Saturday 20 November 2021

Mornin' all

So far this morning, I've:

  • Supported Steve as he talked about last night
  • Taken my morning pills
  • Done the washing up
  • Made breakfast for both of us
  • Cared for my carer for over 2 hours
  • Started watching CIN from last night


I've asked my carer what we're gonna have for lunch today and he replied "prolly nothing" with a shrug so it looks like I'll be making soup for him when he comes home from having his jabs and I'll be having a mince pie again 'cos there's no way I can stay on my feet for long enough to make lunch for me too 'cos my knees are already wobbly so it just wouldn't be safe for me to risk making one for myself too.

I'm guessing today will be a low care amount day 'cos of my carer having his jabs, but as long as I hit the 5 hours then that's OK with me 'cos that'll be over 60 hours, so I'll just need to hit 10 hours tomorrow to double the required amount and my carer has to hit 33 hours and 49 minutes before 8pm tomorrow to hit the minimum which'll be impossible unless he cares for me as soon as he comes home, overnight and all day tomorrow without a break, which just won't happen considering I've had 71 minutes of care this week combined and even if he cooks both lunches that'll only be 2 hours (if he does Pasta Bake, which he won't 'cos we haven't got any cheese) extra, which'll take the week's total up to 3 hours instead of 35, so not even 10% of the necessary weekly total.

Ho hum, time to put my breakfast photo on here and Instagram.

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