Tuesday 3 March 2015

My benefit money has changed... might need reminders

I was supposed to be paid one benefit fortnightly and the other 4 weekly.

The fortnightly benefit is still fine and dandy AFAIK.

The 4 weekly one has seemingly changed to fortnightly too.

I'll still be getting the same amount of money, just 2 weekly instead of 4.

That's going to take a bit of getting used to!  :-|

Hopefully it'll be sorted out in my head within a few weeks, it's just an added challenge to my spending addiction that I could have done without is all  :-(

Just need to be sure there is always at least £400 in my account by the 15th of each month is all!

I'm hoping that it will be an easy switch over and I'll remember that the dates have changed for both benefits and I need to stop spending each month until I've got it re-worked out in my head... huge challenge for my addiction!  Forced out of the addiction is good, but not the way I had planned to do it...haven't got a choice now!

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