Tuesday 31 March 2020

Tuesday 31st March 2020

Mornin' all.  How are you all doing today❓  Time to take the puppy out for her stroll... we're both knackered after yesterday morning though 🀣

We're home now and the puppy has been fed, so time to charge up me Fitbit and take me pills.  It's Tuesday today, so I don't take the FA so I can take the Calcium at the same time and I'll be sorted for pill-taking until this evening then.

OK, that's the Fitbit charged up and I've replaced the elastic bands on the band because the original ones broke off, so it's time to take me pills now.  The bands had been on for getting on for a month and slid up and down every couple of days as well as being pushed over a couple of times a week too, so they've done really well and I'll be leaving a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ review of them on Amazon, 'cos I haven't exactly treated them gently and they've lasted amazingly well❗

I've taken me pills so I can relax for the rest of the day now.

I've already left the elastic bands a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ review 🀣  Gonna review the Fitbit now 'cos it's met the 3 month without breaking requirement so I'm gonna give it a ⭐⭐⭐⭐ review on my site, here on my blog and also on Amazon.  It'll be up on my blog by the time you read this so feel free to leave me a comment on it or any of my posts or in my guestbook whenever you like... I read and appreciate every single one❗

The Fitbit has been reviewed on my site, this blog and Amazon now.

Gonna take my pills and head to bed for an early night now I reckon.  I'll be back again tomorrow though... hold on while I take me pills❓

Got loads more photo's of the puppy dog, so I'll resize, code and upload them while I'm waiting for the pills to kick in.

Taken 16 photo's of the puppy dog today and she's actually awake in a few of them... even managed to get a couple of shots of her looking straight into the lens too❗  Make the most of the photo's for the next 8-ish hours 'cos I'll be moving them off the first page tomorrow.

Heading to bed now.  Nite nite orl πŸ’€

Review: Fitbit Inspire

⭐⭐⭐⭐ out of 5

Initially I was wary about this because it didn't seem to count my steps when I was wearing it on my wrist, so was going to send it back for a refund. Someone on the Fitbit forum suggested putting it on my ankle 'cos counting my steps was the main reason for buying it. That was perfect for what I wanted, except that I had to buy some tiny elastic bands to stop it from falling off my ankle, especially at night.

The bands are impossible to change and it takes several days for it to start logging sleep and exercise, but if you stick with it for a week or so then it starts working perfectly. There was a huge firmware update recently, which was frustrating but the users on the forum persuaded me to stick with it and I couldn't be without it now!

Logging food that isn't in the database is frustrating, especially as the app won't let you put decimal points in the numbers so you have to round up or down and get "uncategorised" bits in your food which is annoying and unaccurate if you are using it to track your food and water. You might be able to do it on the website, but what's the point in having to do it on there when you've got the app??

All in all it's a good fitness tracker, as long as you can put up with the little niggly bits and you're prepared to be patient when you first start using it. It's expensive but worth it in my opinion.

Monday 30 March 2020

Monday 30th March 2020

Mornin' all.

That's the puppy walked and fed.  Same distance as last week, but in just one walk instead of split over two.  We're both cream crackered and my knees and legs are killing me now.  Not gonna be able to do much more than sit in front of the computer now... even bringing in the rubbish bag and recycling boxes will be a struggle, so Steve hasn't got a choice about helping me this week.

Gonna download the Fitbit spreadsheet now so that I can code and upload it... even my fingers are aching 🀣

That's the spreadsheet sorted, so time to take me pills now.

Aksherly, the recycling lorry is just backing down the street, so I'll take them when we've brought the boxes in, then it's just the rubbish after that.

That's the boxes brought in.  Alone.  Again.  Steve is registered at his surgery and mine as my carer, but other than making one meal a day for us both, he does bugger all to deserve that title❗

I read and review people's books for them.  Someone sent me an email in the early hours with a 2.2mb attachment in a type I can't open and the email doesn't work, so I'm gonna ignore their demands... if they'd bothered requesting my review then I'd have given them the right address and format to send it in.  As far as I'm concerned now though, they've fucked up their chances of ever getting another review out of me again.

Steve's taken a few photo's of me and the puppy, so I'll put those up now... hold on❗

OK, they're up now... don't get too used to photo's of me though❗ 🀣

Morning pills taken a few hours later than usual, so I'll have to remember not to take the Calcium until about 3pm at the earliest now.

That's the Calcium taken and food eaten, so I'm sorted until bed time now.

Just had the vets on the phone again and it was only £33.03 for a bag of food and more pills for the puppy which is over a tenner less than I was thinking... it was £45 last time, but Steve thinks that was either for a skin scraping or blood test as well as pills, but if it's less than £35 a month or whatever, then that's fine by me!  Mitzi is my world and it's a small price to pay to keep her healthy❗  I would find the money to keep her healthy no matter how much it came to (within reason 🀣).  If it was £500 for a weight check, for example, then I'd be finding another vet for her, but we trust Mitzi's vet and she's doing so well now that they've found out how to treat her and we'll keep her healthy for the rest of her life now 😍.

That's me last two pills of the day taken and Steve's making me one final hot drink, then I'm gonna head to bed I reckon.

Gonna publish this then head to bed now. 

Nite nite orl❗

Sunday 29 March 2020

Sunday 29th March 2020

'ello all.

Taken the puppy for her stroll, fed her, tidied up the rubbish and recycling, taken my pills, changed the time on my laptop and sorted out the walking spreadsheet, so everything is up-to-date now.

Already gone through the 5,000 steps according to my Fitbit app and over 12,000% extra walkies over the last 7 days so it's no wonder me and the puppy have been so wiped out❗

Pazza bake for lunch today 🀀

Gonna put my laptop on the floor to go and grab it as soon as Steve takes it out of the oven.


Back now.  It was particularly scrummy today but neither of us can work out why, 'cos Steve said he "didn't do anything different to normal today❗"  Maybe the sauce had more chance to mature or it was from last week's shop or summat❓  Whatever it was, it was yummy❗

Got a photo and 2 minute video of the sleepy puppy dog this afternoon... just waiting for PSP to open up so that I can resize the photo, then I'll code and upload it.

Got the update to try again... hopefully it won't take 2 weeks this time❗❗

BBS I hope.

I'm back, but I'm already up to my space limit on my site, so I'm getting rid of the bigger photo's to try and save a bit of room until I can afford to get the next package up 🀣

Because we put all three recycling boxes out, I decided to clear out the cupboard that is usually hidden by them... there was a meat pie in there with a use by date of 2013❗  Oops❗  It's totally empty now though and the big freezer is pretty much empty too so we've been doing really well and our diet is a lot better than it was at this time last year and we're actually using the food we buy now❗

That's today's photo's and video uploaded at last, so it's time to take my pills and head to bed I reckon... I'm absolutely knackered and the very nearly 6,000 steps I've done today is the reason.  Hoping for 7,500 steps by bed time tomorrow.  Gotta remember to download the Fitbit spreadsheet to put on my site in the morning.

That's me last pills of the day taken, so I'm gonna shut down and head to bed now.

Nite nite orlπŸ’€

Saturday 28 March 2020

Saturday 28th March 2020

Mornin' all.

I've walked and fed the puppy, taken my morning pills and adjusted the shopping that's coming on Monday.  Steve's hopefully registered me on the government site to say that I'm disabled 'cos I've got two rare disabilities so I'm hoping that'll open up a delivery slot for us.  Even if it's either very first thing or very last thing then that's more than we've got atm❗

That's the two book reviews up on my writing site now, so I'm gonna finish off my pizza for lunch and sort out the photo's and spreadsheets and stuff this afternoon then I'll be back on top of things again after starting this morning being 2 weeks behind.  Feeling pretty proud of myself for everything I've achieved in the last 14 hours❗

Mitzi's medicated baths are on hold right now because of the Corona Virus, so she's gotta put up with us every day for the next while yaaaay❗❗  🀣

We're gonna phone the vet on Monday to pay for Mitzi's next bag of food then Marie's gonna go and pick it up for us and hopefully 🀞 bring it with her in the evening when she comes to help with putting our groceries away.  Not gonna pay £40 just for the food without paying through the nose for delivery too❗

I'm absolutely cream crackered, so I've taken my last pills of the day and I'm about to head to bed.  Remember to put your watches ⌚ and clocks ⏰ forward an hour at 1am πŸ• UK bods❗

Nite nite orl❗ πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€

Friday 27 March 2020

Friday 27th March 2020

Mornin' all.  How are you all doing this morning❓

I've taken the puppy out for her morning stroll and decided to not get the Fitbit Charge 3 after all.  I'm gonna put it onto Freegle and make sure that the person receiving it understands that they'll need to get the pebble from it that works.  I just hope that a Freegle mod doesn't edit it to say that it does work, like they did with the newborn nappy 🀣

I've taken my morning pills and had to crunch up the 5-HTP but the others went down OK, so hopefully that means that today will be a reasonable day today.

Freegle has sensibly been suspended because of the Covid-19 thing, so I'll put the Charge 3 on it when it's back up again... gives me the chance to save up for another one in the mean-time too, just in case Gaia and the Green Man are just testing me or whatever 🀣

Blimey, that was even quicker than usual❗  It usually takes 5 days to go from my GP surgery getting my repeat prescription request to getting it delivered.  Not this time though❗  Marie put the request through the door on Monday evening so they didn't get it until Tuesday morning.  It's now Friday morning and it's just been delivered, so that's 4 days instead of the usual 5❗❗  Thank you so so much to my GP surgery and the pharmacy for getting it turned around so quickly - I really appreciate it❗  I've got enough of all my pills for the next month now, which is one less thing for me to worry about❗

Maybe that means that today will be a good day after all❓  I certainly hope so❗

I'm obviously considered either vulnerable or disabled (or both!) by the NHS 'cos I've just had a call from one of the volunteers that have been recruited... he was lovely and said that he or someone would call either every day or every other day to keep in touch with me and check to see how I'm getting on - that's so amazing and I'm even more grateful now❗

If you're one of the volunteers in your area, thank you so so much for looking out for those of us who need more help and support at this time... we really appreciate it and we will be forever grateful - you deserve so much respect and love for what you're doing and I'm sure I'm not the only grateful person you contact❗

Our PM has got Corona virus and is self-isolating now... it'll be interesting to see what happens next❗

While Papa John's is more expensive than Pizza Hut and Domino's, it's better value for money than them, not only because there is a choice of 4 or 5 vegan pizza's, but their sides and pizza's are a lot more filling... literally all I had were the cheesy tater tots and ¼ of the pizza and I'm stuffed already❗  I'm thinking either a side or a medium pizza next time❗

They've definitely found themselves a new customer in us now❗

I'm baaaaack❗❗❗  It's been a looong 12 days since I last used my laptop and I now realise just how slow it is compared to the Surface❗  It's sorted now though so I can finally do the things that have been waiting for the best part of 2 weeks now.  Currently downloading all my email then I'll spend tomorrow updating my sites and relaxing that I don't have to hunch over a small machine and do literally everything online any more.  Got 2 weeks worth of Fitbit spreadsheets, email documents and walkies spreadsheets to update now that I'm finally back.

Off to bed now... Nite nite all!

Thursday 26 March 2020

Thursday 26th March 2020

Mornin' all.

I've taken the puppy out for her daily stroll, fed her and taken my pills.  They didn't go down easily at all so I hope that doesn't mean it'll be a bad day today!

Gonna leave the laptop going until Sunday then do the restore point thingy that Steve said about last night 'cos it's been updating constantly for 11 days now.  If I finish reading and reviewing the book before then, I'll follow Steve's advice sooner.  It's gonna be weird having all my stuff back at my fingertips again 🀣

I've given up with the laptop whirring away so I've pressed the power button and Steve's gonna help me to sort it out tomorrow, 'cos he's got another video call with his family this afternoon.  He said something about changing summat in the BIOS which totally confused me, so I'll leave it up to him now.

That's the book read and reviewed, ready for putting up on my site and blog when I eventually get my laptop back.

Time for lunch now... hash browns, yummy.

Just had me lunch and need to put it into Fitbit before I forget.

It's been recorded now, so time to charge my phone up.

Phone's charging up now and because I've turned my laptop off, I'm not running off the battery on Steve's Surface.

Just done some adding up and worked out that our weekly food budget can go up to £50 for the next couple of shops and I can just about afford to get myself a new Fitbit Charge 3 to replace the eBay one that is faulty and I might even, at a push, be able to afford to get an external hard drive too by the end of the month, thanks to Chris' Christmas 2019 gift❗  I'll be back to pennies left over each month after that though, but it's not often that I treat myself so I think I deserve it occasionally❗

Bought myself an external hard drive with the remainder of Chris' Christmas gift (only paid £37 for it so Chris paid for the majority of it) which will, in theory, keep me going for at least a couple of years and two birthday gifts for our little nephew ready for the middle of April, so that's it until June now when I've gotta get my mum's birthday gift and Steve's anniversary gift so I've got a couple of months to save up for them.

We've just taken part in the applause for the NHS and carers and even though it was only 4 houses taking part, there are only 14 houses in the street, so that's a pretty good turn out I reckon❗  Considering not everyone has internet access or watches the news, that's even better❗  No-one seemed to know how long it should last for though 🀣  Hopefully more than just our little street took part around here and maybe the hospital workers, no matter which part of the hospital they work in, heard maybe a slight disturbance to the usual silence and hopefully felt the whole of the area showing their support and gratitude... it was free and easy to do and they need to know that we're all grateful for their support today and every day❗

Maybe it brought the street just a touch closer together too❓

Just started yawning πŸ₯± so I'm off to beddy-byes πŸ›Œ now.  See you all tomorrow morning... nite nite orl 😴

Wednesday 25 March 2020

Wednesday 25th March 2020

Mornin' all.

How are you all doing this morning❓

I've just placed my first ever order with Morrisons and booked the order for 14th April and it was amazingly easy to sign up and order❗  I was wrong to think they were expensive - it's the brand names like Quorn that are more expensive but their own brand stuff is significantly cheaper - 24 toilet rolls for £7 whereas Sainsbury's is £5.35 for 16❗❗

Assuming they deliver (ASDA didn't but still charged me almost double for the order when I phoned to find out where it was an hour after the delivery slot - never again) and the food tastes OK, we'll be going there semi-regularly... their profit comes from the brand names and the delivery (minimum was £2 for the 9-10pm slot) but as long as we stick to own-brand stuff and do it once a month to top up our freezer/vegan stuff then that's fine by me!  Just hope I remember my login details now 🀣

Time to take the puppy for our daily stroll now, then pills.

The puppy walked me again and our neighbour already seems to be struggling with home-schooling his children 'cos after only two days he said he "can't wait for them to go back to school" in all seriousness and two of 'em were eating a sharing bag of chocolate each this morning, instead of their usual toast 🀣

I've been invited to another daily challenge on Fitbit which I'd love to join in with, but the URL is wrong and I can't find the invite anywhere in my account so I guess it's another day without taking part in the challenge.

Currently on day 10 without my laptop πŸ™„

The latest to fall victim of the Corona Virus is HRH the Prince of Wales - so it really doesn't discriminate (according to Steve).  I hope he recovers quickly❗

Potentially got a book to read and crit on SCBWI - I've just offered but haven't heard back yet either way, so I'm gonna get on with reading and reviewing another book to keep me occupied for the rest of today and hopefully until the end of the week.

That's me last two pills of the day taken and Steve's made me a mug of decaf coffee.  Hoping to read another chapter then head to bed as soon as I've finished the mug... hoping to have an early night tonight, 'cos I'm still recovering from being woken up at 3am last week and I've got huge dark circles under my eyes as a result❗  πŸ™„

Up to chapter 13 and I've almost finished the coffee, so I'm gonna shut down for the night now.

Nite nite orl.  Sea ewe in the morning πŸ’€

Tuesday 24 March 2020

Tuesday 24th March 2020

-Mornin' all.

As of 8 o'clock last night, the UK is now in lock down and apparently we're only allowed to leave the house once a day to walk and exercise, so Steve suggested that I walked the puppy first thing, rather than in the afternoon, so that's what I'm gonna do now.


That's the puppy walked and Steve's fed the puppy, so that's it until lunchtime now.  Time to take me morning pills now.

Pills taken now, and because it's Tuesday I don't need to take the FA so I've taken my Calcium that I missed yesterday.

Time to download last week's spreadsheet now.

The spreadsheet is downloaded and emailed to myself now.  Absolutely exhausted after this morning, so I'm thinking I won't be moving far today.

No slots for either delivery or even click and collect at Sainsburys, Tesco, Iceland and the Co-Op doesn't deliver to our post code.

Curry for lunch today 🀀.  Gonna shut down now so that I can go and grab it as soon as it's ready.


Yummy scrummy in my tummy... I'm thinking Steve's infection last week has shrunk our stomach's and won't let us eat what we ate the week before, which can only be a good thing for both of us❗  Steve just has to re-do the quantities he cooks, which'll be hard to begin with (like with us not having take-aways every day was initially), but our lunch today just goes to show that we don't need such big portion sizes now❗

I've just fed the puppy for the first time today and Steve's making me a mug of tea.  Hoping for a really early night tonight, instead of the gone 10pm ones for the last two days.

Still haven't got access to my laptop after 9 days... I would have gone nuts by now if Steve didn't have his Surface to lend me❗❗

Just phoned me mum and taken the last of my pills for the day, so I'm gonna shut down now and let my brain wind down so that I don't have a third late night in a row.  I'll be back, as always, tomorrow.  Nite nite orl❗

Monday 23 March 2020

Monday 23rd March 2020

Mornin' all.

How are you all doing❓  I hope you're all keeping safe and well and socially distancing to 2 metres❓

The update is still going after 7 days, 15 hours and 33 minutes... not that I'm counting or anything 🀣

I've walked the puppy and we met our neighbours and had a very short conversation with one of the children, who now thinks that Mitzi is called Lexi and my name totally stumped him, poor boy❗ 🀣

According to my Fitbit, I had 7 hours and 2 minutes of sleep last night and I feel so much better and more awake than I do when I have 10 hours of sleep, so I'm thinking that I'll aim more for 7 hours of sleep instead of 10.

Gonna take my morning pills now... BRB❗

That's me morning pills taken and I need to order another one of my prescriptions but can't remember my log-in details and they aren't in RoboForm so I'm gonna use the telephone ordering service for the first time ever.  Need to make sure Steve's got his keys on him first though.




Not only have I gone through the 6,000 steps for the first time ever, but I've also walked the puppy for just over an hour total so far today too, and I haven't even had my lunch yet❗❗  No wonder I'm feeling so wiped out❗  42 minutes this morning and another 25 minutes this afternoon... I'll sleep well tonight, that's for sure❗

Gonna shut the Surface down now and put it on the sofa, ready for Steve bringing in my lunch in a few minutes time.  Talk to you all this afternoon.

Back now and very very bloated... Steve said he is too, so maybe that week of almost totally liquid has shrunk the size of our stomach's (as in the internal organ) or something❓  That's not a bad thing for either of us if it has though❗

The update has been running for exactly 8 days now.

I've given up trying to log in to my doctors online to order my next prescription, the phone number is still having "telecom issues" and I can't get through to the pharmacy, so other than going down there in person (pretty much impossible for me) the only other way of getting it was to write them a letter and Steve said he didn't think his sister would mind dropping it down there on her way home tonight.  Keep your fingers crossed 🀞 that she's willing to do it for me❗

This is sooo true of me:


That's me last two pills of the day taken and I'm gonna head to bed as soon as I start feeling tired.

Just yawned, so I'm shutting down for the night now.  Nite nite orl❗

Sunday 22 March 2020

Sunday 22nd March 2020

Mornin' all.

The puppy 🐢 is hopefully coming home today❗❗  Yaaaaay❗❗  I've missed her more than usual this time around so I can't wait for her to come home now❗

After 132 hours, my laptop is still updating which is really starting to piss me off now❗  If it was a work computer then I would have lost my job by now❗

Kissed Steve for the first time in a week last night and I've felt sick ever since, so I hope I hope I haven't caught his infection... hope that it's purely psychosomatic❗

Just bought another course with the New Skills Academy site that was 100% free 'cos of it being Mothers Day over here in the UK today, so didn't want to pass up an offer like that 🀣  Reminded Steve about claiming his course that I paid for months on end ago and he still hasn't redeemed yet too.

Taken all me pills until this evening now and replenished the box ready for next week.  I've got 10 Iron pills left to take, so I'm gonna check my supplies to see if I've already got another bottle or if I need to find some cash to order some more.

Got another 180 Calcium and 240 Iron, so I obviously bought a years supply of everything except the 5-HTP, but I wanna come off that as the days start growing lighter and just use it to lift my SAD mood.

Just phoned my mum to wish her a happy mother's day - she's in self isolation because of her age and health diagnosis but she seems to be well prepared for it so far.  She had the council around last week because someone was worried about her, that she doesn't normally see for months anyway, but if they had asked one of her neighbours or the person she goes to the club with most weeks, they would have been able to tell them that she was fine and dandy, just self-isolating like most of the rest of her village was all.  She's got an email address for one of those people now, so my brother is gonna go over and help her with getting that added to her address book so that she can use it in future.  She's currently knitting poppies for VE Day and wants to send the pattern to the person who's given her the new email address, because the pattern she's been using up to now was wrong but the one my mum is using has been fine and dandy.

Apparently my brother's school (where he's the Headmaster) is one of the ones staying open for the essential services employees, so we talked about that for a while and I'm hoping he's safe and healthy now, so that he doesn't infect our mum with the Carona Virus thingy.

THE PUPPY'S HOME AGAIN❕❕❕❕  YAAAAAAY❕❕❕  Gonna take her for her afternoon stroll and hopefully take photo's of her again ready to upload when my laptop finally starts working again.

Got a couple of photo's of the puppy dog fast asleep between Steve's feet and my laptop still hasn't finished updating after over a week❗  Not happy about that at all❗❗

Taken me last pills of the day, so I'm gonna head to bed as soon as I'm tired.

Currently uploading a couple of video's of the puppy dog so I'm gonna shut down and head to bed while my mobile is finishing them off.

Nite nite orl.

Saturday 21 March 2020

Saturday 21st March 2020

Mornin' all.

Time to take me pills and get back onto the phone to Sainsbury's again I reckon.  πŸ‘Œ

That's me morning and afternoon pills taken, so just my evening pills to take now.  Just gotta wait for the Sainsbury's phone line to be open at 8am now then that's everything done for the day.

Still haven't had any joy with the update finishing yet and it's been 135 hours so far... soooo not happy!  Tomorrow at 4.20pm will be exactly a week that I haven't been able to use it.  😠

We've got toilet rolls at last❗❗  We can get through next week now 🀣  Time to phone Sainsbury's now - I'm not gonna hang up until I get through this morning though ❗

Got through after just over an hour and apparently they aren't keeping a list of disabilities and that we'll hear from them after Monday if they consider us to be disabled.  I hope we make it onto the disabled list 'cos we both are and are totally reliant on Steve's family for everything that can't be done online.  Monday and the week after are sorted, but there was literally nothing for the week after so we'll have to limit our food that week and use literally all that is left in the house if we don't make it onto the disabled list.

I've already had enough of the hoarders and it's only been happening for a week 🀣

Just applied for a different, personal, savings account for H so that Steve can't steal the money again.  assuming he bothers to pay back what he stole, that'll be moved out immediately and put back into the new account... I won't hold my breath for that to happen though 'cos he's already stolen £150 and I won't put up with it any more.  As far as I'm concerned I'm soooo glad that we've kept our money totally separate otherwise I'm sure he would steal my money too❗

I already pay him £50 a month for the electricity and the grocery shopping each week that's mostly his stuff (out of a £45 weekly budget, less than a fiver is for me, approx. £10 joint stuff and the other £30 is meat, sandwich stuff and dairy that I can't have) yet he still thinks I'm being selfish with the few things I get for myself each week.

Never again.

I obviously can't trust him with money (he wanted a take-away for lunch rather than saving it up for bills or paying H back, so I know where his priorities lie now) so I won't.  As of now, our money is kept totally separate and I'll only use the joint accounts to move individual amounts between our accounts.

I've had enough of Steve taking me and my very limited money (£5500 a year) for granted, so it just won't happen any more.

169 hours now and it still hasn't finished!  This is the longest my laptop has ever been on so I'm gonna put it on the table and Steve's Surface on the sofa when I go to bed tonight, to hopefully cool the battery down a bit while I'm in bed... you watch me forget though❗ 🀣

That's me last 2 pills of the day taken, so just waiting for them to kick in now then I'll head to bed.

Gonna shut down for the night now, so that I can have an early night for the first time this week... flip knows I need it after only getting 3 hours sleep at the start of the week 🀣

Nite nite orl❗  Sea ewe in the morning❗ πŸ’€

Friday 20 March 2020

Friday 20th March 2020

110 hours now - i.e, 5 days without a laptop - not happy at all.

We've got a frailty person coming out to see us this morning, as well as Helen coming over to pick Mitzi up until the weekend and I bet I'll be doing everything again, despite Steve being my registered carer.

As you can tell, I haven't woken up in a good mood this morning 🀣

That's the puppy walked and fed.  I'm definitely noticing the severely reduced calories I've eaten since Monday now❗

Taken my first two prescriptions of the day.  Not gonna take my supplements until lunchtime at the earliest to hopefully calm my stomach down so that I don't throw them back up.

That's the puppy walked and fed for the second time today and I've had me lunch (cuppazoop) as well as making another bottle of squash for myself.  I definitely don't make it strong enough and want Steve to get better rapidly so that I can go back to my ideal strength of squash 🀣

The puppy's just gone and I'm missing her already  😒  It's been under a minute but the love, care and snores are already noticeably fewer so I dunno how I'm gonna cope until she comes back again❗  Even an hour is gonna be agony, let alone overnight❗❗

120 hours and it's still going, so I'm off to bed πŸ›Œ for an early night.  πŸ’€

Talk to you all again tomorrow.

Nite nite orl.

Thursday 19 March 2020

Thursday 19th March 2020

Mornin' all

Steve hasn't been sick all night, but he's right on the verge of doing it right now, so I'm gonna fight my fear of vomit this morning and stay in the same room when he throws up.  Prolly won't be able to watch him throwing up yet, but at the weekend I would have totally freaked so I'm already making slow progress.

I've also just made my own squash which is another step forward too, but that's because I'm a short arse rather than fear  🀣

Taken the puppy for her morning stroll and she was a good little girl.  According to Fitbit it lasted for 25 minutes, so that's good going for us on a non-Monday stroll.

89 hours and still counting with the update.  Not at all happy with it... if I could work I would be out of a job by now❗

That's the puppy walked and fed for the second time today.  Just one more meal to go then that's it sorted for another day.  Hopefully Helen will come to pick her up for her medicated bath this afternoon then bring her back this evening.

Steve's just said that Helen might not be coming today after all - apparently he thinks she said around Thursday so the puppy might not be going today after all.  I'm just so thankful that she's doing it at all!

The updates have been going for more than 96 hours now without even a hint of being finished yet πŸ˜’

Taken my last pills of the day and I'm hoping they kick in soon, so that I can start to recover from the early hours start yesterday.  If my body lets me stay awake until 8.20pm I'll be in triple digits without my laptop because of the update πŸ˜’

100 hours now... I'm off to bed 🀣  Nite nite orl❗

Wednesday 18 March 2020

Wednesday 18th March 2020

Steve woke me up at 3am 'cos he was wobbly and throwing up so I'm awake for the rest of the day now... means I can finish reading and reviewing the book, but I'm gonna cancel tomorrow's hospital appointment until he's feeling better, otherwise I'll get lost at the hospital❗ 😟

The update has been going for 61 (not a typo) hours so far so I hope it's not deleting the hard drive❗❗

According to Fitbit, I've only had 4 hours and 18 minutes of sleep overnight and I discovered when I went up to bed last night that Steve had emptied H's savings account without telling me.  He also told me it was a part payment of £50 and that he still owed £125 but nope.  He totally emptied the account and used that to pay the whole thing.  He claimed credit for it and lied through his teeth about it - AGAIN!!  What he doesn't seem to realise is that the more he lies to me, the less I trust him, which ain't a good thing in a marriage.

That's my morning pills taken and I'm gonna call the hospital to say I can't make it tomorrow 'cos my carer (Steve) has been ill since the early hours possibly with an infection so I can't make it tomorrow and hope that they can fit me in again in a few weeks time.  They've got enough to deal with, because of the Corona Virus that they don't need us adding to it with Steve's infection too.

64 hours and counting with the update now.  I'm hoping that it'll be finished by the time I head to bed tonight, 'cos this is the third day without it so far❗

That's tomorrow postponed and rearranged for the first week of August 'cos that was the soonest they had.  I've already rearranged it with Steve's family, so we can all breathe a sigh of relief for the next 4½ months now 🀣

I can carry on reading and reviewing without worrying about how long the update is taking now... currently almost 66 hours❗

Over 70 hours and still going now❗

I've just finished reading the book and the author wants a crit rather than a review now, so that's what I've sent her  😁

Got another book to read and review as well now, as of last night 🀣  I'll leave that until tomorrow though so that I don't get the two books jumbled up and confuzzled though πŸ‘

Steve's Surface fan was complaining loudly, so I've shut it down and I'm gonna take my pills and head to bed for a very early night.

Laptop is still updating so looks like I'll be going another night without it.  74 hours and still counting.

Nite nite all.

Tuesday 17 March 2020

Tuesday 17th March 2020

After the connection problems this morning, I've worked out that my laptop has been updating and unusable for 41 hours and counting, so I'm glad Steve is letting me use his Surface until it's sorted out otherwise I'd be climbing the walls within hours!  Lol

At least I've got a book to read and review though lol

I've logged into my blog to do it on the Surface now, so the posts will be longer and more like my other ones now.

I've taken my morning pills and walked the puppy... gonna slightly increase our strolls starting today.  Only an extra few metres a day, but more than we did last week 🀣  Gonna keep Marathon Monday lengths the same, but the rest of the week will be slightly increased.

Need to remember to add this cuppa to Fitbit, so hold on while I do that now.

That's the puppy walked and fed for the second time today and I've had me lunch and I am charging up my Fitbit now.  Currently using the Surface without the keyboard so it's gonna be a lot slower, but that's OK - it's just gonna take longer is all 🀣

49 hours and still going... not at all happy about this!

Up to chapter 32 now though, so I'm hoping to be up to at least Chapter 40 before I go to bed then I can read and review the rest of it tomorrow.

That's me last two pills of the day taken and Steve's made me a mug of decaf coffee and opened up my next two boxes, ready for tomorrow evening.  Gonna add the liquid to Fitbit then carry on reading and reviewing the book.  Already got another book lined up as well as another one as a favour, so I've got plenty of reading to do while I'm waiting for my laptop to kick back into life again 🀣

Shutting down and heading to bed now.

Nite nite orl❗

The wi-fi is back now so...

My internet connection is back now so I'm gonna go back to a single post again after this.

Next post'll be at bedtime now, I reckon.

No wi-fi atm sooo...

Using my very limited mobile data to let you all know that there won't be any more posts until we get it back.  Sorry about that!

Monday 16 March 2020

Monday 16th March 2020

My laptop still isn't working after 24 hours so I'm not happy at all.  Gonna walk and feed the puppy dog then make a start on reading and reviewing the book.

That's the puppy walked, my morning pills taken, as well as the rubbish and recycling collections all sorted, on top of two of my prescriptions delivered, so I can continue to read and review the book now, until 4pm when someone is coming to see us both and the groceries being delivered this evening.

Gonna be a short post again today.

That's the puppy walked and fed for the second time today and I've taken me Calcium, so that's it until 4pm now.

That's the assessment over and done with, so I can carry on the reading and reviewing the book now until the groceries get delivered tonight.

Up to chapter 22 of 60 so I hope I can get it finished by bedtime tomorrow.  Gonna head to bed now for an early night now, so that I can make an early start tomorrow.

Nite nite all

Sunday 15 March 2020

Sunday 15th March 2020

Currently doing a Windows update so writing this on my phone before I forgot lol

I've taken the puppy out for a soggy morning stroll and taken my morning pills so I'm gonna use the opportunity to refill my weekly pill organiser and hope the update will be finished by then.

That's the weekly pills organised for another week and my laptop is still updating so looks like I'll be doing everything on my mobile phone again... sooo glad I finished my writing yesterday instead of waiting for today - thank you Green Man and Gaia!

WTG Sainsbury's!

Just read an email from a chief executive basically telling everyone to shop normally instead of panic-buying and there will be enough for everyone.  Steve said that people will never use 1000 toilet rolls, 50kg of pasta and the same of rice in a week, so why are they buying and potentially wasting essential products and money??

3 hours later and still haven't been able to use my laptop yet, so gonna record my food and liquid in here so that I don't forget about it when I finally get logged in at last.

So far it's 750ml and Steve's making me a coffee now, which is another 500ml

Taken the first photo of the puppy dog for March, so I'll code and upload it as soon as my laptop lets me use it again.

Got a few more photos of the puppy dog now, so I've something to keep me busy now lol

Getting on for 5 hour without being able to use my laptop now.  Should definitely have restarted instead of shutting down last night!

6.5 hours now!!

I've taken the puppy for her second soggy stroll and fed her now and Steve's cooking chips for us for lunch, so I'll go and get them now.

Having a portion of chips for lunch.  Gonna log it online and hope the app picks it up when I eventually get access to my computer and the app again.

Not having any luck with the online dashboard, so it might show up as no food eaten today *sigh*

I'm borrowing Steve's Surface again 'cos the update STILL hasn't finished!!

Gonna greace up my lips then head to bed.

Nite nite all!

Saturday 14 March 2020

Taken my last pills of the day now, soo...

...I'm gonna finish reading the forums and head to bed for a really early night.  Gonna shut down this browser for the night now and not open it again until tomorrow... assuming I remember of course❗  🀣

Nite nite orl πŸ’€

Finished the manuscript now, so...

...time to celebrate with my final J2O, check my emails, forums and Facebook then take my pills and head to bed.

Gonna keep doing multiple blog posts for the rest of the evening, then back to a single blog post a day, as of tomorrow.

On the last chapter now

Just started on chapter 50 that I refuse to go to bed and leave unfinished lol  50k words in 2 weeks, including 2 days with technical issues ain't bad going at all.  Task for tomorrow is to start to read and review a book that's been sitting around since the start of March lol  I'll be taking more photo's of the puppy dog again starting tomorrow too and hopefully back to one blog post a day too... you watch me forget though lol

Comin' to get you final 898 words!

I was wrong yesterday...

...I thought I had 5 chapters left to write today instead of 6 but I mis-calculated and I do have 6 left to write after all.  I've written 1¼ chapters this morning and taken the puppy out for her second stroll so I really have got 5 chapters to write this afternoon.

The puppy dog isn't getting her medicated bath today or tomorrow after all... Helen is the only driver in her family atm so she's a taxi service for both of her parents, as well as looking after dogs and a horse on top of working which is a lot for anyone to cope with at the best of times, without taking on our puppy too, so she's staying home with us until the end of next week when hopefully things will be a bit calmer for her at home.  The poor woman needs a break, bless 'er❗

We're having steak-cut chips for lunch and neither of us knows what they are like 🀣

I'm hoping for an early lunch today, so that I can spend the afternoon entirely focussed on finishing off the novel.  Wish me luck, please❓  TIA❗

Taken me pills and walked the puppy, so...

...I can get on with finishing my writing now.  Last 5 chapters to write then it's finito.


Friday 13 March 2020

Just finished my 6th chapter of the day, which means...

...assuming I get another good writing day tomorrow, I'll be totally finished the entire manuscript in exactly two days, including the two technical issue days with the Fitbit.

I've taken my last pills of the day now, so I'm just gonna catch up on my emails and forums then head to bed I reckon.

Hopefully I'll be able to take loads of photo's of the puppy dog to put on my site, starting on Sunday, depending what time she comes back from having her medicated bath this weekend.  I'll be able to get in her morning stroll on Saturday and feed her, but she's going tomorrow morning apparently, so I'll have to remember to keep her harness on after our stroll and pack up her luggage after I've fed her so that it's quick and easy to get her ready and to the door when Helen comes to pick her up.

Just hit today's writing target, soooo...

Just written chapter 43 so I'm gonna write chapter 44 then take me last pills of the day and head to bed for an early night.  Hopefully, unless something goes wrong again like it did at the start of the week, I'll finish the entire book at about this time tomorrow.

Wish me luck please❗❓

That's the Calcium crunched up and swallowed

Just taken the Calcium and the silent call is still there, so I'm not gonna hang up yet... two can play at that game❗  Been 7 minutes so far, so I'm gonna keep it connected until Steve brings my zoop in.  If they want to make a silent call to me, I'll just run up their phone bill for them 🀷

That's the puppy walked and fed for the second time today

She's just got one more meal to have and I've gotta take me Calcium then that's me totally free to write for the rest of the day.  Gonna take my Calcium now while I remember so that I don't forget❗ 🀣

That's me pills taken, so time to...

...get on with the writing now.  Wish me luck please❓❗

The puppy refused to go for her walk this morning

No matter what I said or did, she refused to get out of her bed, grumpy madam!

She's been walked, fed and watered now though, so time for me morning pills then time to get on with the writing again.  Keep your fingers crossed 🀞 that I can get 6 chapters written today please❗  Gonna take me pills and make a start straight away.

Thursday 12 March 2020

Only two chapters written today, soooo...

...hoping for five tomorrow and five on Saturday then the final two on Sunday.  I'm back into the creativity mindset now, so hopefully I'll be able to get it all done by the end of Sunday 'cos we've got someone coming out on Monday afternoon and a Gynaecology appointment at the hospital on Thursday which calls for a bath on Wednesday so that I don't stink the entire hospital out❗  🀣

Wrote one chapter this morning then...

...had a big lunch and my motivation has gone downhill again.  If I can finish writing chapter 39 by the time I head to bed, I'll aim for 6 chapters tomorrow, to take me up to chapter 45 then the last 5 chapters on Saturday so that I can relax on Sunday and prepare for a busy next week with a couple of appointments, starting with one on Monday afternoon then the hospital on Thursday.

That's the puppy walked and fed, so...

...time to take my morning pills, finish watching Masterchef then start writing.  Gonna do that now, before I forget πŸ™„

OK, they're all taken and because it's not a FA day, I've taken the Calcium too, so I'm all set until bedtime now.  Time for Masterchef and writing now  πŸ˜€

Wednesday 11 March 2020

That's both things rescheduled from today then!

The frailty person who was supposed to come today is stuck in a meeting, so it's been rescheduled to the 20th instead.  Means I can spend 2½ days writing though, which will hopefully mean that I can finish the novel by bed time on Friday which'll be awesome❗ πŸ‘Œ

Gonna re-start the back-ups now, then start writing when it's finished πŸ‘

That's the Calcium taken and back-ups started

Just crunched up and swallowed me Calcium and the back-ups are under-way so as soon as they have finished and the frailty thing is sorted, I can start writing again.  I'll be happy if I can knock out a chapter before bedtime then write more tomorrow and Friday so that it's hopefully almost finished by the time the puppy comes home on Sunday.  Keep yer fingers crossed 🀞 that I manage it... it's just about possible as long as I'm not interrupted tomorrow or Friday while I'm writing.  I managed to knock out 10 chapters in two days before the Fitbit thing went tits up, so if I can do that again, I'll hopefully be finished by Sunday evening  πŸ‘

Slight change of plan for today...

...the puppy is staying here at home until Saturday, going for her medicated bath and coming back on Sunday instead.  Apparently Mitzi's usual taxi is having surgery today and can't drive after, the other driver has broken her arm, so Helen is doing a lot of driving right now so has fitted in Mitzi-moo when she can as well as working.  I appreciate her doing it at all though❗

I'm hoping I'll be able to get at least the morning stroll in with the puppy on Saturday, the afternoon stroll would be a bonus, doubt she'll be back in time for her morning stroll on Sunday, so we'll just do like we did this week and do a long walk when she gets home, as long as it's not too dark out there.

Her health and safety is my top priority on our walks and now that she's back down to the weight she should be after getting her thyroid sorted, missing a few walks a week ain't so bad.

That's the puppy walked and fed, so...

...just need to take my pills now.  Hold on while I do that while I remember❗

OK, that's them all down the hatch now, so I can relax until lunchtime when it's time for the Calcium.

Not gonna be able to write today 'cos someone from the "frailty team" is apparently due at 2.30pm πŸ• then my prescription and the puppy coming back either tomorrow or Friday.  I'm hoping to write a couple of chapters when they've both arrived, then all weekend.  Monday is no-go because of someone coming out about whatever adult social services do, write on Tuesday and Wednesday then a hospital appointment on Thursday for the initial assessment before the surgery.  After that though, I can concentrate on being creative again and finish the YYA novel by next weekend.

Tuesday 10 March 2020

Today is obviously gonna be another non-writing day *sigh*

Steve's filling in a renewal form and hasn't stopped asking how to answer various questions then we're having jacket tatties for lunch so won't be able to write then either.  Gonna attempt to write a couple of chapters this afternoon and Steve's got someone coming out to see him tomorrow lunchtime so won't be able to write then either.  My prescription will be delivered either Thursday or Friday so that's the rest of the week out, then next week someone's coming out to help us sort the house out and I've got a hospital appointment on Monday, so that's the first half of next week out too.  I will finish writing it before the end of March, but the next 10-ish days are still out.  Again.

Taken the puppy out and taken my pills, so...

All set for the day now.  According to Fitbit, the puppy walked me for 23 minutes this morning and the pills went down OK-ish.

Gonna finish watching Masterchef then get on with my writing... gotta get back in to the creative mindset first though!

Monday 9 March 2020

Contacted Fitbit about the Charge 3 not working, and...

...basically its a faulty item and I need to contact the seller 'cos eBay isn't an approved seller, so I've done that and I've just gotta wait and see what happens now.  I'm hoping for a replacement, but I'll be happy with a refund so that I can get one from Amazon instead 'cos they are approved retailers.  Either way, I'm hoping that it'll be sorted by the end of the week.

I've taken my evening pills and they're kicking in already, so I'm gonna head to beddy-byes now... nite nite orl❗

That's the spreadsheet sorted now, so...

That was, fortunately, painless to get the spreadsheet sorted, so I'm gonna attempt to set up the Charge 3 now... fingers crossed 🀞 that it works this time, eh❓

Got my Inspire working finally...

Dunno why I didn't think of it yesterday, but I just had to re-set it up and it's fine and dandy now.  Not showing any active minutes for today which is a bit annoying 'cos there were 57 of 'em today, but that's OK, cos it's all back to normal again now.

Just gotta sort the spreadsheet out, upload it then I'm gonna try one last time to set the Charge 3 up then I'll take it from there... keep yer fingers crossed 🀞 for me❗

Today is gonna be...

I've taken me morning pills and taken the puppy dog for her marathon Monday stroll and decided not to write today... gonna focus on getting my two Fitbit's working again, then get back to writing tomorrow.

Sunday 8 March 2020

Overdose of pills advice please

I've got 59 x 5-htp and multiple other supplements as well as 4 prescriptions and more being delivered next week.

Is that enough or not please?

I'm just fed up with always being the strong one even when I rarely reach out for support like this afternoon.

Sunday 8th March 2020 - part 1

Mornin' all.

While the puppy and I were on our stroll this morning, she met a neighbour and got petted and talked to❗  The puppy was in heaven and now has a new friend in the street❗

When we got home I fed her and filled up her water bowl but she was mythering about something... it wasn't a drink, she didn't want to go out the back, she didn't want to go up with Steve into his chair, she didn't want to come up onto the sofa with me so we couldn't work out what she wanted.  She's settled into her bed now though, so I dunno what it was❗

I've taken my morning and afternoon pills already, so I can concentrate on my writing until bedtime now.  Got 5¾ chapters to write today before I'm allowed my next J2O, so I'd best get on with it. 

Be back again later.

Saturday 7 March 2020

Saturday 7th March 2020 - part 3

I'm about a quarter of the way through chapter 35 now and I'm too cream crackered to write any more, so we'll see if it helps to motivate me to carry on writing it if I'm already part of the way through.

Gonna head to bed now though, so I'll say nite nite orl and I'll sea ewe in the morning, after the puppy's morning stroll.

Saturday 7th March 2020 - part 2


I've taken her for her stroll... one long one this afternoon 'cos she obviously missed this morning.  She's missed 5 strolls this week because of going on Wednesday evening and coming back this afternoon.  We're nicely in credit in the walkies bank though, so that's OK.

Gonna carry on with my writing now πŸ˜ƒ

Saturday 7th March 2020

Mornin' all.

The puppy's coming home today❗❗❗  I'm also expecting 2 Amazon deliveries for yesterday's Fitbit.  Gonna write more today and hope I manage to finish the 5 chapters again.  Apparently we're having a make-do lunch of cake and crisps, which will hopefully give me an hour or so to catch up that I didn't have yesterday... keep yer fingers crossed for me today please❓

I've taken my pills so that's it until tonight too, which should give me an extra few minutes of extra writing time too.

Friday 6 March 2020

Friday's exercise log

Starting step count:  1814

Sit-ups:  50

Leg lift reps:  25

Finishing step count:  1858

Friday 6th March 2020 - part 3

Just finished the 5 chapters and I've taken my pills so I'm gonna head to bed now.  Gotta remember to email the new spreadsheet to myself tonight.

Heading to bed now.  Nite nite orl.  Sea ewe in the morning.

Friday 6th March 2020 - part 2

That's the Calcium taken and lunch had.

My Fitbit turned up with the post, but without the strap or charger so it's useless and even more expensive to get them.  I've ordered both from Amazon now though, and thanks to Prime it'll be here tomorrow, so I can get it charged up and sorted, ready for Sunday morning's stroll with the puppy.

I've had me lunch too, pasta bol with cheese... yummy.

Time to carry on with the writing now though.

Friday 6th March 2020 - part 1

That's my morning pills taken, with just plain water today, so I drank getting on for double to take them and I'm feeling very sick now  😟.  Gonna down a can of ginger beer (my nausea cure) and hopefully feel better when it's started to kick into action.

I'm hoping that I'll write up to chapter 30 today so that I can have my third J2O.  I'm aiming to finish it off by the 10th by writing 5 chapters a day.  Keep yer fingers crossed 🀞 for me that I achieve it pretty please❓❗

Thursday 5 March 2020

Thursday's exercise log

Starting step count:  1180

Sit-ups:  50

Leg lift reps:  25

Finishing step count:  1197

Thursday 5th March 2020 - part 2

Just finished writing for today.  Managed to knock out another 5 chapters before 6pm, including stopping for lunch.  I'm hoping tomorrow will be nice and productive too, then the puppy's coming home at some point on Saturday 'cos Helen wants to give her a second bath and a touch of grooming this week.  I'm missing her like crazy, but it's what the puppy needs right now, so it must be done... it'll make her being home even more special❗

Gonna check my emails, forum and Facebook, then down my pills and head to bed for an early night 'cos I didn't get to sleep until after 11pm πŸ•š last night and was awake before 6.30am πŸ•  this morning, so only had a little over 7 hours of sleep according to Fitbit, so I'm gonna have an early night tonight to let my body catch up on the missed time last night.  Blimey that was a long sentence❗ πŸ˜†

Toodle pip for now.  Prolly won't post again before my exercise log just before I jump into bed, so I'll say nite nite orl now πŸ’€ 😁

Thurday 5th March 2020

I've just taken all my pills and only managed to swallow 2 of 'em whole, so I hope that doesn't mean today will be a bad day❗

Gonna get on with my writing straight away to hopefully head off the bad day before it starts❗  Wish me luck please❓ πŸ‘Œ

Wednesday 4 March 2020

Wednesday's exercise log

Starting step count:  4030

Sit-ups:  50

Leg lift reps:  25

Finishing step count:  4041

Wednesday 4th March 2020 - part 4

Just finished chapter 20 so I'm gonna read my emails for the first day today.  Assuming I keep doing 5 chapters a day, I'll be finished entirely next Wednesday evening and things can start going back to normal again.  Next task is to start editing my first drafts and take it from there.  I can sooo do this❗ πŸ‘Œ

Gonna shut down my browser now and concentrate on my emails until my pills start kicking in and I head to bed, so I'll say nite nite orl now... see you all at some point tomorrow.

Wednesday 4th March 2020 - part 3

That's the virus scan finished (still virus free) and back-ups finished, so I'm just waiting for the puppy to be picked up now then I can write the rest of today's target chapters (2 down, 3 to go) and have a late-ish night tonight and sleep in tomorrow morning then get straight on with my writing again as soon as I come down instead of waiting a couple of hours with walking, feeding the puppy and trying to summon up my motivation to write.

I'll celebrate chapter 20 with another J2O tomorrow night (hopefully lol) and getting half way through the manuscript with a caffeinated coffee on Saturday morning (so that I'm not kept awake on Friday night from the caffeine lol).  If I keep on writing 5 chapters a day then I'll be finished by next Wednesday hopefully 🀞

Gonna get on with writing chapter 18 now though.

Wednesday 4th March 2020 - part 2

That's the puppy walked and fed and my daily Calcium taken, so I'm sorted until bedtime now.  The puppy is going back with Steve's uncle this afternoon instead of his cousin this evening, so I'll need to not have my headphones on as I write this afternoon so that I can put Mitzi's lead (she's still wearing her harness after her second stroll of the day) on her and take her and her luggage to the door pretty much straight away so that Steve's uncle isn't waiting around, getting too drenched in the rain.

I'm gonna miss her so much, especially as I haven't taken any photo's of her so far in March❗ 😞  If she comes back tomorrow then that's fine with me, but she might not be back until Friday, like normal  πŸ˜”  She's been fine so far though, so there's a good chance that she will be this time too, the house will just feel empty without her huge personality filling every millimetre of the house like normal... needs must though, and it's for her benefit, so a couple of days without her is just about OK I s'pose.

Wednesday 4th March 2020

That's the puppy walked and fed.  She was a really good girl this morning but she's going back with Helen for another medicated bath tonight and I haven't taken any photo's of her yet... she deserves a break from me constantly clicking the camera at her, bless 'er.

I've taken my morning pills, including the FA because it's Wednesday, so I haven't taken the Calcium yet... I'll do that at lunchtime.

Time to get on with my writing again now.

Tuesday 3 March 2020

Tuesday's exercise log

Starting step count:  3885

Sit-ups: 50

Leg lifts: 25

Finishing step count: 3927

Tuesday 3rd March 2020 - part 2

That's another 5 chapters written and I'm even having an early night for the first time since I started writing this YYA manuscript... I could get used to this❗🀣

I've just cleared the caches of both browsers ready for tomorrow's virus scan and I heard back from the eBay seller about the Charge 3 - apparently it should have come directly from Fitbit so they are going to chase them up about it and I'll hopefully have it in my hands soon 🀞.

I'm heading to bed now though, nite nite orl❗ πŸ’€

Tuesday 3rd March 2020 - part 1

Mornin' all

I've walked and fed the puppy and I'm about to take my morning pills then I'll get on with my writing again.  I'm hoping to write another 5 or 6 chapters today... keep your fingers crossed for me please❗

That's the pills taken and emails checked, so it's time to start writing now.

I'll post individual blog posts again today.  TTYS❗

Monday 2 March 2020

Monday's exercise log

Starting step count:  5415

Sit-ups:  50

Leg lift reps:  25

Finishing step count:  5437

Monday 2nd March 2020 part 2

Just put the final full stop in chapter 10 so I'm already ⅕ of the way through the entire manuscript after only 2 days, so I'm rewarding myself with my first J2O of the month.  If I carry on at this rate I'll be finished on the 10th which will be so totally awesome❗

Gonna check my emails and Facebook then shut down for the night, so I'll say nite nite orl now and close my browser down.

Monday 2nd March 2020

Mornin' all❗

I've taken the puppy for her first stroll of the day and she met a man who said hello to her before me and called her a beautiful puppy❗  A cat has poo'd in the road outside our door, so I've taken a photo of it and I'm about to report it to the council.

I'm also going to, on Tuesdays to Sundays, go by the length of time I'm out with the puppy, rather than the lengths that we do.  I'll still count them on the tracker but I'll go by my watch rather than number of lengths we do, so that the puppy gets the same timed length of afternoon walks every day instead of the purely the distance I've been recording up to now.  My guesstimate, based on yesterday, is that it'll be 8 lengths each afternoon, cos that was 10 minutes yesterday, but I'll take her out for 10 minutes in the afternoon and 15 lengths in the morning.

I'm also, just until I finish this first draft of the manuscript, gonna do multiple, much shorter posts a day instead of one longer one.  It'll only be for March though and I'll go back to the longer ones again as soon as I've finished the first draft.

Gonna sort out my pills now 'cos I forgot to do that yesterday❗  Oops❗  Take it as read that I've taken them during March, again, until I finish the manuscript.

Talk to you all again later.

Sunday 1 March 2020

Sunday's exercise log

Starting step count:  4613

Sit up reps:  50

Leg lift reps:  25

Finishing step count:  4646

My thighs are really feeling the leg lifts by the time I get to 20 reps, but this is only day 2 of doing it, so it's totally natural πŸ˜€

Nite nite all

Sunday 1st March 2020

Mornin' all.

Pinch an' a punch for the first of the month.

Just those two short bursts of exercise last night were exactly what I needed to set my body into a new sleeping routine 'cos I was only restless twice overnight and woke up at a more sensible time too!

The puppy walked me the same distance but it took 4 minutes longer than usual for some bizarre reason.

I've taken all me pills until bedtime now, so I'm gonna try and work out how to set up the spreadsheet ready for next week to log my sit-ups and leg lifts each night.  I'm gonna lift both my legs at the same time instead of alternating them tonight though.

Just been reminded to unplug my laptop battery to run the battery right down, just like I do every month.  Need to start writing my next novel today to replace the one I wrote for the second time in January 🀣 

That's the spreadsheet sorted, so time to start writing now.  Not sure how long the blog posts are gonna be until it's finished, but I'll try and keep them to semi-normal length for you all.

Puppy's been walked for the second time and because it was a slow stroll today I didn't have to manually log it 'cos it lasted for 10 minutes (the active minutes minimum), so unless it's peeing down or snowing or whatever, I'll keep walking her slowly... assuming I remember of course❗ 🀣

Just taken my last two pills of the day and I'm gonna publish this now 'cos I haven't even looked at it since before I had my lunch, so I'll say nite nite orl until I log my exercise again when I'm almost in bed.

Nite nite orl❗