Sunday 29 March 2015

My hair colour + the sun =

Not only does my eye colour change depending on my mood, but my hair colour changes depending on the weather too!

My eyes, as per usual are green.  When I'm upset they're blue.  They are the only way to tell how I'm genuinely feeling.  Their colour is something I can't hide.

In Autumn my hair is dark brown, Winter is almost black and by the time the sun is regularly out and I'm in it for more than 15 minutes a day, it slowly gets naturally dyed from brown to blonde.

I've never touched contact lenses or hair dye... my body is naturally dying my hair and eyes without me needing to result to artificial means!

I'm the only one I know of that this happens to... if you know anyone else, can you leave me a comment in reply to this please?  Just their first name and which country they are in is all I'm asking for please!  :-)

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