Monday, 16 July 2018

The pup's home again now... yaaaaay!

She's on more steroids to try and clear up the skin condition that she had when we first got her, drops for her right ear and she's had the first in a course of jabs because it's been so long since her last course of them.

That's it for 4 weeks now though, just gotta hope that the steroids don't make her ill, like the previous ones did.

The poor little pup is panting like mad right now, bless her!

Thank you so much for taking her and bringing her back the last few weeks, Marie!

2.5 hours early again

You'd think that a huge supermarket like Sainsbury's would be able to work out a better way to organise the grocery deliveries than to have one delivery literally at the end of our road then 6 more deliveries the other side of the city then have to come all the way back for us!

It's all sorted now though, Mitzi has just got to go back to the vet (hopefully this time) for her jabs with Marie then that's me able to go to bed for a rare, but genuinely early night!

Gonna take me prescription when Steve takes Mitzi up to the end of the road then I'll head to bed when the pup gets home at like 5.30pm or whatever.  Total aceness!

Supplements and last hayfever pill taken

Just taken me supplements and the last hayfever pill, so Steve's given me his box of hayfever pills now that we know it really is a cold, not hayfever.  They all went down OK this morning, thankfully!

Puppy walked and fed this morning

Almost forgot my morningly message about the pup being walked and fed!

My knees are killing me for some reason today so we only did 100% of the walk today... the pup wanted more but there is no way my knees could have kept me upright if we'd gone any further!

Sunday, 15 July 2018

Supplements taken and a reason not to smile

Just taken me supplements, but when I smiled in the mirror I discovered deep wrinkles under my eyes.  I'm 40 years old and I'm getting wrinkles already!  It's all downhill from here!  lol

That's me done for the day now

Just taken out the second recycling box and cleared up Mitzi's poo from the back yard.

I'm totally done in now!

Gonna take me supplements then I'm not doing anything else for the rest of the day.

No arguements this week though, thankfully!

Senior pup walked, fed and watered

I was happy with the length of our usual walk but the pup kept walking so we did 150% this morning!  I think the pup wanted to do 200% but there's no way I could have stayed on my feet any longer than I did without falling over and not being able to get back up.

I fed and watered her when we came back home so she's all set for the day now.

Saturday, 14 July 2018

Hayfever pill and supplements taken now

Just taken me cocktail of pills... later than I have done for the last week or so, but better late than never, right?  👍

Had some poor sod calling my mobile earlier on too.  "Just got 2 questions for you, is that OK?" says he.  "That's the first question" says me.  "It will only take a couple of minutes, alright?" continues he.  "That's the second question.  Goodbye" says me and I hung up on the poor bloke lol

We've stopped getting cold callers on the landline now after my survey questions to the cold callers, so word obviously spreads fast amongst them when they're being played at their own game lol

Senior pup walked and fed

Took her out as soon as I came downstairs this morning and she came to me straight away so I'm gonna try and remember to walk her before anything else every morning... maybe her bones ache later on or something?

Haven't taken me supplements or hayfever pill yet though... is it too late to take them now??

Friday, 13 July 2018

Hayfever pill and supplements taken

Just taken me morning cocktail of pills.  They all went down surprisingly easily this morning, thankfully!

150% this morning!

Took the pup for her morning stroll and I would have been happy with our normal 100% but the pup insisted on another half today so we did 150% and she was pondering on another 50% on top of the 150% but there's no way my legs would have held me up so we came inside.

Bless her little furry paws!

Thursday, 12 July 2018

Pup walked, pills taken

Took the pup out for her walk this morning, hoping not to see a squished seagull or angry seagull parents.  There was a lot of squarking but that's not unusual 'cos they nest on the bus station's roof.  We didn't get attacked, thankfully and the pup behaved herself.

Just taken me 3 supplements and the hayfever pill.  The Iron disintegrated and the Multi took a couple of mouthfuls of squash to get washed down, but other than that everything went down fine this morning.

I can now get on with doing more surveys and hope I get to bed earlier tonight!

Jokes from a writing forum I'm with

Why did the can crusher quit his job? 
Because it was soda pressing.

What happens to a frog's car when it breaks down?
It gets toad away.

Knock-knock jokes are fun, the person who came up with them should definitely get a No-Bell prize.

My friend bought a dog from a Blacksmith.
As soon as he got it home, it made a bolt for the door.

On a beautiful summer’s day, two English tourists were driving through Wales.

At Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwyllllantysiliogogogoch they stopped for lunch and one of the tourists asked the waitress: “Before we order, I wonder if you could settle an argument for us. Can you pronounce where we are, very, very, very slowly?”

The girl leaned over and said: “Burrr… gurrr… King.”

Singing in the shower is all fun and games until you get shampoo in your mouth. Then it becomes a soap opera.

News: "Boy George's reptile bites 5 people in one day."

He needs a calmer chameleon.

What do you call an alligator that’s wearing a vest?
An investigator.

A lizard walks into a bar pushing a baby in a pram. "What's your kid's name?" asks the bartender. "Tiny," says the lizard. "Because he's my newt."

Knock. Knock

Who's there?


Panther who?

Panther no pants, I'm goin' thwimmin'.

Andy has 150 candy bars. He eats 125. What does Andy have now?
Type 2 Diabetes. Andy has diabetes now.

I blame Steve's Facebook friends for this one! lol

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

That was, erm... interesting!

We've had another, slightly older, seagull come down in our back yard.

I spotted it and asked Steve to phone the RSPCA to come out and rescue it, like they did last time.  They refused to come out because they were too busy helping other stranded seagulls.  They told Steve to put a towel over it's head and take it out the front.

I suggested phoning the RSPB but they didn't have a local phone number on their site so Steve phoned the local council who gave him the number of the local pest control who gave the same advice as the RSPCA!

Sooo, we found a cardboard box with a lid and Steve went out to catch the seagull then I pushed the box through the house and opened the front door.

Gently tipped the box up and opened the flaps to let the poor seagull out then came back into the house and closed the door as fast as I could!

The seagull trotted off to the other side of the road like nothing had happened.

It's amazing what teamwork can achieve if you don't get support from any of the 4 places you contact even though it's their freakin' job!!

If it happens again, we know what to do now though - get the poor gull into a cardboard box, scoot it through the house and let it go!

Supplements and hayfever pill taken

All of 'em except the Multi went down fine this morning, but I'm now bloated with squash because I had to crunch the Multi up - such a gross flavour when I'm forced to do that!

Some people can be so rude!!

Got an email from an author last night, pretty much demanding that I review his book.

He asked 1 question (do you still review books?) and not a please or thank you in sight!  I ask that authors email me with the synopsis of their books first then if I'm interested I'll let them know.

This author emailed their book to me and included a shortened link to their books page.  I don't know about you, but I don't click on shortened links outside Twitter because they don't need to be shortened and could be a link to a virus!

I'll review the book, but it will just have to wait its turn until I've read the 5 other books I've already got waiting for me.  It takes 5 seconds to type 'please' and another 5 seconds to type 'thank you' but this author was so overly self confident that he forgot to be polite and follow instructions!

I'm doing you a favour after all, so you want to get on the good side of me!

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

That's SCBWI and Patrick paid for another year

Got the renewal notice for me SCBWI membership last night so I paid that and I've just paid for Patrick's insurance for another year too so that's the yearly things sorted and I just need to keep paying for Mitzi's insurance and the electric etc each month without needing to worry about where I'm gonna find £150 from now... I can just keep topping up my current account with £129 a month now just in case I'm not accepted for ESA in November.

If I'm not re-awarded ESA I'll apply for UC immediately and we'll have to scrape by on £229 PIP until June 2019 when I'll have precisely nothing coming into my account yet I'll still be expected to pay for the electricity, food and my own bills even though I'll have precisely no money in the bank!

If I'm not re-awarded ESA or UC then the Benefits Agency are definitely trying to kill off claimants 'cos there's no way *anyone* can survive on literally zero pounds and zero pence coming in!

8 years to the month since...

I last saw my mum in July 2010.

It's now July 2018.

That's 8 years since I last saw her.

The only reason I agreed to move so far away was that we saw her regularly.

We did go over semi-regularly for the first year or so after I moved here but I don't call 8 years since the last visit "regularly", do you?

Steve even promised that we'd go over and see her regularly after my father's funeral.

We've seen her once in the 8 years and a month since then.

You're nothing but a liar, are you Steve!

Hayfever pill and supplements taken

Just taken me hayfever pill and supplements without too many difficulties this morning.

Gonna put the Vaseline around my nose now 'cos the pollen count is already too high!

Puppy walked and fed

Just got back from taking our senior puppy out for her morning stroll.  She spotted a cat behind us and refused to walk for a few seconds though... total Westitude!  She's allowed to have Westitude occasionally though 'cos she's an old lady now who is usually a good girl, so I'll let her off the occasional grumpy moods lol.

Monday, 9 July 2018

22 years

I got my first mobile phone when I was 18.

I'm 40 now.

My first phone was pay as you go with O2.

My current phone is pay as you go with O2.

That's 22 years of being an O2 customer.

I've had a couple of contract phones in between but I've always had a SIM card with O2.

I've also got a contract with 3 right now but I haven't got a clue what the phone number is, I'm with that purely because of having unlimited internet on it just in case our home Wi-Fi goes down or I'm taken into hospital again.  If O2 offered unlimited internet I'd pay the rest of my contract with 3 and immediately set up a contract with O2.

There's nothing at all wrong with 3, I just know how things work with O2 and like their rewards is all.

Supplements and hayfever pill taken

Taken me cocktail of pills... the Iron disintegrated but the Calcium and Multi went down fine for a change!

As has happened every year since I first got it, hayfever pills work for a grand total of 10 hours for that first day then that's it.  No kind of relief whatsoever.

I'm seriously considering asking my GP about having Immunotherapy for it just on the off-chance that it helps, 'cos antihistamines only work for a few hours then that's it for the whole of Summer!

Pup walked and fed

Walked and fed the pup first thing and it was way too hot out there even for me!!

Gonna take me hayfever pill and 3 supplements now then that's me sorted for the day  👍

Sunday, 8 July 2018

Pup walked and fed

It's waaaay too hot out there today so we just did twice between our neighbours then came home.

Supplements and hayfever pill taken

They all went down not too badly this morning, thankfully!

Almost forgot the hayfever pill though!

I know Steve's definion of "later" now

I've asked Steve for the last 3 weeks to help me clear up Mitzi's poo in the back yard.

His reply has always been "later".

I've just done it on my own so from now on I'll be using Steve's definition of "later" when he asks me to do something and I'll make "promises" that I don't keep too.

Bet it'll last hours before Steve throws a strop, yet I'll only be playing him at his own game that he's been playing for the last 3 weeks!

It's now 9.24am on Sunday 8th July... lets see how long it lasts before I use one of Steve's definitions for the first time!  lol

Saturday, 7 July 2018

Supplements and hayfever pill taken

They all went down nice and easily this morning!  I've got one full bottle of squash left.

Taking bets on if Steve'll fill the bottles up before I need them or not... I'm betting that he won't.  👎

Steve's promises are...

Just asked Steve if he was going to come on family walkies with me and the pup today, like he's promised for the last few days but he said he wasn't so that's one promise broken yet again.  I asked him what we were having for tea and he said it was too hot to cook so I said about him promising yesterday that we'd have pasta bake today.  His reply?  "Oh yeah, sorry".

Same with Patrick's insurance.  I asked him to phone up to renew it as soon as I saw the renewal come through, he said he'd do it "later" so I emailed them to find out what time they closed.  6pm.  Steve said he'd definitely do it before then, but he didn't, so I'm gonna do it online on Tuesday using the insurers new online renewal system that goes live on Tuesday morning.

He does this all the time... promises something then goes back on it so I've given up now.  As far as I'm concerned, Steve's promises are worthless from now on.

Friday, 6 July 2018

I knew it!!

Steve is my hubby and carer.

Mitzi is our senior pup.

I asked Steve to do two things yesterday and he promised it would happen for sure.

The first was to make pasta bake for our lunch/tea and the second was to take Mitzi on the first family walkies 'cos all three of us enjoyed them last time they happened regularly.

Steve did neither of those things today.  I knew he wouldn't.  He never does, despite being paid to be my carer for at least 25 hours a week.  The reality is that I struggle to get an hour of care out of him a week and that's usually the few seconds it takes to do my bra up for me.

I asked him about when we were having the pasta bake at lunchtime.

"It's too hot to cook" says he.

"So we're not having it for tea either then?" says me.

"Nope, definitely tomorrow though.  Promise" says he.

I asked him about taking the pup out for her family walkies when he got home from his nurse appointment.

"It's too hot out there right now" says he.  "We'll definitely go this evening when it's cooled down though.  Promise"

I've just asked him what time it will be cool enough for him to take her out.

"About 2am" says he.

"All three of us will be asleep then though" says me, starting to get angry.

"Yep.  Sorry" says Steve.

So I've just taken Mitzi out for her walk and fed her.

25 hours a week is just over 3 hours a day for 7 days yeah?

In the last 7 days, Steve's done my bra up once and that's it.  Less than a minute under his "carer" title.

Even if you include the household tasks as caring, he's put the powder into the washing machine and turned it on once which took less than a minute, so that's 3 minutes of caring so far this week, yeah?

He's cooked once this week so even if you include the 20 minute cooking time and 5 minutes plating up, that's 25 minutes caring, plus the 3 minutes from the previous paragraph, means that he's cared for me for 28 minutes this week, not the 25 hours he's being paid for!!

If he'd spent those 25 hours caring for me then I wouldn't have minded not having the pasta bake and taking Mitzi for her walk, but he hasn't even spent half an hour caring for me this week instead of the 25 hours he's being paid for!

He's got a job too that he's being paid for, yet he spends the majority of the day and night asleep then complains when his boss asks him how he's getting on with one of the tasks that he hasn't even started because he's asleep for 20 hours a f**king day!!

He's sat in his chair snoring his head of now and he's only just turned his computer on for the first time since yesterday afternoon!!

When I met up with C yesterday he asked me if I'd ever thought about moving away and I said sometimes - this is one of those times, if you're reading, C!

C does more for me in 2 hours a couple of times a month than Steve does in a f**king month of living with me!  C is more like my carer than my own husband and C's not even being paid for it!!

Supplements and hayfever pill taken

The supplements were a flippin' nightmare to take this morning and the hayfever pills don't work at all any more either!  Just the same as every year in the past!

Thursday, 5 July 2018

Looking to study for free online? DO NOT go with these idiots!

I had high hopes for being able to continue with my studying with DLU.  They offered lots of courses I was interested in and it was free so it didn't matter if I didn't pass each course.

I duly filled in the forms and sent them back, was sent the URL to start studying and it was really easy to learn from the course so I was feeling good about it.

A week later I was emailed with my tutor's name and email address so I sent him a quick email just introducing myself and asking if he was ready for me to send my first assessment to him.

He was a lovely, supportive, understanding man who talked me through submitting the assessment which I duly did.

A week later I got the result that I'd failed on some of the questions so I'd need to re-study those bits and re-submit just those sections.

That's when the problems started and they haven't stopped since.

I tried to resubmit the questions I'd got wrong, just like it said to do on the site but it wouldn't accept it.

Must be a computer glitch or something I ponder and try again.

Same thing.

Gave it several hours just in case they were doing something behind the scenes.

Same problem.

So I email my tutor to find out what I should do.

I'm sure I must have vented about it on this blog about it since then, so I won't repeat myself, but I heard from DLU last night to say they'd put a message on the course to contact a different email address if the student was having technical difficulties, which is fair enough, but what about fixing the thing that caused me problems to start with!?

They offered to give me a 2 week extension on my second unit assessment, even though they still hadn't fixed the problem with their site for submitting the first unit's assessment!

I'd already forgotten everything I'd learned so told them where to stick it!  lol

If you're looking for an online course to study that is free and actually works, go with OpenLearn first then to Alison - you don't get a tutor with either of those sites, it's all automated, but their sites do genuinely work and it is genuinely free even if you don't complete the course you registered for!

The OpenLearn courses don't give you any kind of certificate or anything but some courses have badges that you can download after you finish the course to put on your site or CV or whatever.  If you pass a certificate or diploma course on Alison you can pay for it if you want to but if you don't then there's no pressure at all either way!

Whatever you do, avoid DLU at all costs unless you want to pay an £85 non-completion fee for something that isn't even your fault!

I was semi-wrong about Steve not filling up the bottles for me

I was wrong about Steve not filling up the squash bottles for me... I took the empty one out to the kitchen and he filled it up for me, so I've got enough for 3 or 4 days now, he just needs to fill up the other 2 that are in the kitchen, but they aren't so much to worry about as long as I've got at least 1 full bottle of squash in here to keep me going for about 3 days.

Supplements and hayfever pill taken

Just taken me 3 supplements and hayfever pill.  Asked Steve to fill up the bottles with squash too and he agreed... don't reckon he will before tonight though - he's officially my carer but does bugger all to deserve that title!

Puppy walked and fed

The pup was eager for her morning walk again this morning, so maybe she was just feeling like a grumpy old lady a few days ago?

I suggested we went on family walkies again so that I could take her between our two neighbours then Steve takes her up to the end of the street and back.  Steve agreed on the proviso that it was either early in the morning or last thing at night so that it's cooler for him.

I go to bed at 10pm so we'll walk the pup at about 9.30pm when it's cooler.

I give it 2 evenings before Steve starts refusing again, yet he expects me to take her out every day and he felt better when he walked her for that week or 10 days or whatever it was.

All 3 of us need to lose weight so we need to go on walkies every day to help it along, yet it's only me and Mitzi that do it for any longer than a week!

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Oh boy do I feel grotty!

Just got back from seeing C and the hayfever has well and truly got hold of me now.

I couldn't walk steadily in a straight line even with C on my left side and my quad cane in the other and my throat is stopping me from drinking as quickly as I usually do as well... it's only lunchtime but I must have looked like a drunken bitch because I couldn't walk in a straight line even with support. 

It's the hayfever's fault though, as long as the pollen count is low or I'm not out for longer than 15 minutes I'm just my wobbly self that I can usually correct by just clinging onto a wall and my stick and I don't look drunk, just weird... the hayfever knackered my balance as well this afternoon for some reason too though!

Dunno how or why, but it has and I really don't like it one little bit!

Puppy walked and fed

Just walked and fed the (senior) pup.  It definitely needs to be done either first thing in the morning (before the weather gets too hot) or last thing at night (when it's cooling down) otherwise she gets too hot to want to go for her walk.

For the rest of Summer, the morning routine will be:
Wake up
Come downstairs
Take me hayfever tablet
Walk the pup
Feed the pup
Take me supplements
Carry on with the day

You watch me forget tomorrow morning though!  lol

Supplements and hayfever pill taken

Just taken me supplements and my second hayfever pill (first was yesterday afternoon).

The supplements went down OKish, but my throat was already swollen because of the hayfever so I couldn't swallow as much as I usually do when I take the supplements.

The first hayfever pill was amazing yesterday!  It completely unblocked my nose which stopped me sniffing, stopped my eyes itching and watering and my throat relaxed too so I could actually talk!

Took the pill at 2Pm-ish and was still wide awake at 2Am!!  It's 8am now, so in theory I'll be tired at 8pm and I can head to bed at 10pm then hopefully wake up at 8am tomorrow morning.

TBH, as long as I get some sleep, it'll be more than I usually do during the hayfever season!

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Just ordered me repeat prescription

Got exactly 14 days left so there's no hurry for it but it means that I can allow for any unexpected problems that are bound to occur with getting it 'cos my illness is rare, even though I've been taking the pills for almost 16 years and I order them every month lol

Just walked the pup

It's so hot out there even at 9.30Pm so I dread to think what it was like during the day!!

Supplements taken

All 3 of 'em were a nightmare to get down this mornin'!  They all needed to be crunched up and the crumbs went everywhere in my mouth!  Not good at all!

Honest opinions please!

Have a read of this and tell me totally honestly if I'm blunt or kind or a combination.

I know what I think of myself and I know what I think you think and I know what I'm aiming for... but what do *you* honestly think of me according to this site?

Don't sugar-coat it if you think I'm blunt for gawd's sake, just be honest with me according to this site's definition. If you feel able to give me an example of why you think whatever you think of me then that'd be good too, but if you're not comfortable with saying it publically then that's OK too!

Thank you!

Monday, 2 July 2018

It's official...

Hayfever season is well under way, I look like Rudolph, my lips are chapping and I've got to survive on 3 hours sleep a night between now and mid-September, then I'll have a week to recover before the cold season starts until March, I'll have another week off then hayfever again!

Deep joy!

Supplements taken

Just taken me 3 supplements and they all went down amazingly easily this morning!

I need to get 3 hours sleep then walk and feed Mitzi before taking them more often!  lol

That's the pup walked and fed!

It's 6.30am and I've been awake for 3 hours so thought I'd walk and feed our little senior pup.

I think she was surprised that we were going out so early, but eagerly waddled to the bottom of the stairs when I called "walkies" so we went out for an early morning wander!

Means that I can cough and sniffle without worrying so much about the pollen count now!  Yay!

Sunday, 1 July 2018

Ordered 2 boxes of hayfever relief tablets

I'll give them one last try.  They might have improved the recipe in the last 30 years after all.

I'll have to carefully read the leaflet to check they don't have lactose in them... if they have I won't be able to take them 'cos of my dairy allergy so I'll give them to Steve to try instead, seeing as how he's been struck down with hayfever for the first time in his life this year!

I said I thought it was hayfever last weekend (or whenever it was) and Steve asked the nurse on the Tuesday who confirmed it but he still doesn't believe the diagnosis 'cos he's in his mid-40's and this is the first year he's ever had it... gotta start somewhere and maybe there just hasn't been enough pollen around to affect him in the last 40 years!  lol

That's the bin bag and recycling out ready for tomorrow

It's only a 5-10 minute job, once a week, but in heat like this it causes a mini argument between me and Steve unfortunately.

It's done until they've collected our rubbish and recycling tomorrow though when I'll bring the bag and recycling box back in and we'll get into another mini argument about it... it's the heat that does it as much as anything!

Just gotta remember to clear up Mitzi's poo before the bin bag is collected but I can't do that at all... if I bend over even slightly I fall flat on my face and can't get back up alone!  😔

So hot out there!!

It was just right first thing... warm but with a cool breeze in the shadow at the end of the street.

Now?  6 hours later?

Stifling heat and not a breeze in sight!

My hayfever is a nightmare today too.. my throat is sore, my voice is pretty much non-existent, my nose and eyes are streaming and I can't stop sneezing!

My MIL suggested anti-histamines but I've had hayfever since I was a small child and they just provide constant side effects on top of the hayfever instead of even a small amount of relief!