Wednesday 24 November 2021

Mornin' all

I haven't done much so far today, just remembered not to open up my emails, taken my morning pills and set the weekly virus scan going.  My carer was washing himself at the kitchen sink 🤮 when I came downstairs then started talking about a steam train coming through the station yesterday.  He's got a medical appointment today, so it might only be an 8-10 hour day of caring today, instead of the 12 hours it's been so far this week.

When I asked him what we were having for lunch today, he said "burgers as long as I'm not too sad that my doctors have forgotten to tell me something else" and he doesn't want breakfast today, so I'll potentially not be eating anything at all today if he comes back as unmotivated as he usually is on a Wednesday.

Need to charge my FitBit up this morning so that I don't forget too, so I'd best do that now.

OK, my FitBit is charging up alongside my watch and my carer is gonna fill up on biscuits today by the looks of things, so there's even less chance that he'll cook for us for lunch, so today is looking more and more likely that I'll be drinking pop all day instead of eating anything.

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