Tuesday 31 July 2018

Tuesday the 31st July post

This is gonna be my eighth daily blog post... what do you all think?  Do you prefer long one-a-day posts like the last week has been or multiple short posts a day?

I'm genuinely interested in what you all think 'cos I can see the positive's and negatives of both choices, so I need your help to decide the future of the posts please?

I'll go with the majority and you don't have to give your name if you don't want to, just your first initial is fine and dandy, I just want some feedback about what you want me to do in future is all  👌

I'm gonna stop counting the rejected surveys every day, I'm guessing it annoyed you all something rotten to just have a few words counting up by 10 a time so I ain't gonna do that any more.  If I take a particularly interesting survey then I'll still post, but no more counting from now on  👍

I'm trying to stay positive that I'll be re-awarded ESA in November so
I'll be able to pay for 3 of the 6 undergraduate courses I need up front
so that I don't get into debt again, so soon after getting out of my 22
year long debt.

In theory I'll be entitled to a DSA for each of the undergraduate courses
I do with the OU but I know very little about them.  Don't suppose anyone
here has studied at University level and been awarded a DSA that they
could tell me about could they?  Pretty please?

I'm hoping that I'll be able to get comb-bound books and conference call
tutorials and transcripts of the telly programmes and extra time and be
able to use my notes in the exams as well as being able to have the exams
at home again directly from the OU, so what else can a DSA do to help,

If my GP supports my application for the DSA, it'll be for the psychotic
depression, brain damage (aka memory problems), the mobility problems and
the Korsakov syndrome.  In theory I could be awarded it for the hearing
and sight problems too, but those 4 will be the ones I need most support

Soooo, has anyone here been awarded a DSA in the recent past please? 
What happens at the assessment?  What sort of thing do they recommend to
help with your studies?  How difficult is it to arrange the support
you've been awarded?  Things like that?


Just taken a survey about pop music that involved listening to 3 snippets of tracks.  The lead singer had a great voice and the music was good but the second singer and the group really clashed with the lead singers vocals.  If it had just been the lead singer on her own I wouldn't have hesitated to give the songs top marks, but the voices really clashed and spoiled it for me unfortunately  👎

Apparently survey companies who have access to my IP address would only be able to track it to the nearest hub that assigns IP addresses instead of to our actual address, so I'm gonna start taking every survey I'm invited to now  👍  I was just being overly cautious  😀

Got over 100 surveys to do tomorrow already but I'm heading to bed now 'cos I'm cream crackered!

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