Saturday 21 March 2020

Saturday 21st March 2020

Mornin' all.

Time to take me pills and get back onto the phone to Sainsbury's again I reckon.  👌

That's me morning and afternoon pills taken, so just my evening pills to take now.  Just gotta wait for the Sainsbury's phone line to be open at 8am now then that's everything done for the day.

Still haven't had any joy with the update finishing yet and it's been 135 hours so far... soooo not happy!  Tomorrow at 4.20pm will be exactly a week that I haven't been able to use it.  😠

We've got toilet rolls at last❗❗  We can get through next week now 🤣  Time to phone Sainsbury's now - I'm not gonna hang up until I get through this morning though ❗

Got through after just over an hour and apparently they aren't keeping a list of disabilities and that we'll hear from them after Monday if they consider us to be disabled.  I hope we make it onto the disabled list 'cos we both are and are totally reliant on Steve's family for everything that can't be done online.  Monday and the week after are sorted, but there was literally nothing for the week after so we'll have to limit our food that week and use literally all that is left in the house if we don't make it onto the disabled list.

I've already had enough of the hoarders and it's only been happening for a week 🤣

Just applied for a different, personal, savings account for H so that Steve can't steal the money again.  assuming he bothers to pay back what he stole, that'll be moved out immediately and put back into the new account... I won't hold my breath for that to happen though 'cos he's already stolen £150 and I won't put up with it any more.  As far as I'm concerned I'm soooo glad that we've kept our money totally separate otherwise I'm sure he would steal my money too❗

I already pay him £50 a month for the electricity and the grocery shopping each week that's mostly his stuff (out of a £45 weekly budget, less than a fiver is for me, approx. £10 joint stuff and the other £30 is meat, sandwich stuff and dairy that I can't have) yet he still thinks I'm being selfish with the few things I get for myself each week.

Never again.

I obviously can't trust him with money (he wanted a take-away for lunch rather than saving it up for bills or paying H back, so I know where his priorities lie now) so I won't.  As of now, our money is kept totally separate and I'll only use the joint accounts to move individual amounts between our accounts.

I've had enough of Steve taking me and my very limited money (£5500 a year) for granted, so it just won't happen any more.

169 hours now and it still hasn't finished!  This is the longest my laptop has ever been on so I'm gonna put it on the table and Steve's Surface on the sofa when I go to bed tonight, to hopefully cool the battery down a bit while I'm in bed... you watch me forget though❗ 🤣

That's me last 2 pills of the day taken, so just waiting for them to kick in now then I'll head to bed.

Gonna shut down for the night now, so that I can have an early night for the first time this week... flip knows I need it after only getting 3 hours sleep at the start of the week 🤣

Nite nite orl❗  Sea ewe in the morning❗ 💤

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