Sunday 28 November 2021

Mornin' all

Quite a slow start to the day!


My FitBit and fitness watch are charging up atm and I've made a start on the monthly virus scan.  My carer says he wants his "yoghurts and juice" for breakfast and I can't have anything 'cos the bowls are in the sink full of water and I won't be stable enough on my feet to do the washing up, so I won't be having breakfast.  My carer has also decided that he'll finish off his sausage rolls for lunch, so I won't be eating anything for lunch either, so it'll be a totally calorie free day for me with just pop and water to drink to try and stop my belly from rumbling too loudly.

I've taken my morning pills... gotta remember to refil the pill box after I've taken my lunchtime pill - assuming I remember to take the tablet I will have taken every single pill, every single day this week!

My FitBit is at 99% now, so hopefully it'll be fully charged by the time I publish this post so that I can go and get my carer's breakfast for him.

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