steve bent over it and re-made it for her.

She quite happily went into it and laid down!  lol

PayPal subscriptions

I want to increase my donation to a Pagan forum from £1 a month to £5 a month.

I've followed the directions on the site but the bit the page was pointing me to wasn't there, so I haven't been able to do it yet!  :-(

I emailed PayPal on Sunday but they haven't got back to me about it yet  :-(

Monday 23 March 2015

What a day!

It's been a pretty average day today but I'm totally knackered so I'm just going to send my invites then head to bed!

Nite orl!

Sunday 22 March 2015

What started off as a brilliant day soon turned into a disasterous morning!

It started off as me taking Mitzi for a third longer walk this morning and my Amazon stuff turning up to me loosing an expensive (as in £100) watch and not being able to find it now!

So, I'm going to get a "cheap as chips" watch and try and find one with an expandable strap too, so that I can feel it coming off over my hand so that this doesn't happen again!


Saturday 21 March 2015

Even faster work!

About 15 hours after ordering the mixer from Amazon and it was out for delivery!

It'll be here today instead of Thursday like I originally thought from the delivery estimate which then became Monday and it was out for delivery at 8.41am this morning!

We definitely need a cake tin now!  lol

I'm considering...

... taking Mitzi for 4 walks up and down the street instead of the 3 I'm taking her on now.


Because she doesn't get puffed out on her walks any more and dogs need to pant by the end of their walk to do them good and for it to be proper exercise, right?

Or wrong?

Anyway, I'll introduce the extra length slowly so that it isn't a shock for both of us and slowly increase the length every few days until we are both used to it.

I need to be up in time to do it first though!  lol

Friday 20 March 2015

That's fast work by Amazon!

I had an email from Amazon saying that the estimated date for the mixer is 3 days sooner than it said on the site... Monday instead of Thursday!

WTG Amazon!

I'm off to bed now... natter to you all tomorrow!  Nite nite!

Just bought us...

... a hand and stand mixer from Amazon because it's better than half price right now and it will really help to make the pasta to go in the machine, instead of doing it by hand!

It seems to be small enough to pack away in the cupboard when we don't need it and the mixer can be detached from the base so that I can use it sitting down if I want/need to!

It's ideal for a small kitchen so hopefully we can start making more things at home when it arrives!

Disappointing at best

Other than slightly cooler and not quite so light, everything was normal over here during the eclipse!

If Steve hadn't reminded me when I got back from Mitzi's walk and changed the channel on the TV, I wouldn't have known about it!

*disappointed sigh*

Thursday 19 March 2015

This is my 10th post today!

I've been a chatty girl today, haven't I!?

Going to take me pills now then head to bed - nite nite orl!

I approve of...

... butternut squash both with and without sugar!

Next time we need to put foil on top of the halves to ensure even cooking and pre-heat the oven before putting it in, but considering it was the first time I'd even seen a raw squash and the first time we'd even attempted to cook any fresh veg that didn't come frozen, in a plastic packet and steamable we did really well!

We'll definitely be getting it again!

If I need a sugar hit we'll lightly sprinkle a small amount of sugar onto it after taking it out of the oven but it's yumsk without the sugar too!

Yummy, yummy, in my tummy!

Just turned the oven on, but, knowing my luck...

... the squash will come out inedible either because it's so burnt or because it's raw.

Ho hum  :-(

Tepid at best :-(

Just had a bath.

It was tepid at best.

Seriously the only reason I stayed in there for an hour was because of the bubbles and lavendar scent.

Yep.  Totally serious.

If I hadn't put lavendar scented bubble bath in, I wouldn't even have got in, just emptied out the water and tried again tomorrow.


Butternut squash for tea, but...

... do I go  by the timings I found online yesterday or the sticker on the squash?

Yesterday's timings said 25-30 minutes with oil and just halved.
The label says 30 minutes but nothing about oil and it should be cubed.

So, I'm thinking I'll bung it in for half an hour and just hope that's OK!

If I get food poisoning it's my own fault!  lol

5 posts and it's not even lunchtime yet!

This is my 5th post since walking Mitzi this morning and it's not even lunchtime yet!

Beware of a flood of posts today if this morning is anything to go by!  lol

I'm either loosing my bum or...

... I've dropped another clothes size!


My leggings keep slipping down and I have to pull them back up after about 5 steps!

Yep, totally serious!

When I stand up from sitting on the pouffe thing, I pull my leggings up over my belly and by the time I get to the kitchen doorway they need to be pulled up again!

The same when I'm walking Mitzi... we get to the front door and I pull me leggings up over me belly and by the time we've walked past 2 front doors, we have to stop so that I can pull them up again... I pull them up about 10 times every morning, just from walking the pup!

Thing is though, I'm not on a diet and the only exercise I do is walking Mitzi each morning!

I just hope I'm loosing my belly and thighs as well as my bum!  lol

Post 700

It's been a while since I did an OCD number, but this is post 700!  Yay!

Next up will be 750 then 999 and 1,000!

Pagan Sabbat and Esbat pronunciations

The capitals aren't shouting - they are stresses in the words.


A Heathen I know on a Pagan forum, Moonhunter, has kindly given me permission to put her pronunciations here, so please don't steal them until you have her permission!

Mitzi can count!

I'm serious about Mitzi counting!  I walk her up and down the road 3 times every morning.

On the second walk up the road she poo'd so we came back home so that I could get a bag and her long handled pooper scooper to clear it up.

When I'd sorted it, we walked up and down once more and I opened the front door but Mitzi didn't want to come in!  She wanted to go for the other half of her walk!

Steve was calling her, I was talking to her but she still refused!

It was a battle of wills and neither of us wanted to give up!  lol

Bless her little furry paws!

As you can probably tell, I won the battle eventually, but it was definitely a stand-off for a good 5 minutes!  lol

Wednesday 18 March 2015

I can now, officially...

... bin this top!  I've got 2 other new tops as well as at least 2 Dogs Trust t-shirts so it's not like I haven't got any tops and I've got 2 new trousers too, so I can stop living in leggings too!  lol

Butternut squash seems so easy to make!

I've just done a quick online search for how to cook butternut squash and it's so easy, even I can do it!

Basically you pre-heat the oven cut it in half lengthways, scoop out the seeds, add a bit of cooking oil then put it on a baking tray at 200c for half an hour et voila!  Sugar seems to be optional, but that isn't added until you take it out of the oven.


Butternut squash

We bought a fresh butternut squash with the shopping this week but neither of us know how to cook it!  lol

Apparently you cut it in half, scoop out the seeds and bung it in the oven... how long for though?

If you know, could you leave me a comment to tell me please?


Tuesday 17 March 2015

3 games for less than...

Steve bought 3 computer games from GoG for less than £6 yesterday and while they aren't new and the graphics leave a lot to be desired, I find them very playable!

I virus scanned them before I jumped into the bath and they are virus free so I can install and play them tomorrow and totally forget that reality exists for a few hours!  lol

By July...

...I'll have saved up £3000 for Steve's car.

Is that enough though?

Hmmm, it's a start, but is it enough?

Today isn't a second pay day! :-(

I thought both pay days were every 2 weeks, but it's not... one of the pay days is every 2 weeks and the other is every 4 weeks!

I was thinking that the lowest payment was higher than the biggest payment and I was awarding myself an extra 300 quid a month... d'oh!

It means I'll be paid 5 times in March, like I thought 6 weeks ago, instead of the 6 I was thinking last week!  lol

Awesome walk this morning!

Just got back from walking Mitzi and she made friends with not one, but two humans today!

The first was a white van man who said hello to me then had a quick chat with Mitzi before delivering the delivery.

That made Mitzi's day on it's own.

Then someone from the other side of the street came over and spent a good 5 minutes just chatting to and stroking Mitzi... her little tail was a blur!

I'm starting to feel jealous of Mitzi making so many friends so quickly!  lol

Monday 16 March 2015

Pay day today, so...

... all my bills will be paid this week and I'm hoping I'll have my second pay day tomorrow so that I can move another £150 into the joint account for Steve's car, so we are well on our way to getting it now and my spending addiction is being kind to me, so hopefully I won't be tempted to spend anything from now on... you watch me go on a spending spree now though!  lol

We were ignored by...

... 7 people on this morning's walk!

People who don't like dogs ignore Mitzi but say hello to me but 7 people saw both of us and carried on walking... not even a smile!

Ho hum  :-(

Sunday 15 March 2015

Hello regular reader!

Hello to the person who reads all my blogg posts every day and thank you so much!

Seriously weird weather!

I live in Britain.

We always have weird weather.

We've got a pup.

I walk her up and down the street 3 times every morning.

We've just got back from this morning's walk.

It was chilly but dry outside our door.

We literally walked past 2 houses and it was drizzling with rain.

By the time we got up to the end of the street it was hammering it down.

I was thinking that I had typically bad timing.  Again.

By the time we got to the end of the street, turned around and had come back half way, it was drizzling again.

We got to our door and it had stopped raining so I'm stood there with Mitzi and we're both starting to look like drowned rats but it isn't raining.

The same thing happened the other two times up and down the street.

We came in the front door, both looking grumpy and wet and Steve asked if it was moist out so I explained all this to Steve and he just said there must have been a small rain cloud that had got stuck at the end of the street!

Ho hum!

Saturday 14 March 2015

Yummy, yummy in my tummy!

Just had my curry... masala sauce and boiled rice - yumsk!

There wasn't a vegetarian tika masala but they did the sauce on it's own so I had that and the rice.

Far from bland, but not so spicy that it makes your eyes water at 100 paces either!

I think I've found my regular curry now... totally yummy!

Cu-ee for tea tonight

Last time Steve had curry for tea, I stole most of it so I'm having tika masala cu-ee for tea tonight then we are having Quorn "Spago Bollo" aka Quorn spaghetti bolognase for lunch tomorrow... yumsk! 

We'll prolly be too tired and too full for tea tomorrow!  lol

Creative jeans

Apparently the creative genes I've got have been passed down on me mum's side of the family!

My mum's aunt is creative.

One of my mum's cousins is creative too!

One of them is an author, the other is an author and artist, so that's where I've got it from!

I know where to go for art lessons now then!  lol

Friday 13 March 2015

Missing a third of the money I'm supposed to get from AH!

Just been to bank the AH cheque and realised that they're not paying me what I should be getting!  The cheque I've just banked was for £6.32 but the receipt that was attached said I'd earned just over £9! 

Maybe it's tax or something, but a tax rate of 33%?  Seriously?

Thursday 12 March 2015

Late to bed tonight then!

The hubby has just ordered tea from the chippy and yours truly was forced to have a cone of chips to take it over the tenner minimum order value so I'll be going to bed with a bloated belly and be tossing and turning for hours because of not being able to get comfy, like last night.


Wednesday 11 March 2015

Such a playful little puppy!

Steve's just been playing 'fetch' with Mr Chicken and Mitzi.

Mr Squeeky Chicken is definitely Mitzi's favourite toy but apparently *all* of her toys have migrated from her bed to the living room doorway now!  lol

Bless her little heart!


Why do I feel more awake and refreshed after 8.5 hours sleep than I do after 12?

I didn't take my pills last night so got to sleep at 10pm and woke up at 6.30am this morning feeling wide awake and raring to go.

When I take my pills, I head to bed at 8pm and wake up at 8.30am the next morning feeling groggy and tired!


Tuesday 10 March 2015

Blimey Charlie!

My average earning per quarter last year was £1.01.

A cheque from my publisher has just come through the post for the first quarter of 2015 for £6.32!  That's more than I earned in the whole of last year combined!

Whoever has been buying my book, thank you!  It means so much to me!

Such an adorable little girl/yuck!

I didn't realise how disgusting the multi-vitamin tasted without the apple juice!  The multi-vitamin and calcium supplements are shaped like capsules but they are too big for me to swallow, so I crunch them up.

I usually take the supplements with a mouthful of Copella apple juice because I love pure apple juice.

I didn't realise how much it disguised the taste until I took the supplements with flavoured water this morning!  Yuckerama!

When I took the supplements back out to the kitchen and then into the bathroom, Mitzi followed me, but when I came out of the bathroom, instead of turning around and going forwards, she backed up all the way from the back door, through the kitchen and to the bottom of the stairs, gazing at me the whole time before turning around and walking into the living room forwards!

Clever girl!

Outside, it's like...

... a flippin' Indian Summer!

I was cold when I woke up so I put my cardigan on, but within 3 steps of leaving the house on Mitzi's walk I regretted it!

According to Steve, the met office and Steve's Windows app, it's 10 degrees out there atm - pshaw and phooey!  I reckon it's at least 15 in the shade!  Time to get the sunscreen ordered methinks!

Monday 9 March 2015

A quarter of a litre in 15 minutes today!

Mitzi seems to be really thirsty yesterday and today 'cos she drank so much yesterday and it took her less than 15 minutes to drink about a quarter of a litre of water this afternoon!

Poor pup!

Sunday 8 March 2015

A litre in 7 hours this time!

Just filled Mitzi's water bowl up again... 7 hours after the first filling!

Thirsty puppy!

Hello regular reader!

I'm guessing you're in Canada or America or maybe Australia because you seem to read the messages when I'm asleep?

I really appreciate you reading my blog!  Thank you so much!

Mitzi has drunk most of a litre of water in the last 24 hours!

Mitzi has drunk almost a litre of water in the last 24 hours and most of it was while I was asleep!

When I went to bed her water bowl was very nearly full but when I went to feed her after her walk it was pretty much empty! 

No wonder her wee's are so huge!  lol

Saturday 7 March 2015

Starting to get...

... wrinkles under my eyes!

I'm only 37 FFS!


Steve reckons it's because I'm getting too much sleep!

OK, so I sleep deeply for 10-12 hours a night because of my pills but surely that's better than 2-3 hours of light sleep a night?  Right?

All I know is that I've got huge dark circles under my eyes and that's where the wrinkles have started forming!

*shrug*  :-(

Why does every dog want to...

...pick my nose when they greet me?

Gross, I know, I'm just wondering after Mitzi's repeated excavations of my nose after baths and showers and when I come down in the morning or when I've just got home from seeing Chris or H or just because she wants to.

My previous terrier was the same when I had him so maybe it's a terrier thing?  He was a Cairn terrier and Mitzi is a Westie!

*That's* why I don't like underwired bra's!

I've never liked underwired bra's for 2 reasons:

First the wire starts poking through on one side and annoying the hell out of me when I keep having to push it back in every 5 minutes so I pull the wire out of that side and can never get the second wire out.

That causes the second reason.  It feels like the one remaining wire is trying to bury through my chest and into my ribs.

I prefer non-wired bra's because of those 2 reason's but I'm a totally natural GG cup and they don't seem to make them non-wired in that size!  Finding one is like finding a pin head buried in the Sahara desert!

*mutter, mumble*

My regular reader is back and caught up now! Yay!

I've now had 1 reader of all my posts up to and including last night.  I'm so glad s/he's back!

Thank you for reading my posts, whoever you are!

90 seconds. Literally.

If Steve's carer had come 90 seconds earlier this morning, I would have still been walking Mitzi!

Literally all I had time to do in those 90 seconds, was to close the front door and come in here then sit down on the pouffe thing!

My bum cheeks had literally just touched down when the carer knocked on the door so I had to stand up straight away and answer the door!

If she had been 90 seconds earlier, I could have told her to go straight in while I finished walking Mitzi!  lol

Friday 6 March 2015

10 days

It's 10 days to my 3rd pay day of March and it will, in theory, be my 4th pay day in 11 days 'cos I was only paid half of what I was expecting at the start of this week, so I'm hoping that means both pay days are fortnightly now.  If I'm not paid on the Tuesday I'll be straight on the phone to the Benefits Agency to find out what the flip is going on!

It's a wonderful early Spring day out there!

We've got an amazingly blue, cloudless sky at the front of the house and bright sunshine at the back so our back door will be open all day for the first time this year!

Thank you Mother Earth!

Pretty puppy

Just brushed our pretty puppy and I'm thinking that we should get her in the bath at some point, just so that she gets used to us bathing her again as well as the vet when she goes for her spa days!

When we first got her 4.5 years ago, we had to bath her with a prescription shampoo every other day and she loved it.  When she gets back from the vets she is so relaxed and I think they bath her there, so I want her to see baths as treats now that she's recovered from her skin condition, bless her little heart!

Steve got her a big (as in almost the length of her tail and double the thickness) rawhide bone with the extra shopping yesterday and she's hidden it somewhere other than her usual hiding place (behind my wheelchair) and neither of her humans can find where it is!  lol

Thursday 5 March 2015


... my GP sorted out my prescription on Friday but the pharmacy didn't have it when I phoned yesterday but it's now miraculously appeared at the pharmacy and is being delivered today!  Maybe it just took a man's voice to get it sorted? 

Or am I just being cynical?

Mitzi's walk this morning was...

...in a word, busy!

We walked the first third with a cat at the end of the road.  Mitzi wanted to make friends but the cat didn't.

The second third was met by a big dog, maybe an Alsatian, that wasn't on his/her lead and when the dog approached Mitzi and Mitzi was obviously scared, the owner of the Alsatian just laughed!  OK so the dog just sniffed Mitzi's nose and mouth and tried to sniff her bum but Mitzi was petrified of the dog and there was nothing either of us could have done to stop it if the Alsation had attacked our poor pup!  The dog was half the size of me and the owner just didn't give a fuck!  I should have got the name and phone number to report them to the Council but I was too worried about Mitzi that I didn't think of it!

The final third, Mitzi was obviously still scared and she stayed to heel the whole time and didn't even start to pull on her lead like she usually does, she just stayed by my legs!  Poor girl!  :-(

Wednesday 4 March 2015

Bathtime bubbles

I've worked out how to have a long, hot, deep bubble bath without using up a quarter of the bottle of bubbles first and leaving most of the liquid bubbles in the bath... don't know why I didn't think of it before now!

It's simple really!

You run the hot water tap and slowly trickle the bubble bath liquid into the tap water from as close to the tap as you can get!

Up until I tried it, I had been putting 4 or 5 glugs of bubble bath into the water which used just under a quarter of the bottle each time

I've had 2 baths using this new method and I've used 2 blobs down the side of the bottle in those 2 baths instead of half the entire bottle!

In theory, if I keep using this method, I'll get 10 baths out of one bottle instead of 4!

The depth and heat kinda go hand in hand.  You fill the bath quarter full with just hot water, trickling in the bubble bath, then you turn the hot tap off and get in.

Catch your breath... it'll be hot!

When your breath has recovered, fill it up until just over two thirds full and relax.

Let the boiler re-fill and re-heat before you put any more hot in.

Wait until the water has cooled down to warm then empty most of the water out... it should be deep enough to cover your feet then fill up with hot water and relax again.

Repeat as often as you want... the bubbles will stay at the top of the water for pretty much the whole length of a long bath, so stay in for as long as you like!  Family permitting of course!  lol

My calf muscles

I noticed last night that my calf muscles are something to be proud of... they are strong and well defined but the only exercise I've ever done is walking!

Just need to shrink my thighs and I'll be a happy bunny!  lol

Post 660 now, but...

...the OCD is being kind to me right now, so hopefully the next OCD post will be 750 then 1000?

Took Mitzi for her longer walk again this morning

We walked 150% of her usual walk this morning... it was very cold out there, but we walked 100% of her usual morning walk and when we got back to the door, I asked her if she wanted to go for another walk like yesterday.

She looked at me like I was nuts!  lol

She turned around though so we went on the long walk and we were both cold by the time we got home!  lol

She's worth it though!

Through wind, rain and high water we'll do the longer walk every morning from now on!

Tuesday 3 March 2015

My benefit money has changed... might need reminders

I was supposed to be paid one benefit fortnightly and the other 4 weekly.

The fortnightly benefit is still fine and dandy AFAIK.

The 4 weekly one has seemingly changed to fortnightly too.

I'll still be getting the same amount of money, just 2 weekly instead of 4.

That's going to take a bit of getting used to!  :-|

Hopefully it'll be sorted out in my head within a few weeks, it's just an added challenge to my spending addiction that I could have done without is all  :-(

Just need to be sure there is always at least £400 in my account by the 15th of each month is all!

I'm hoping that it will be an easy switch over and I'll remember that the dates have changed for both benefits and I need to stop spending each month until I've got it re-worked out in my head... huge challenge for my addiction!  Forced out of the addiction is good, but not the way I had planned to do it...haven't got a choice now!

Might have to take Mitzi on 2 walks a day...

I took Mitzi for 50% of her walk this morning because she was waddling which usually means that she's about to poo so we only did 50% this morning, but we've just been on Mitzi's usual length walk and although she was waddling, she didn't poo so maybe that's just a new thing for her?

I enjoyed this full length walk more than the usual ones because it's quieter, no dogs barking or people being paranoid about the pup!

Soo, this might be a new routine now... take the little one for a brisk walk first thing then take her for a longer walk later on!

We could get used to this!  lol

I think/hope my regular reader is back! Yaaaay!

One person has caught up with reading all the posts in this blog overnight... hopefully it's my regular reader!  Yaaaaay!!  Just in time for OCD post number 656 too!  lol


Why do I feel better and more awake after less sleep?

My meds send me to sleep for 10-12 hours and I'm sleepy tired all day.

Last night, I went to bed at almost 9.30pm and woke up at 4am and didn't go back to sleep, yet I feel more awake now!

Stoopid body!

Monday 2 March 2015

FAO spammers

I've just had a comment left on my previous post by a spammer.

It was deleted within minutes of it being left.

I'm in a good mood tonight but the next spammer will be reported to their ISP.

That's not a threat, it's a promise.

For the first time in my life...

... I'm proud of the colour of my teeth!

For the first time in my life, they are white instead of yellow!

OK, so I've lost 2.5 teeth but the rest of them make me proud!  :-)

Mitzi wanted her breakfast early this morning!

Mitzi poo'd on her walk this morning to seemingly make room for her breakfast 'cos she wanted to eat as soon as we got home!

She doesn't usually eat until lunchtime even though I put her breakfast down every morning!

Bless her little furry paws!

Sunday 1 March 2015

Done well with our rubbish this week!

We've tidied up in the living room, Steve has emptied the grill of foil and grease, we've filled our 2 recycling and only one wheelie bin so far in the last 7 days and we haven't wasted any food!

WTG us!

Next week we'll fill the second wheelie bin and 2 recycling boxes ready for the bins to be emptied on the Monday!

Our wheelie bins are emptied every fortnight and recycling every Monday and we've usually filled both bins after 10 days as well as the 2 recycling boxes and a sort of semi-filled the food waste box... not this time though!

We'll get the hang of it eventually!  lol

OCD post number 650

Just the usual OCD comment while waiting for our tea to arrive!

Someone, hopefully my regular reader, has...

... caught up with my posts up to the day before yesterday now!

Thank you, whoever you are!

Andrew (my BIL) is ace for two reason's this evening

First off, he put one side of the living room curtain up on the sill so I can see the whole telly now instead of half of it and secondly, he's taken my DLA form to be posted, but I've just remembered that I haven't signed the form or the letter before sealing the envelope!  Oops!

My little nephew

Andrew's just come over to see Steve so that they can watch the rugby together and I've just seen my little nephew's 27 week scan on Andrews phone... he's going to be a huge little fella!  He was over 4lbs at 27 weeks so I reckon he'll be almost double that when he arrives at the end of April!

Maybe I should get used to calling him "big fella" and "big boy" now?  lol