Tuesday 10 July 2018

That's SCBWI and Patrick paid for another year

Got the renewal notice for me SCBWI membership last night so I paid that and I've just paid for Patrick's insurance for another year too so that's the yearly things sorted and I just need to keep paying for Mitzi's insurance and the electric etc each month without needing to worry about where I'm gonna find £150 from now... I can just keep topping up my current account with £129 a month now just in case I'm not accepted for ESA in November.

If I'm not re-awarded ESA I'll apply for UC immediately and we'll have to scrape by on £229 PIP until June 2019 when I'll have precisely nothing coming into my account yet I'll still be expected to pay for the electricity, food and my own bills even though I'll have precisely no money in the bank!

If I'm not re-awarded ESA or UC then the Benefits Agency are definitely trying to kill off claimants 'cos there's no way *anyone* can survive on literally zero pounds and zero pence coming in!

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