Tuesday 30 November 2021

Mornin' all

How are you all doing this morning?

So far today I've taken my morning pills, drank a glass of pop, made breakfast for my carer and done the washing up.  The virus scan is zipping through, so hopefully that'll be finished by the time I publish this.  I'm not having anything to eat today 'cos it wouldn't be safe after doing the washing up so I'll make my carers lunch (zoop) and live on a liquid diet today.

Our groceries are due at lunchtime and I'm predicting right now, at 7.26am on 30th November, that I'll be the one who hauls the bagged up groceries through to the kitchen and puts them away, same as the majority of weeks - he literally bags up the groceries, swings the bag to the other side of his body until it's all bagged up then comes in here, sits down and falls asleep.  He sometimes helps to put the pop and freezer stuff away by taking it out of the bag and handing the freezer stuff to me to put away and taking the bottles of pop out of the bag and putting them down just out of my reach - I do everything else, yet he claims credit for doing it all every week.

Time to get cracking with the news now, while my carer eats his breakfast, then I'll take his yoghurt pots and empty mug through to the kitchen, trying to stop my belly from rumbling.

The virus scan has just finished and my likkle laptop is still clear of nasties, thankfully.

I'll start my morning laps when I take the breakfast things through, so that I've got time to recover for when the shopping comes at lunchtime.  I'm gonna do the laps after it's gone I reckon.

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