Saturday 19 July 2014

According to Steve this morning...

"Well that was strange!" to quote Steve about what happened when his carer came this morning!

I was putting some rubbish in the bin outside just as his carer closed her car door.

Nothing strange so far.

I said for the carer to go into the kitchen and I would get Steve and closed the front door.

Nothing strange about that either... I say and do pretty much the same thing every morning.

The carer went into the kitchen and I opened the living room door.

Nothing strange this time either... normal morning routine.

I opened the living room door to tell Steve that his carer had arrived.

Nowt strange about that.

Steve stood up and Mitzi scooted out of the living room door before we could stop her.

Not usual but definitely not strange... maybe that's what the carer meant?

We eventually got Mitzi back into the living room and I, like normal, closed the door.

I booted up the laptop and waited for the carer to go.

When she'd gone, Steve came in and said what I quoted at the top of this post.

I asked him what he meant and he said that the carer thought I was Steve's daughter!

When Steve said I was his wife and asked why she thought I was his daughter, the carer told him it was because of his mostly grey beard and she thought he was in his mid-fifties instead of mid-fourties!

Oops!  lol

Poor Steve!  lol

Poor carer too!  She must have been so embarrassed!  lol

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