Wednesday 18 March 2020

Wednesday 18th March 2020

Steve woke me up at 3am 'cos he was wobbly and throwing up so I'm awake for the rest of the day now... means I can finish reading and reviewing the book, but I'm gonna cancel tomorrow's hospital appointment until he's feeling better, otherwise I'll get lost at the hospital❗ 😟

The update has been going for 61 (not a typo) hours so far so I hope it's not deleting the hard drive❗❗

According to Fitbit, I've only had 4 hours and 18 minutes of sleep overnight and I discovered when I went up to bed last night that Steve had emptied H's savings account without telling me.  He also told me it was a part payment of £50 and that he still owed £125 but nope.  He totally emptied the account and used that to pay the whole thing.  He claimed credit for it and lied through his teeth about it - AGAIN!!  What he doesn't seem to realise is that the more he lies to me, the less I trust him, which ain't a good thing in a marriage.

That's my morning pills taken and I'm gonna call the hospital to say I can't make it tomorrow 'cos my carer (Steve) has been ill since the early hours possibly with an infection so I can't make it tomorrow and hope that they can fit me in again in a few weeks time.  They've got enough to deal with, because of the Corona Virus that they don't need us adding to it with Steve's infection too.

64 hours and counting with the update now.  I'm hoping that it'll be finished by the time I head to bed tonight, 'cos this is the third day without it so far❗

That's tomorrow postponed and rearranged for the first week of August 'cos that was the soonest they had.  I've already rearranged it with Steve's family, so we can all breathe a sigh of relief for the next 4½ months now 🤣

I can carry on reading and reviewing without worrying about how long the update is taking now... currently almost 66 hours❗

Over 70 hours and still going now❗

I've just finished reading the book and the author wants a crit rather than a review now, so that's what I've sent her  😁

Got another book to read and review as well now, as of last night 🤣  I'll leave that until tomorrow though so that I don't get the two books jumbled up and confuzzled though 👍

Steve's Surface fan was complaining loudly, so I've shut it down and I'm gonna take my pills and head to bed for a very early night.

Laptop is still updating so looks like I'll be going another night without it.  74 hours and still counting.

Nite nite all.

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