Tuesday 30 November 2021

Off to beddy-byes now...

...I'll be back to grace you all with my presence in the morning  😉

Nite nite orl.  💤


Steve's just edited the grocery order for...

...two weeks time and I've just seen what he's added just for two days extra, so lets do the totals shall we?

My stuff:  £5.52
Steve's stuff:  £11.90
Joint stuff:  £30.57

So yet again Steve's stuff is over double the price of mine but I can guarantee my stuff will come off to make room for more of Steve's stuff before the end of this week.


Strange how it's never his stuff coming off to make room for mine.


I was wrong, I'm sorry

I think I predicted, this morning, that Steve wouldn't help to put the groceries away, right?

Well I was semi-wrong 'cos Steve did help to put the groceries away today and the deliverer brought the boxes in too, so we both bagged it all up and put it away, so I'm thinking Steve reads my blog if I ranted about it this morning.  


Last laps of the day have been...

...done and dusted, so we're just waiting for the groceries to turn up now - hopefully sooner rather than later.

I've almost doubled what I managed yesterday, so I'll be dead to the world later on and hopefully be able to have another early night lol

That's me dosed up until this evening

Just taken my lunchtime pill, so that's it until this evening now.

The groceries could turn up any time now based on the last few weeks lol  It's not a problem with us for it to come early, especially if the deliverer helps to load up the bags at the doorway like they did last week!  We're both sat here waiting now lol

News on 30th November 2021

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30th November 2021

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Laps done...

...and I'm not going to do the other set until our groceries have been delivered and put away.

Mornin' all

How are you all doing this morning?

So far today I've taken my morning pills, drank a glass of pop, made breakfast for my carer and done the washing up.  The virus scan is zipping through, so hopefully that'll be finished by the time I publish this.  I'm not having anything to eat today 'cos it wouldn't be safe after doing the washing up so I'll make my carers lunch (zoop) and live on a liquid diet today.

Our groceries are due at lunchtime and I'm predicting right now, at 7.26am on 30th November, that I'll be the one who hauls the bagged up groceries through to the kitchen and puts them away, same as the majority of weeks - he literally bags up the groceries, swings the bag to the other side of his body until it's all bagged up then comes in here, sits down and falls asleep.  He sometimes helps to put the pop and freezer stuff away by taking it out of the bag and handing the freezer stuff to me to put away and taking the bottles of pop out of the bag and putting them down just out of my reach - I do everything else, yet he claims credit for doing it all every week.

Time to get cracking with the news now, while my carer eats his breakfast, then I'll take his yoghurt pots and empty mug through to the kitchen, trying to stop my belly from rumbling.

The virus scan has just finished and my likkle laptop is still clear of nasties, thankfully.

I'll start my morning laps when I take the breakfast things through, so that I've got time to recover for when the shopping comes at lunchtime.  I'm gonna do the laps after it's gone I reckon.

Monday 29 November 2021

Just taken...

...my last two pills of the day and I'm absolutely wiped out after today's laps, so I'm gonna start shutting down all my programmes and hopefully have an early night tonight for a rare change - bet I'll be stiff as a board and ache all over tomorrow lol

Nite nite orl.

If you're in the UK...

...this petition is especially close to my heart 'cos I lost my twins to miscarriage at 12 and 13 weeks at 3am and 4am yet was expected to be in college those same mornings and I was never allowed to mention my loss and, in fact, got kicked off the course at the end of the term and left to struggle totally alone.

If I'd been in a job then the 3 paid grieving days this petition is asking for, would have made so much difference to me, my life and my future.

Please, sign this petition to help future mums recover from their traumatic experience and start to grieve for their angel baby without feeling pressured to go into work the same as any other day.

Thank you.

That's my laps done for the day

I'm absolutely shattered now, but I'm wide awake, motivated and ready to meet the rest of the afternoon and evening head on.  


I've got 39 active minutes and 6,800 steps in my FitBit so I think that's pretty good going considering it's been so long since I last did them.  Only 3 of the last 9 hours have been below 250 steps too, which is good going I reckon.

My aim between now and bedtime is to hit or ideally exceed 7,500 steps, but if I don't manage it then I won't beat myself up about it 'cos it's the first time I've done so much walking for months on end and I need to lose that weight and hopefully keep it off, so I'm trying to work alongside what my body needs to find a new way to stay healthy without messing myself up any more than I already am.

Today's (29th November) lunch photo

I've just had my lunch, so, thankfully, one of my predictions was wrong this morning.

T'was just a vegetable pizza, but it's more than I was expecting, so I'm not complaining about it for a change!

Over 4 hours already this morning

I've just made my carer his second hot drink of the day, which takes the care I've provided for him so far today to 4 hours and 4 minutes so I'm predicting two things at 10.37am on Monday 29th November:

1)  My carer will come up with an excuse not to cook for lunch but will want me to get his lunch (meat pasties) ready for him so I will be going hungry again


2)  It'll be an easy 10-12 hour day of me caring for my carer by the time I head to bed tonight

I really hope I'm wrong with the predictions, but right now I don't think I will be.  We shall see later on I guess.

Updated grocery order again

Steve's just edited tomorrow's grocery order and predictably taken my things off and replaced them with his own.  He's also wasted about £10 worth of meat from last week because it's gone out of date and added more to tomorrow's order so the totals now look like this:

My stuff:  £6.09
Steve's stuff:  £16.95
Joint stuff:  £22.43

So Steve's stuff is over a tenner more expensive than mine and just under a fiver cheaper than the joint.  The majority of the joint stuff won't be on orders for a few months 'cos they are spices and washing up liquid and bin bags and stuff which are an extra £6.84 this week, which takes the joint total below Steve's total.  Again.

That's this morning's exercise done

Just finished my first walk of the day around the downstairs of the house and managed about 2500 steps in 17 minutes, so I'm pretty happy with that.  I'm thinking I won't do the evening one though, cos I'm wide awake now, so maybe just a morning and a lunchtime set of laps just until my body is used to the laps again?  I'm gonna take it as it comes for this week and see how my body reacts to being active again before I make any definite decisions about how often I do the laps.  I'd love to get back to doing a set of laps every other hour again, but if it's too much for my body then I just won't do it.

Today's (29th November) breakfast photo

Mornin' all.

Today's breakfast has really filled me up even though I didn't think it would when I put it into the bowl.  I finished off the orange juice in my 500ml mug so that there wasn't just a tiny bit sloshing around.  It also meant that I could put my bottle of soya milk on the door of the fridge too, so I just need to remember to look there for the milk and juice tomorrow lol

Here's today's photo of my breakfast:

I've somehow...

...put on 400g in the last 7 days, so I'm gonna start doing my laps again 'cos I need to lose about 6kg again, to take me back down to a healthy weight, so I'm gonna be doing laps of the downstairs of the house three times a day for at least 15 minutes each time so that it gets registered in my FitBit.  I'm not gonna go outside, but I *am* gonna start the laps to hopefully lose that extra weight.

I need to download the spreadsheet to put up onto my site, then sort out the breakfast photo, so I'll see you in a little while... unless I forget of course!

Mornin' all

Just a quick first post so that I don't forget to make my own breakfast as well as my carer's.

I've taken my morning pills already, run the daily virus scan and made my carer's breakfast, so I'm gonna put my laptop on the floor and get my breakfast now.

Sunday 28 November 2021


...taken my last two pills of the week, so I've just gotta wait for the side effects to kick in now, then I'll head up to bed.  I'm gonna start shutting down all the programmes so that I don't do it in a rush, but I'll be back again tomorrow morning, ready for another week.

Nite nite orl.

Today's (28th November) only food photo

This is literally all I've eaten all day and my hubby is making me feel incredibly guilty about finishing the box off after he's eaten the first three overnight.  At least I've had *something* today though, so I'm not complaining.

Updated grocery order

My carer is going to be having his chicken curry on Friday, so I'll be having raw peppers, raw carrots and some seeds which is better than I've had today.

I've added some spices to the order ready for when it's delivered along with my peppers and carrots, so the totals now look like this:

My stuff:  £6.09
Steve's stuff:  £12.41
Joint stuff:  £29.33

So I'm happy with that right now, but I can pretty much guarantee that it'll change again before I head to bed tomorrow 'cos it always does.  I've got a packet of seeds on the order as well as the carrots and peppers that Steve doesn't like which has bumped the price up by about £2.50 but I'm OK with that 'cos it's not often that I get things for myself, so I'm hoping that the seeds at least will be a regular thing for me and hopefully the carrots and peppers too, but next week is an experimental week to see how much I get through before I make it a definite regular thing.

For the first time in a very long time...

...I've taken each of my pills every day for the last 7 days and there isn't a single pill left in the box, so I'm feeling really proud of myself!

Time to refil the box now, then go back to searching for jars of spices to go into our spice rack.

Last night's prediction was...

...spot on.

My carer is getting washed at the kitchen sink again 🤢🤮 and has just said that he doesn't fancy cooking so it'll be soup for me and sausage rolls for him.

Out of the 14 meals he says he cooks a week, he's only actually cooked 3, I've made him 7 breakfasts and 3 lunches and have only eaten 7 meals (4 breakfasts and 3 lunches) in 7 days out of a potential 14 that he tells everyone he makes for me every week.

It means that he won't be doing any more to support me this afternoon, so I can add up the support he's been providing me with all week - hold on while I do the adding up:

1 hour 54 minutes in the last 7 days instead of the 35 hours minimum that he tells everyone he does, so he's 33 hours and 6 minutes in debt again.

It's almost lunchtime so I'd better go and make his lunch for him I s'pose.

After only...

...4 hours, the monthly virus scan has just finished which is considerably quicker than I was thinking.  Means I can open my emails for the first time today now and things can return to normal again.

My carer has just said about him doing the washing up when he comes out of the bathroom so I might be able to have an instant soup at lunchtime, as opposed to nothing at all.

The current total for this week's caring is 73 hours and 39 minutes, so I should be able to just about scrape 80 hours of care this week and I reckon my carer's total will stay at 1 hour and 59 minutes for the week 'cos he prolly won't cook lunch for both of us now that he's got his sausage rolls to have.

That's the news done, so now...

I can spend the rest of the time doing surveys until my monthly virus scan has finished.

Mornin' all

Quite a slow start to the day!


My FitBit and fitness watch are charging up atm and I've made a start on the monthly virus scan.  My carer says he wants his "yoghurts and juice" for breakfast and I can't have anything 'cos the bowls are in the sink full of water and I won't be stable enough on my feet to do the washing up, so I won't be having breakfast.  My carer has also decided that he'll finish off his sausage rolls for lunch, so I won't be eating anything for lunch either, so it'll be a totally calorie free day for me with just pop and water to drink to try and stop my belly from rumbling too loudly.

I've taken my morning pills... gotta remember to refil the pill box after I've taken my lunchtime pill - assuming I remember to take the tablet I will have taken every single pill, every single day this week!

My FitBit is at 99% now, so hopefully it'll be fully charged by the time I publish this post so that I can go and get my carer's breakfast for him.

Saturday 27 November 2021

39 minutes away from...

...double the minimum, which means that tomorrow is a pretty much guaranteed over 80 hour week and my carer has somehow gotta magic 33 hours and 9 minutes out of a 24 hour day to hit the minimum, so it's yet another week with him claiming credit for something that, in reality, is total bollox.  I might be able to hit the 2½ hours of care if he cooks our lunch tomorrow, but I'm making a prediction, right now, at 8.02pm on 27th November 2021 that he'll find a reason not to cook.  I hope I'm wrong with that prediction again, but I don't think I will be.

I'm gonna head off to bed for real now, but I'll be back again in the morning.

Nite nite orl.

Just taken...

...a Nurofen for my wisdom-tooth ache and my last two pills of the day, so hopefully they will all kick in soon and I can head to bed for an early night.  TBH I'm incredibly proud of myself for taking the Nurofen without crunching it up 'cos it was about ⅓ bigger than my biggest pill that I take every day and I sometimes struggle with those, but this one went down surprisingly easily which Steve reckons is 'cos of the coating on it.  I've done it once, so I know I can do it now and it's already starting to kick in, so I reckon I'll invest in another packet if I need to in future.  I've got another 15 left in the box, so hopefully that'll keep me going but like with the ginger and the TENS machine, they are gonna be a must-have for me from now on

Blimey that was a long paragraph lol


Current running total of care for each other looks like this:

My carer's care of me so far this week:  1 hour, 51 minutes
My care of my carer so far this week:  68 hours, 13 minute

Gonna do a few more surveys then head to bed I reckon, so I'll say goodnight to you all now and I'll see you back here bright and early in the morning.

Ooh ouch!

I've just brushed my teeth, before I remembered about using the clove oil on my wisdom tooth, so I'm now in a great deal of pain all over again.  


My SIL brought a couple of packs of frozen vegetables over this morning with our top-up shop so I've added it to tomorrow's menu and I think it was 3 times to next week to try and get some good things into our diet with very little extra work.  My carer has agreed with the updated menu's, so hopefully we'll have them tomorrow and three times next week.  I'd prefer veggies every day, but I've gotta go with what I can motivate my carer to cook.  If he cooks tomorrow he'll be getting his second reward of the week (a Fry's Turkish Delight) but he's cooked three times this week, so I'm feeling pretty pessimistic about it, but would love to be proved wrong.

Today's (27th November) lunch photo

I actually had a cooked lunch for the third time this week!  Just chips and baked beans, but that's better than yesterdays lunch which was just two mince pies!

I'm actually having my third...

...cooked meal of the week today❗❗❗

My carer has just gone out to start cooking it for us and I'm drooling at the mere thought of it!  It's just chips and baked beans for me with added mini sausage rolls for him so it's a very quick and simple meal, but that's totally OK with me as long as it's cooked and hot!

Means that this morning's prediction was wrong though, so I'll add that label now while I remember.

OK that's the new tag added and I'm guessing it'll be ready soon, so I'm gonna publish this, then put my laptop on the floor in preparation.

5.5 hours already this morning

It's currently 11.25am and I've already cared for my carer for over 5 hours so far today, so I'm already clocking overtime and it's not even approaching lunchtime yet, so maybe another 12 hour day today?

Already gone steaming through 62 hours of care this week, so it's looking likely that I'll hit 70 hours before I head to bed tonight then I've just got a 10 hour day tomorrow to hit the magical target of 80 hours of care for my carer which is double a full time job, so I'd be getting significant overtime if I was actually being paid 'cos I hit the minimum at breakfast time on the 25th and I've been clocking up overtime ever since.

I've already cared for my carer in just a single morning 5 times more than he's cared for me for the entire week so far, so even if he did nothing but care for me until bedtime tomorrow, without sleeping or eating or hygiene or even going for a wee or poo, he couldn't reach the minimum any more.

Today's (27th November) breakfast photo

I had a real pig-out for breakfast this morning... there didn't seem to be much Granola left in the container, so I figured I'd finish it off rather than leaving it in the bottom.  There was more than I thought left though, so rather than having a half or even three quarter bowl, it all got poured in and it only just fitted into the bowl lol.


I've worked out that a 1kg bag makes 4 breakfasts which is 250g of granola per bowl.

Here's the photo of my pig-out breakfast this morning:

Mornin' all

Apparently, according to the Google app on my mobile, we were supposed to "expect snow around 5am".  I've just been out to have a look and the pavement is very wet, but there's no snow, so either we didn't get snow after all or it was a light dusting that melted rapidly.

I've been awake and down here for 71 minutes and so far I've cared for my carer for 68 of 'em.

I've asked my carer if we're still having a cooked lunch today and he said "I reckon so, yep" but my first prediction of the day is that we won't be having anything cooked, my carer will finish off the box of mince pies that he started yesterday and I'll go hungry again.  I'd love to be wrong, but I don't think I will be.

I've made a hot drink for both of us, but my second prediction of the day is that I'm the only one that'll finish it off while it's hot.


My daily virus scan came back clear, so I'm still free of nasties thankfully.

Time to take my morning pills now I reckon.

Friday 26 November 2021

Literally one minute away from...

...57 hours of me caring for my carer so far this week, so I reckon I'll hit 70 hours pretty easily and maybe even 75 hours or possibly even approach 80 hours.  As for my carer, he's only cared for me for 1 hour 16 minutes so far this week, so there's no way he can hit the minimum again - assuming he cooks both days of the weekend, he might hit 2 hours weekly total, but to hit the minimum, he'd have to care for me for over 17 hours a day which ain't gonna happen in reality.  I think the most amount of weekly care I've got out of him is 5 hours when I went for the MRI and Neurology appointments.

I really am going to bed now lol

Nite nite again orl.

What an afternoon!

I've spent this afternoon taking surveys and mostly being rejected from them, but that's OK and to be expected - keeps me out of trouble while I'm working my way through all the invites though!

Got about half an hour before I take my last pills of the day, then I'll start closing down all the programmes and doing the admin on the caring spreadsheet just before I shut down for the night.

Also spent an hour or so editing 2 weeks worth of grocery shops, so I'll put the new totals below, but they are likely to change before they're delivered, but it should be roughly these totals:

Tuesday 7th:

My stuff:  £7.72
Steve's stuff:  £11.97
Joint stuff:  £28.39

Tuesday 14th:

My stuff:  £5.52
Steve's stuff:  £13.67
Joint stuff:  £21.10

So, right now, those numbers are the way it should be, with the stuff we can both have being the most expensive... let's see if I can find Tuesday's order totals for you all while I'm yabbering on about it:

Tuesday 30th:

My stuff:  £5.74
Steve's stuff:  £10.64
Joint stuff:  £30.36

So I'm very impressed by those totals!

My screen has just darkened, so that means it's pill time now then bed time for me very soon, so I'll shut up now 😉

Just in case I don't post again before I head to bed, I'll say nite nite to you all now and I'll see you bright and early in the morning.

Today's (26th November) lunch photo

This is my entire lunch today - just two mince pies - so all I've eaten and will eat for the entire day is a bowl of granola for breakfast and these two mince pies for lunch.

Just taken my lunchtime pill, so now...

...it's time to scoff the mince pies I'm apparently having for my lunch today, despite my carer agreeing to it all last week and knowing full well that I've got a full bag of bribes/rewards ready for his scoffing 😞 😠

As I predicted this morning...

...my carer has just said he "won't have any lunch" so it's a good job I've got 2 mince pies left over again.  It also means he won't be getting today's reward 'cos he's not cooking.

He's decided that he'll be having his sausage rolls (which I can't have 'cos I'm semi vegan for medical reasons) for lunch tomorrow, so I potentially won't be having lunch then either, but as long as he eats then that's OK eh?

I'm gonna start adding prediction tags/lables/whatever they're called to each message that I make a prediction in so that we can all see just how many predictions I make and the resulting outcome of each prediction.

News on 26th November 2021

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26th November 2021

How much do friendships influence us?

10 lessons we learnt from Harry Potter and his friends at Hogwarts

Today's (26th November) breakfast photo

Just a touch too much milk on the granola today lol  My carer finished off the juice, so I carton lasts for 3 breakfasts, so it'll be orange juice for him and water for me until the other 3 cartons are finished, just like when he was having toast for breakfast - it would only be him having breakfast because it was too dangerous for me to stand up for long enough to make my own too.

Rant over lol.

Mornin' all

How are you all doing today?

I've spent the morning caring for my carer and making his breakfast for him, so I reckon it's gonna be another day of a significant amount of caring and very few blog posts again.

I've taken my morning pills and had my brekkie so I'll put the photo of that up in a sec.  It's supposed to be Super Noodles for lunch today but I won't believe it until it's in front of me 'cos I've already had this weeks two cooked lunches.


The virus scan was clear and my pills went down OK, but I've got another cold to sniff and cough my way through for the next week or so.

Time to go and make myself a bottle of squash, just like I did last night after asking my carer to do it for 3 days, then I'll crack on with the news.

Thursday 25 November 2021

Just taken my pills, so...

...it's time to do the admin on the spreadsheet then head upstairs to sort through the drawers then head to bed, ready for tomorrow.

Until tomorrow, it's nite nite again all.

I've decided that I'm gonna...

...take my pills then head upstairs to see if I can remember to have a look through the drawers in the spare room to try and find my Winter/warmer clothes, so that I don't freeze every moment I'm awake in my Summer/cooler weather clothes like I am atm.  If I can find a couple of jumpers at the very least then I'll be happy with that.

Gotta finish off my cream soda and take my last pills of the day first though lol

That's next week's menu sorted and approved

Spent the last hour or so working on next week's menu and Steve's approved it.  There are two meals I can make on there on Tuesday and Wednesday 'cos it just involves boiling the kettle, pouring the water into the mugs then stirring them and bringing them in here.  In theory though, the other five meals will be made by my carer.  Assuming my carer cooks again tomorrow, he'll be getting his second reward of the week... he seems motivated to do it right now, but that can change at any point, so I'm taking it an hour at a time right now.

Today's (25th November) lunch photo

This was one of Steve's creations totally based on what was available - first it was gonna be pasta bolognaise, then chilli with haricot beans then we discovered that the haricot beans were literally 3 years out of date and Steve had already put the rice and vegan mince on to cook so it ended up being rice, vegan mince and tomato & garlic pasta sauce lol

It tasted OK, but the garlic was incredibly overpowering but we've just got the tin of new potatoes to use up on Sunday with the vegan chicken pieces, then we've officially cleared the cupboard of all of the old food and it's purely food that we've bought each week or so then.

Here's the photo of my lunch:

News on 25th November 2021

Icons made by Freepik from www.flaticon.com

25th November 2021

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Today's (25th November) breakfast photo

We both had breakfast this morning and because we were both going to have the same breakfast but our usual orange juices were substituted with 1 litre bottles, so I had to guess how much a serving was and I think I overestimated for both of us lol

Mornin' all

Had a very late morning by my standards 'cos according to my FitBit I didn't even wake up until 6.23am!

I've done the washing up and taken my morning pills and now my carer wants his breakfast... possibly chilli instead of pasta bolognaise today so that we can use up the haricot beans 'cos my carer "don't fancy the idea of the beans in bolognaise, sorry" and I know from experience that he won't want to have two pans on the go on Saturday, so we'll see what happens at lunchtime today.

Time to go and make breakfast for my carer now... BBL I hope.

Wednesday 24 November 2021

Half an hour late, but...

I've just taken my last two pills of the day, so as soon as the side effects start kicking in, I'll finish caring for my carer and head to bed for the night.


Scratch that, I'm gonna head to bed straight away anyway and spend time listening to the radio and reading my magasines so that I don't need to worry about shutting down then heading to bed 'cos I'll already be in bed anyway.


Nite nite orl... see you bright and early in the morning.


Today's (24th November 2021) lunch photos

My first proper meal of the week which hopefully won't be my last.  I've got a well-stocked 'bribery bag' now and I'm hoping that today's reward won't be the last of the week.

Lunchtime pill taken and...

...we're having a cooked lunch today!!!


We're having burgers for lunch instead of hash browns but that's totally OK with me 'cos it's cooked for the first time this week!


There will be at least one photo before I dig in, but I can't wait!! 

I got a reply from my doctors surgery about...

...my weight and I know the range to aim for now so I could do with losing a couple of kilograms so missing 5 meals so far this week isn't really an issue any more and if I have a couple of bananas for my lunch instead of something cooked, then that's no biggie either.

I'll still be eating, but missed meals here and there isn't such a big issue until I've hit the middle of the range now, so I won't feel guilty for missing the five meals so far this week.

As predicted, my carer was puffing and panting when he got home from his medical appointment but is still up for cooking lunch, but it isn't such a big deal if he doesn't today and only cooking twice a week ain't so bad for a while either.  I'd obviously prefer cooked meals each day 'cos they are healthier than half a packet of biscuits, but I'll try not to get onto his case any more.  I'll still make full use of the 'bribery bag' but won't get het up about it if my carer doesn't cook every day for a while.

Mornin' all

I haven't done much so far today, just remembered not to open up my emails, taken my morning pills and set the weekly virus scan going.  My carer was washing himself at the kitchen sink 🤮 when I came downstairs then started talking about a steam train coming through the station yesterday.  He's got a medical appointment today, so it might only be an 8-10 hour day of caring today, instead of the 12 hours it's been so far this week.

When I asked him what we were having for lunch today, he said "burgers as long as I'm not too sad that my doctors have forgotten to tell me something else" and he doesn't want breakfast today, so I'll potentially not be eating anything at all today if he comes back as unmotivated as he usually is on a Wednesday.

Need to charge my FitBit up this morning so that I don't forget too, so I'd best do that now.

OK, my FitBit is charging up alongside my watch and my carer is gonna fill up on biscuits today by the looks of things, so there's even less chance that he'll cook for us for lunch, so today is looking more and more likely that I'll be drinking pop all day instead of eating anything.

Tuesday 23 November 2021

Just about to head to bed, but...

...hitting the weekly minimum of care should be pretty achievable tomorrow, 'cos there's only 10 hours and 48 minutes to go then anything else is overtime.

Apparently we might be having burgers instead of hash browns tomorrow 'cos we got buns and Steve's burgers with today's shop - I'll be happy either way as long as it's something hot and healthier than biscuits!

I'm heading off to beddy-byes now though, so I'll see you all in the morning.

Nite nite orl.

Just moved the 'bribery bag' out of the kitchen

We've got 2 bags that I bought from the Dogs Trust either at the end of last year or beginning of this year to store our biscuit supply in, but we've only really been using one of the bags for a good chunk of that time, so I've brought the second bag in here to store Steve's bribes in... it's already got four or five Turkish Delights in it and I've ordered 20 Jelly Belly Pyramid bags, a multipack of mini Toblerones, and another 21 choccie Turkish Delights which'll hopefully be enough inspiration for him to start cooking regularly again.

If necessary I'll reward him on Monday's, Wednesday's, Friday's and Sunday's at least to start with then take it from there, so that nothing goes to waste initially and it means that my carer would only have 3 days a week where he wasn't bribed/rewarded.  If that works, then I'll take out the Monday bribe, then the Wednesday one until he's back to cooking every day again.

It shouldn't have to be like that, but it is what it is I guess 🤷

Today's (23rd November) lunch photos

My last two graze punnets were my lunch today 'cos my carer didn't fancy cooking.  It's supposed to be hash browns tomorrow, but I don't reckon he'll cook those either, despite agreeing to the full week's menu on Sunday.  It'll be the same on Thursday too 'cos that's supposed to be vegetarian pasta bolognaise.  Friday is Super Noodles which I reckon he's likely to find an excuse not to cook as well.  I'll hopefully get him to cook both days of the weekend for our two cooked meals of the week though - I'm just not going to get my hopes up too high is all.


Here's my lunch photos for today:

As predicted...

...my carer has just ducked out of cooking lunch again, so it'll be "biscuits, mince pies and crisps for lunch today, sorry" which means I'll be going hungry again, so it's a good job I had breakfast, innit.

It also means that he won't be caring for me at all again today, so that's 7 hours of care every day now to hit the minimum required which has never happened before and I'm predicting now, at 10.38am on 23rd November 2021, that he won't cook tomorrow either.

News on 23rd November 2021

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23rd November 2021

The friendship checkup: How to reevaluate relationships and take steps to repair them

How to deal with jealousy in friendships

Today's (23rd November) breakfast photo

Just finished off the box of choco crackles and it officially lasts for 7 of my breakfasts and gives me the chocolate hit that I need to function each day lol

Mornin' all

How are you all doing this morning?

I've just taken my morning pills and started the virus scan and right now we're still having the 'rapid rice' for lunch, hopefully before our groceries turn up so please keep yer fingers crossed 🤞 that I do actually get to have a proper lunch today, instead of just biscuits again.

The virus scan's just finished and I'm still clear.  Gotta remember not to open my email program's tomorrow 'cos of the weekly virus scan, then the monthly deep virus scan on the 28th is the same.

My carer wants his breakfast and I'll potentially be able to have breakfast this morning too, unlike yesterday, so I'll be back in a bit.

Monday 22 November 2021

Finally remembered to take...

...my last pills of the day, 45 minutes late, but they're down the hatch now and I'm fully dosed up until the morning now.  Means that I won't be getting an early night after all though, but that's my cruddy memory's fault.

Assuming I finish caring for my carer at 8.20pm, I'll have put in a 12 hour day today which is a great start to the week.  My carer's end of day total is 0 minutes provided and 35 hours still to go before bedtime on Sunday.

I really am gradually closing all the programmes on my laptop now lol

Nite nite again all.

As predicted...

...Steve's just made a last minute change to tomorrow's grocery order which meant taking two of my bottles of pop off so that he could have meat, so the final totals now look like this:

My stuff:  £3.54
Steve's stuff:  £24.31
Joint stuff:  £18.15

So, as is normal, Steve's stuff is significantly more expensive than my stuff and the joint stuff all bundled in together and over £20 more expensive than my stuff alone.

I dunno why I thought this week would be different, I really don't 😞

Where on Earth has the day disappeared to?!

Those Graze (you get your first, fifth and tenth boxes free if you use that link to sign up) punnets were considerably more filling than they looked 'cos I'm still full after scoffing them and I've still got two left for tomorrow too!

Apparently we're definitely having 'rapid Rice' for lunch tomorrow, hopefully before our groceries turn up and I've snapped up an early Black Friday deal with the New Skills Academy so I've now got 31 courses to take with them which should keep me busy for a loooong time to come lol

I've cared for my carer for 10½ hours today and he's done nothing to care for or support me, so he's already 5 hours behind the suggested daily minimum which means he's gotta care for me for just under 6 hours a day, every day, for the rest of the week, which is incredibly unlikely to happen - assuming he cooks every day, that's only half an hour tops which is only 6 hours for the entire week rather than each day.


Gonna make a drink to try and warm me up a bit before I take my pills and head to bed.  Dunno if I'll post again before I head to bed, so I'll say nite nite to you all now, just in case 😴 

Today's (22nd November) lunch photos

As predicted, I had to make my carer's breakfast as well as his lunch so I wasn't stable enough to stay upright to make my own too today, so my carer had tuna mayonnaise sandwiches and I had 2 mince pies and 2 Graze portions... far from healthy, but I wasn't given a choice.

Here are the photos of my lunch:

On the menu for tomorrow is Super Rice but I'm putting in a prediction right now, at 1.32pm on 22nd November 2021 that there will be an excuse not to make it, probably to do with our groceries being delivered, so I'll either be going hungry or having a few slices of bread to get me through the day.