Thursday 19 March 2015

I'm either loosing my bum or...

... I've dropped another clothes size!


My leggings keep slipping down and I have to pull them back up after about 5 steps!

Yep, totally serious!

When I stand up from sitting on the pouffe thing, I pull my leggings up over my belly and by the time I get to the kitchen doorway they need to be pulled up again!

The same when I'm walking Mitzi... we get to the front door and I pull me leggings up over me belly and by the time we've walked past 2 front doors, we have to stop so that I can pull them up again... I pull them up about 10 times every morning, just from walking the pup!

Thing is though, I'm not on a diet and the only exercise I do is walking Mitzi each morning!

I just hope I'm loosing my belly and thighs as well as my bum!  lol

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