Monday 30 March 2015

Day of speed in everything I've done today!

I woke up and took Mitzi for her walk then came home and watched The Bill then the recording of this morning's Masterchef while checking in with my online groups.  Skype then wanted to reboot my laptop after updating it, so I did that then did my online assignments, then sent the URLs to the 3 groups then Marie came to help with the shopping.  She'd been sat chatting to Steve for less than 15 minutes when the shopping was delivered and taken in to the kitchen.  The delivery driver went and Marie put the shopping away, finished her coffee then went home.

Steve ordered his take-away while I ate the cakes that had come with the shopping et voila!

As soon as Steve's take-away is delivered, I'll take me pills and head to bed for another early night.

Speedy day of achievements today!

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