Saturday 20 November 2021

Lunch today will definitely be...

...instant soup for my carer again and nothing for me again.

His jabs have been cancelled due to staff shortages, so I suggested having the pizza's we were supposed to have yesterday and he said "nah, I'll just have a zoop and those two bread rolls that are left over" which means that yet again I'll go hungry and out of the 12 meals that he's had the opportunity to cook, he's only actually made 2 so far and I don't reckon he'll cook tomorrow either, so out of the 14 that he tells everyone he cooks every week, he'll only have cooked 2 in reality with is ⅐ of the cooking and the only thing that he apparently does for me.  I'm loading up my calories by having hot chocolate again today then.

Means that another 10 or 11 hour day is gonna be easy, instead of the 9 hour day that I was thinking, which means that it should hopefully be pretty easy for me to achieve another 80 hour week this week which is the same number of hours as 2 full-time jobs, but I'm not being paid a penny for it but if I was working for a living wage job for those 80 hours, I'd be getting £712.80 a week or £2,851.20 a month which is a huge £34,214.40 a year, whereas in reality I'm getting diddly squat.

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