Wednesday 24 November 2021

I got a reply from my doctors surgery about... weight and I know the range to aim for now so I could do with losing a couple of kilograms so missing 5 meals so far this week isn't really an issue any more and if I have a couple of bananas for my lunch instead of something cooked, then that's no biggie either.

I'll still be eating, but missed meals here and there isn't such a big issue until I've hit the middle of the range now, so I won't feel guilty for missing the five meals so far this week.

As predicted, my carer was puffing and panting when he got home from his medical appointment but is still up for cooking lunch, but it isn't such a big deal if he doesn't today and only cooking twice a week ain't so bad for a while either.  I'd obviously prefer cooked meals each day 'cos they are healthier than half a packet of biscuits, but I'll try not to get onto his case any more.  I'll still make full use of the 'bribery bag' but won't get het up about it if my carer doesn't cook every day for a while.

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