Saturday 21 July 2018

First of the long, twice a day posts!

Just taken the pup out for her morning stroll.  100% and no poo today. Fed her too, so she's sorted for the day now!
Virgin Media are going to lose so many customers and those who stay with them will be downgrading their TV package because as of midnight tonight Virgin Media customers are going to be losing all their UKTV channels for things like W and Really and Drama and Dave and Yesterday - basically all the chanels we watch so we and Steve's family and hopefully many more will be downgrading their TV package and Virgin will lose money.

You can still see them on the UKTV site though so all is not lost entirely... just the TV channels are now viewed online is all.

Steve's just done something with our telly that connects our TV to the UKTV site though, so hopefully that means we can still see the programmes we want to see on the telly instead of having to use our laptops!

This isn't even the first time that Virgin have screwed up... the same thing happened a few years ago but we had more notice about it then!

Apparently we still don't get W or Alibi on the telly version which are the only channels we watch and Steve's part way through watching a series on both of those and I want to be able to watch Masterchef when the new series start too, so maybe we do have to watch them on our computers after all!  😔

Not good, Virgin Media, not good at all.  👎
Supplements taken now... had to crunch up the Multi for some bizarre reason though.  Total grossness  😞

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