Saturday 20 November 2021

Grocery totals for next week

Marie got me a bag of cotton wool balls with the shopping so I've taken those off the order and replaced them with more instant soups before my carer had the opportunity to add more food that he'll waste to it, so the totals are now broken down like this:

My stuff:  £6.07
Steve's stuff:  £17.34
Joint stuff:  £22.84

So, thankfully, the joint stuff is most expensive next week but Steve's stuff is still almost triple the cost of my stuff and I bet I'll have to take my own stuff off so that Steve can add more meaty/allergenic stuff that I can't have before I head to bed on Monday.

I'd love to be able to add fruit like blueberries and raspberries and grapes to it so that I can have a smoothie when Steve has soup 'cos I can do that sitting down in here, but there...

No, sod it, the bananas can come off and blackberries can go on instead. 


The updated totals are the same for Steve and the joint stuff, it's just mine that's different and is now a huge £9.65 and Steve is considering taking off some of his pops so I'll be able to add even more fruit like seedless grapes etc so that I can have a smoothie for my lunch when Steve has an instant soup and actually have something in my stomach at lunchtimes unlike yesterday and today.

My belly is rumbling now lol

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