Monday 31 May 2010

There really are...

I haven't written anything in here for a couple of months so figured I'd bore you all again!

There really are Higher Powers and Angels hanging around you know?

I've been praying to them every night since I became a Pagan and they have answered prayers and requests that aren't that big (for example, getting me to loose weight - they answered that by popping up an advert for pills that was hard to ignore and a month later I've gone down a clothes size... things like that), but they are making sure that I learn from their gifts by not providing everything as soon as I ask but giving me the things later on when I've stopped begging them for what I want and I've forgotten I've even asked for it!

Then there is the love of Steven too... he came back from seeing the district nurse this morning and said his legs are infected again but he said that if his legs were OK later in the week then we would go to the Dogs Trust in Evesham to have a look at all the dogs they've got with a view to re-homing one of them soon - that's another prayer answered!

They aren't huge things and could, quite easily, be overlooked and not made to happen but I reckon all the Gods, Godesses and Angels are providing answers to my prayers so that they can proove to me that they *do* exist and that they *do* answer prayers!

That's all :-)