Wednesday 20 February 2013

Please don't take your health for granted!

What does it feel like to be healthy?  I genuinely don't remember  :-(

When I first moved to Gloucester, I was happy, sane and healthy.  I had 2 jobs that I loved and was walking about 5 miles a day, had my favourite food (jacket potato with cheese and baked beans) for lunch every day during the week, I could eat what I liked, when I liked and I could leave the house and socialise and go window shopping etc etc - I so wish I hadn't taken that for granted now!

Now though, I'm pretty much house-bound and I hate it!  :-(

I'm saving up for an electric wheelchair to hopefully get me out of the house and give me back some independence but it's slow going!  I've got £300 saved up so far so I'm less than half way there  :-( 

I just want my health and independence back!

I'm just a grumpy cow tonight so I'm going to bed now and hope that I wake up in a better mood tomorrow!

Nite nite orl!