Friday 26 November 2021

Literally one minute away from...

...57 hours of me caring for my carer so far this week, so I reckon I'll hit 70 hours pretty easily and maybe even 75 hours or possibly even approach 80 hours.  As for my carer, he's only cared for me for 1 hour 16 minutes so far this week, so there's no way he can hit the minimum again - assuming he cooks both days of the weekend, he might hit 2 hours weekly total, but to hit the minimum, he'd have to care for me for over 17 hours a day which ain't gonna happen in reality.  I think the most amount of weekly care I've got out of him is 5 hours when I went for the MRI and Neurology appointments.

I really am going to bed now lol

Nite nite again orl.

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