Thursday 31 July 2014

I've only gone and accomplished a major-to-me achievement!

I had 2 major-to-me things that I wanted to achieve within the first week of having the chair and I've only gone and done one of them!

The first was to do a timed trip to my GP and the pharmacy next door so that I knew how long it would take to do it when I had my next appointment or needed to drop off a repeat prescription request at the pharmacy - that's the one I did today.

The other was to go into Gloucester and back just to see what it's like now and to see how the chair copes with it.

I've just done a timed trip to the pharmacy and back.  It took an hour and 15 minutes to go from deciding I was going to getting down there, tipping the chair over accidentally, putting the battery back in, connecting it back up and then coming home, dismantling it and bringing it into the house.

The seat belt works!  lol

It was totally my fault, the chair was just doing what I asked it to do... I misjudged the size of the kerb (I thought it was dropped but it wasn't) as I was getting out of someone's way, toppled the chair over and was helped up by a very kind passer-by.  Whoever you are, thank you so much!

I'm totally fine... just a bruised ego and the shakes.

I'm going to have a couple of days off now... I've done more in 3 days than I have for the last 15 years combined!  I think I deserve to relax for a little while and I've got to find out how to charge the batteries too!

Wednesday 30 July 2014

What an awesome feeling!

I know this may not sound like much, but it's the first time I've done it and, to me, it feels like I've won a gold medal at the paralympics!

I've just been out alone and posted a letter!

OK, so it took 2 of us to put the chair together and 3 of us (I'm including our awesome neighbour in this because without him the chair would still be together and me and Steve would be at each others throats) to fold it up but it's something I wouldn't have even imagined doing 10 days ago!

I'm totally independent with the chair for the first time in my life and I can unfold and fold it with help!

What a totally awesome feeling!  This is the start of the new, independent and free me!

I'll need to leave an extra half an hour to fold the chair up and down, but the blokes who delivered it yesterday said to expect that the first few times!

I'm thinking that my next trip out will be in the evenings or after it's rained or something because it's just too hot to play silly buggers with it during the day right now!

I did it though, for the first time in my life I've used an electric wheelchair safely!  Yaaaay!

Today will be the start of me being...

I'm going to leave my wheelchair folded up in the kitchen until Steve's home from seeing the nurse then it'll hopefully be a bit cooler outside so I'll take the chair up and down the street a few times and maybe, if I feel able to, up to the zebra crossing and down to the postbox... wish me luck!

Tuesday 29 July 2014

I'm now free and independent!

The wheelchair has just arrived and it's a brilliant but very sensitive wheelchair!

I'm absolutely worn out now but today marks the first day of my independence... my first day that I don't need my quad cane and other people to help me get about!

It's incredibly hot out there but I'm going to try going to the crossing when it's cooled down this evening then I'll try crossing the crossing tomorrow evening then I'll take it from there!

Freedom and independence beckons!

Today's the day!

The chair is being delivered between 9am and 5pm today... can't wait!  Less than 10 hours to go now and then I'll be free and independent again!  Can't wait, but getting really nervous now!

Monday 28 July 2014

Less than 25 hours to go!

Yes, I am counting... by 5pm tomorrow I'll be free and independent and I'll be feeling the breeze on my face and the heat from the sun on my skin and I'll be doing it totally on my own!  It's going to feel so unbelievably awesome!

Can't wait!

That's a relief!/where's our recycling box gone to?

The bin men have just come and agreed to take a few extra bags of rubbish... the bloke I asked seemed reluctant which made me nervous, then he asked how many extra bags so I showed him and he said to leave them outside the door and they'd take them.

The recycling bods came first thing this morning and have taken all bar one recycling box on our side of the road for a walk to somewhere or other... hopefully it'll be back before the morning otherwise we'll have to call the council about it - we've got a box full of recycling every week!  lol

Sunday 27 July 2014

Bottombottom and Rikikikonun again

Apparently they're both in the top 10 now, so if they finish the race safely and in their current positions then I'll be happy  :-)

Apparently Rikikikonun tried to drive Vettel off the road and Steve was getting about it "because everyone hates Vettel and he'll be on the radio whining to the pits now!" according to Steve.

Bottombottom and Rikikikonun

Apparently Bottombottom is 17th but, because he's got hard tyres on, he may not need to go into the pits for the rest of the race and most of the others will have to go into the pits at least once more because they are on soft tyres which, apparently, means that they can go faster but they need to pit sooner than hard tyres?  Something like that?

Rikikikonun is in the top 10 from 17th at the start of the race so he's doing well too!

I just want everyone involved in the race to be safe!

Bottombottom and Hamilton

Bottombottom is a really good driver 'cos he went from 3rd to 2nd on the first corner even though it was peeing it down with rain!  Apparently I should be cheering for a white car?

Hamilton had to have his car rebuilt overnight after it threw a strop on him in qualifying and burst into flames so he started from the pit lane and he's moved up to 17th now?  Nope, make that 14th out of 22 cars so Hamilton is doing well too!  No idea what colour his car is though!  lol

I just hope everyone drives safely in the rain... one of the "backenders" has just come off the track with no back wing and the wheels look a bit screwed too.  On top of that, the safety car and medical car were trying to take each other out too!

It seems like it will be an exciting race but Hamilton's mechanics won't be happy if he needs any spares during the race though!

2 days to go now!

I can't believe it's finally happening!  I've been pretty much street-bound for the last 15 years and on Tuesday I'll finally be able to leave the street on my own and not worry about falling over or having a wall to lean on or anything.

Freedom beckons!

Saturday 26 July 2014

Formula 1 again

I'm currently semi watching the qualifying for the motor racing again and one of the British blokes, Lewis Hamilton, has just had the back of his car burst into flames!

Poor bloke!

The poor man didn't seem fazed by it though, he calmly said to the bods in the pit lane that he had flames at the back of the car, the bloke on the radio said to pull over and jump out and the driver said the car wouldn't stop!

Rikikikonun is out of qualifying too now, so that leaves me hoping for a win from Bottombottom now!

I just want Bottombottom to qualify, race safely and finish the race too.  I don't care if he's not on the podium, I just want him to finish safely... in the points would be a bonus, but his safety has to come first in my eyes!

3 days to go!

I'm starting to get anxious about having my freedom and independence back after so long but I'm going to take my mobile phone with me "just in case" I'm left stranded!  I know it's just paranoia, but the furthest I've been, alone, in the last 15 years, is the end of our road!

When the chair is delivered on Tuesday, I'm going to see if the person who delivers it and shows me how to use it will walk with me into town or to my GP or something just so that I can be sure I can handle it OK... I'm hoping they'll say yes and just having someone with me as I try it out for the first time in my life, I just need that one trip to give me confidence is all!

Wish me luck!

Mitzi's walk this morning

The usual routine is for me to ask Mitzi which way she wants to go, she starts walking that way and I follow her.  We then come back to the house and come inside... end of walk.

Not today though!

I asked which way Mitzi wanted to go.

She told me.

We came back to the house but Mitzi kept walking!

We carried on walking until we got to the corner.

My knees were shaking by this time so we came home.

Mitzi wanted to keep walking but there was no way my poor knees would have been able to hold me up for much longer so I opened the door and we came in!

Sorry pup!  When I've got the wheelchair on Tuesday we can go on really long walks whenever you want to!  Promise!

Friday 25 July 2014

4 days and counting!

If the counting down will annoy you, just skip the posts with it in!  ;-)

Can hardly wait now... I'll finally be able to go out and about alone again!

If that wasn't enough, I can also afford to get a year's insurance the day the chair arrives and still be comfortably in credit, then I'll be paid every fortnight after 5th August so I can afford to pay my direct debits and standing orders, still be comfortably in credit and have money to play with too!  I'll even be able to afford to get 2 spare batteries for the chair too!

My Higher Powers are really looking out for me right now!  Thank you Mother Earth and Green Man!

Thursday 24 July 2014

Yaaay! I'm getting the wheelchair on...

I've just had an email from Lloyds Pharmacy to say that they will deliver my wheelchair on 29th July (that's this coming Tuesday) between 9am and 5pm!

Getting really nervous now!  lol

Wednesday 23 July 2014

Yummy yummy, piggies bummy!

I've just had half a package thing of fresh cherries and they were so yummy!

Not as strong as I remembered so maybe they are going out of season or something now but still really scrummy!

I've got cherry juice all over my chin now... should have washed me chin when I washed me hands and mouth!  lol

Definitely my favourite fruit!

Dogs+deep water=?

I've just seen an advert for something or other on the telly and a picture of a man up to his chest in water in a swimming pool, holding out a ball for a dog who is at the side of the pool, looking longingly at the ball which got me to thinking...

Do dogs belly flop or dive into deep water please? 

I'm thinking they belly flop with a huge splashy wave because their mum's didn't know how to dive so couldn't teach them to either. 

Is that wrong though?

That's a relief!

I checked my bank balance online almost an hour ago and there was a £300 difference between my balance and available credit!

I phoned my bank in a bit of a flap to find out what was going on, the person who answered my call checked for me and said that the £800 for the wheelchair had come out of my available credit but not my balance yet and that I'd be in credit when the payment came out of my balance and the other money was my overdraft.

Panic over!  lol

Australia place name?

I know I could ask GoogleMaps or whatever, but is there a place called Oombaloomba in Australia?

I'm thinking of the tweens in my next book going on holiday there is all and I want it to sound like an Aboriginal place in Australia, but don't want to use a real place name in a fictional book without permission.

If it is a real place, can you leave me a comment to let me know in reply to this post please?

Thank you!


I think I need to set a defrag going on my laptop 'cos my email program takes so long to let me type an email but Steve said this morning, and I quote, " you either get rid of most of your email or get a new one with more memory and bigger processor... one costs a lot less than the other!"

*mutter mumble*

Tuesday 22 July 2014

I've done it now! Yay!

I've just ordered the wheelchair and it'll be here in a couple of weeks so I'll finally have my independence back outside and I'll be able to take Mitzi on longer walks and go into town and go to the pharmacy when I need to drop off my repeat prescription requests... it's going to be so good!

It's 15 years this Summer that I last went further than the road I live in alone!

Can't wait!

Monday 21 July 2014

Less than 24 hours to wait now! Yay!

By this time tomorrow I'll have ordered the wheelchair and I'll be free and independent again in about 2 weeks!

Big time yay!

I can hardly wait!

The first few days will prolly be scary but I'll just have to "feel the fear and do it anyway" with the knowledge that it'll only be the first week or so and it's the opportunity to be independent again is worth it!  The first trip will be to my GP to time roughly how long it takes to get down there then I'll go down to the Ricknel to set up an appointment with the nervous patient dentist to have another 2 teeth taken out under GA then I'll come home - it'll be an incredible first trip out on my own in more than one and a half decades!

Sunday 20 July 2014

Formula 1 motor racing

I support Rikikikanun (aka Rikonen or however it's spelt) and Bottombottom (aka Bottas) purely because of the great names!  lol

I impressed Steve that I knew they went on a parade lap before the actual race 'cos he's never told me that but I still don't understand why there are a squillion qualifying laps... can't they just speed around the track once to "warm the tyres" (whatever they do that for) then as soon as they cross the start/finish line, time that lap and the top 10 go into the race straight afterwards - it would be over and done with in an afternoon if they did that instead of making it last all weekend, every weekend, every Summer!

I'm debating on...

I'm debating on writing to my favourite magasines and writing about my health issues... the one I was reading last night had a 2 page story written by a reader about her genetic illness and the magasine handled it well so I'm debating on writing about my psychotic depression, dairy allergy, brain damage and Korsakov Syndrome.

What do you reckon I should do?  Should I email the magasine about them or shall I not?

Two of them are rare so I want to raise the knowledge of fellow readers about them and the other two are more common so if a fellow reader has been diagnosed with them, they will hopefully feel less alone.

Day after tomorrow

The day after tomorrow is Tuesday.

I'm paid on Tuesday.

I'll be able to order the wheelchair on Tuesday!


I'll then be paid again on Friday so that I can get the spare batteries and save up for the insurance!

Then I'll be paid again on 5th August and every 2 weeks after that to cover my direct debits!

Screw you, spending addiction!  I'm so close to beating you now and you don't stand a hope in hell's chance of winning any more!

Saturday 19 July 2014

According to Steve this morning...

"Well that was strange!" to quote Steve about what happened when his carer came this morning!

I was putting some rubbish in the bin outside just as his carer closed her car door.

Nothing strange so far.

I said for the carer to go into the kitchen and I would get Steve and closed the front door.

Nothing strange about that either... I say and do pretty much the same thing every morning.

The carer went into the kitchen and I opened the living room door.

Nothing strange this time either... normal morning routine.

I opened the living room door to tell Steve that his carer had arrived.

Nowt strange about that.

Steve stood up and Mitzi scooted out of the living room door before we could stop her.

Not usual but definitely not strange... maybe that's what the carer meant?

We eventually got Mitzi back into the living room and I, like normal, closed the door.

I booted up the laptop and waited for the carer to go.

When she'd gone, Steve came in and said what I quoted at the top of this post.

I asked him what he meant and he said that the carer thought I was Steve's daughter!

When Steve said I was his wife and asked why she thought I was his daughter, the carer told him it was because of his mostly grey beard and she thought he was in his mid-fifties instead of mid-fourties!

Oops!  lol

Poor Steve!  lol

Poor carer too!  She must have been so embarrassed!  lol

The wheelchair again

I worked out while I was in the bath yesterday afternoon that I'll be able to afford to get the wheelchair on Tuesday instead of Friday and I'll be able to get the spare batteries on Friday and the insurance when I've had the wheelchair delivered 'cos the insurers need some sort of serial number from the chair or something.

OK, so it's only 3 days early, but it means I'll get the chair 3 days sooner, insurance 3 days sooner and my freedom and independence back 3 days sooner too!

I haven't been out of the street alone for well over a decade so those 3 days can't come soon enough!

As of about 2 hours ago...

I'm a big supporter of the Dogs Trust over here in the UK and that's where we re-homed Mitzi from 4 years ago.

I bought a Dogs Trust t-shirt at about the same time and it quickly became my favourite item of clothing.

It was so well-worn that it had a huge hole in the left armpit so I invested in 2 more last weekend and they arrived yesterday morning with the post.

I put one of them on this morning to walk Mitzi and christened it with rain water after squeezing through a tiny gap between someone's car mirror and our wheelie bin.

When we got home and I explained the wet streak to Steve he said I should have "smashed the bloody car mirror in for being so close to the bin!".

A touch harsh maybe, but I think I'll move the mirror inward (towards the car door) if there's a car there tomorrow and if the driver doesn't like it then I will smash it next time!  lol

There will be 3 other posts after this one, this morning!

My terrible memory is so bad that I'll forget what I want to say if I did them all in one post and it would be hugely long and boring too so I'll make a new post for each different thing so you don't have to read the one's that don't interest you  :-)

Friday 18 July 2014

A week today!

In seven days from now I'll be ordering the wheelchair... Woopee!!

In 7 - 10 working days after that, the wheelchair will be here and I'll have my freedom and independence back!  Yaaaay!

Does it sound strange to be nervous about it?

Mitzi's walk this morning

Mitzi was spectacular on her walk this morning!  She didn't pull me over or bark or anything like that and when she squatted down I was dreading her pooing, but in true Mitzi style it was a huge wee instead!  lol

Bless her little heart!

Thursday 17 July 2014

A week tomorrow aka 8 days

Getting nervously excited now!

So, so close to getting my freedom and independence back!

Wednesday 16 July 2014

"The dream is within you"

I've just opened my first ever fortune cookie and it said "the dream is within you".

Steve reckons it's junk but it means something to me so I've kept the paper and I'm thinking it means that I'll get the wheelchair and my freedom back because that's my dream at the moment.

I've never had a fortune cookie so don't know what you're supposed to do with it when you've read it but I've tucked this one into a side pocket thing in my purse!

Single digits now!

Only 9 days to go now, before I order the chair!

My spending addiction is already niggling me though, so I hope I can get through the next 9 days without spending anything...

...wish me luck!

Tuesday 15 July 2014

The highway code

Is it just me or are motorbikes not allowed to be parked and left on a pavement?

I've just taken Mitzi for her walk and a bike has been parked right in the middle of the pavement so that nobody can get past it without walking in the road!

I'm sure it's in the highway code that everything should either be parked on the *road* or on the owner's property, not on the pavement to stop pedestrians walking there!

*mutter mumble*

Monday 14 July 2014

11 days to go... almost in single figures!

You getting bored of me counting down yet?  If you are, just don't read the counting down posts!  :-)

Sunday 13 July 2014

*deep breath*

I only went and achieved something this lunchtime that I haven't done for about 15 years...

... I walked without my quad cane and without holding on to C from the car to the pub/restaurant, into it, sat down, ate, then back to the car, and back home without my quad cane, without holding on to C or H and without falling down!

I'm feeling so proud of myself right now!  :-D

4 years ago today

We re-homed our little girl, Mitzi, from Evesham Dogs Trust 4 years ago today and I wouldn't be without her now!

Happy gotcha day Mitzi-moo!

12 days and counting!

Only 12 days until I get paid so I can get the wheelchair then 10 working days (IOW 2 weeks) after that it'll be here!  Yay! 

Getting so close now!

Saturday 12 July 2014

Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH)

I've just had a fundraiser for Great Ormond Street children's Hospital on the phone and starting on 15th September I'm donating £5 a month to them.

I don't know about the rest of the world, but GOSH is the most well-known hospital for children in the UK and they have the ability to allow the parents to stay on the ward and the extended family within walking distance of the hospital too.  The children seem to get better quicker having their family so close to them too!

I'm a sucker for anything to do with children and they were only asking for £3 a month which is only 70p a day!  I voluntarily took it up to £5 a month for easy calculations for me.  I know an extra £2 a month isn't a lot, but if everyone they spoke to did it then it makes a lot of extra money for GOSH... money that the hospital needs!

I'm just doing what I can to help them!

2 t-shirts for £10 last night

I spent £10 last night for 2 large Dogs Trust t-shirts to replace the one I bought several years ago because it's got a big hole in the armpit now.  Usually you would pay £10 for 1 t-shirt and as it's my favourite charity I would willingly have paid that, but the person who replied to my email said they were only £5 each so I got 2!

WTG Dogs Trust! 

When I've got the wheelchair, insurance and spare batteries I'll sponsor 5 dogs from them too... it'll only be £20 a month so it's worth it!

Friday 11 July 2014

2 weeks today!

I'm going to be able to order the electric wheelchair 2 weeks today!  Yay!  Then about 2 weeks after that, it'll be in my possession!  Big yay!

In less than a month I'll be out and about on my own and I can take Mitzi on longer walks and I can go into Gloucester again and I can go into Cheltenham alone too and I can I can maybe go on the train to places further afield!

I can almost taste the smog now!

Thursday 10 July 2014

Happy 44th birthday to my biggest famous crush

It's Jason Orange and his twin brother's 44th birthday today... happy birthday to Mr Sex on Legs!  I hope you have a great day today!

I know I don't stand a hope in hell's chance of ever meeting him but I've still got a huge crush on him!  He's the least famous and most private person in Take That but I've loved Mr Orange since the late 1990s and just him smiling at the camera is enough to make me swoon!

I love you, Jason!

I put up with Steve fancying Gillian Anderson from The X-files and he puts up with my crush on Jason Orange!  lol

Wednesday 9 July 2014

Skipety doodah! :-D

I've just had the Benefits Agency on the phone with fantastic news!

As of now, I've been moved from IB to ESA in the support group for the maximum of 3 years and I've been awarded DLA until 2018 so basically I don't need to worry about money for 3 years and I'll be paid ESA fortnightly instead of monthly too... just got to get used to that now!  lol

I asked if I was expected to look for work and the lady on the phone said I don't have to right now but if I felt able to at any time in future just to let them know and they'll reassess me!

What a huge relief!  I'm grinning from ear to ear now and today has gone from an 8 out of 10 this morning to a 9 out of 10 now... it'll be a perfect 10 if I can get the gifts for the birthday page I'm making for GoF coded and uploaded without any more problems  :-)

My Higher Powers are really looking out for me today!

Edit - it's a great big 10 out of 10 now!  I'm going to have something to eat then head to bed with a huge grin on my face now!

16 days now

Two weeks on Friday and I'll be independent again for the first time since 1999 or 2000... I'm getting nervous now!  lol

Mitzi was a great girl on her walk this morning!

Mitzi was a spectacular girl on her walk today... she went out of the front door with her tail wagging so much it was a blur then she decided which way she wanted to go, then she walked without tripping me up or pulling on the lead too much, then she turned around when I asked her to and came back home, came in here and sat down while Steve took her lead off and I closed the front door.

She's now in her bed, fast asleep, bless her little heart!

Tuesday 8 July 2014

17 days and counting!

If the next 17 days go smoothly, I won't spend anything until I get the wheelchair and insurance!  Yay!

That will mean that I'm still on track for getting everything I want and still stay in credit at the bank by the end of the year!  Yay!

Monday 7 July 2014

18 days to go...

In 18 days time I'll have enough cash in my bank account for the wheelchair *and* insurance for it for 12 months!  Yaaaaaaay!

It will then only be 7-10 working days to wait until I'm free and independent again!  Even bigger yaaay!

I can then move £250 every 4 weeks into my other account ready for when the warranty and insurance come up for renewal in July/August 2015 which will leave me with £510 every 4 weeks to pay my direct debits etc as well as domain name payments and spare batteries for the chair and gifts and stuff.

I'm feeling so good about it right now!  :-D

Sunday 6 July 2014

Just pondering on the wheelchair access

The road we live on is right behind the hospital and is, technically, for residents only... the staff at the hospital don't seem to appreciate that though!

So, I'm pondering on knocking on everyone's door in the street to let them know I will need a 20inch space, minimum, outside the door to be able to have access to the road to make the most of my independence then if someone doesn't take notice of my polite request then they'll just find a scratch or dent in their car from the wheelchair not having the space it needs right outside our door!

Why can't I go further up the road in the wheelchair?  Why am I making such a fuss about access to the road when I can just use the pavement?


There are wheelie bins on the pavements that belong to the residents and I've got no right to tell them to move their bins just for me!  However, we are entitled to park outside our own house so I reckon I've got a right to request a 20inch gap for me to get through between cars right outside our house!

I'm thinking of getting something printed to start leaving on windscreens but don't know if it's legal or not... maybe I should phone the council to find out or something?

Saturday 5 July 2014

Well known people and companies

I'm just wondering if well-known people and companies deliberately go with small companies for home improvement and web design needs?

My dad had a small company when I was a small child and he planned and fitted a home improvement for a Formula 1 driver at the height of this person's fame.

Steve is creating a whole new website for a famous company too and Steve works for a small company of less than 10 employees.

I know of the driver and the company but I'm not going to break their right to a bit of privacy unless I have their permission to name them in my blog... sorry!

I'm just wondering if they both went with small companies because they are less likely to bitch about them to the media or whatever.

That's why I'm not naming them here - I respect their privacy but it's something I'm currently pondering on.

Wish me luck!

It's 2 weeks and 6 days until I get my benefit money again then I can get the wheelchair and insurance... I've just got to stop spending until then!

I don't need anything and the things I want can wait until my August pay days... I'm so close now!  I've just got to stop spending!

Does anyone else live in the UK that can help me please?

I live in Gloucester in the UK and I'm going to buy a wheelchair at the end of this month and I'm going to put a page on my site giving a rating out of 3 stars for transport and things to do within 8 miles of transport.

The bus station is about a mile away and the train station is about 2 miles away from where I live so, as long as the buses and trains are disabled friendly, the UK is my oyster!

But what I want to know, is where should I go other than Gloucester and Cheltenham and do you want me to be a tourist or just a visitor?  Should I look for disabled friendly hotels or just shops and museums etc? Should I look for restaurants or fast food places?

Thank you!

Friday 4 July 2014

So much braver than me!

I've just seen some photo's that a friend took on a hot air balloon flight... he's so much braver than me for doing it!

Even before I became disabled I couldn't bear to go up more than 3 "open" (not sure what else to call them) steps so more than 2 feet in the air would totally freak me out let alone more than a thousand feet!

I hope you enjoyed the trip, C!

Bless her little teddy bear feet!

Don't ask me why Mitzi has got teddy bear feet... it's a Steve thing!  lol

I took her on her walk half an hour ago and she was a good little girl until she saw a cat on the other side of the street.

She didn't bark or snarl or even pull on her lead, she just refused to come back to the house!  She's a strong, determined little girl when she wants to be!  lol

That's a relief!

I use Roboform to save my logins so that I don't have to remember them all.

An update came up on it this morning.  Not a problem usually.

It said that it had to uninstall to update itself.

I panicked.

What if it didn't back up my log in details before it uninstalled itself!


I took a deep breath and hit the button to install the update... too late now!

When it took me to the Roboform page at the end of installing it, I immediately checked to see if my log in details were still there...

They were!  Yay!

A wave of relief washed over me! lol

Thursday 3 July 2014

Just walked Mitzi and...

I've just got back from walking Mitzi and she was a good girl on the way and most of the way back until she wanted to go into our neighbours house instead of hers!  lol

Bless her little cotton socks!

Need to go and clear up her poo from the back yard now then I'll wash me hands and have breakfast... I'm hoping for another productive day today!

Wednesday 2 July 2014

Another productive day today!

Woke up nice and early
Watched Masterchef Australia
Took Mitzi for a longer than normal walk without falling over
Fed Mitzi
Fed me
Watched The Bill
Let Steve's carer in
Read and replied to loads of forum posts
Made Steve's lunch
Caught up with my online communities
Had a bath
Made Steve's tea
I'm about to take my pills and head to bed!

I know that my list of what I've done today may not seem like being very productive but it is for me!  :-)

Here we go again! :-(

Since Monday, I've set up 3 direct debits with 3 different charities totaling £35 a month, so not a huge amount in the grand scheme of things, but I just feel so guilty about not donating to them, I just can't say no  :-(


Tuesday 1 July 2014

What's even more impressive is...

I've just put the first hearing aid in and just having it in one ear I can hear loudly and clearly for the first time in my life!

I've now got both aids in and I can hear the TV and both laptops whirring away even though it's on the minimum sound level on both hearing aids!

I'm going to love having these aids 'cos I can hear properly for the first time in my life and I can hear the phone without taking them out too!

This is going to be an amazing investment that only cost me £21 instead of almost £50 because Steve got me a £30 Amazon voucher for our anniversary on Sunday and I had to pay just over £1 for the postage and packing!

I can hear Steve clipping his toenails now!  lol

That's impressive!

I ordered 2 hearing aids on Sunday, they were dispatched yesterday and they've just arrived! 

Less than 48 hours after ordering them and they are in my hands!

I just hope they work now!  lol