Monday 29 November 2021

That's my laps done for the day

I'm absolutely shattered now, but I'm wide awake, motivated and ready to meet the rest of the afternoon and evening head on.  


I've got 39 active minutes and 6,800 steps in my FitBit so I think that's pretty good going considering it's been so long since I last did them.  Only 3 of the last 9 hours have been below 250 steps too, which is good going I reckon.

My aim between now and bedtime is to hit or ideally exceed 7,500 steps, but if I don't manage it then I won't beat myself up about it 'cos it's the first time I've done so much walking for months on end and I need to lose that weight and hopefully keep it off, so I'm trying to work alongside what my body needs to find a new way to stay healthy without messing myself up any more than I already am.

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