Thursday 5 July 2018

Looking to study for free online? DO NOT go with these idiots!

I had high hopes for being able to continue with my studying with DLU.  They offered lots of courses I was interested in and it was free so it didn't matter if I didn't pass each course.

I duly filled in the forms and sent them back, was sent the URL to start studying and it was really easy to learn from the course so I was feeling good about it.

A week later I was emailed with my tutor's name and email address so I sent him a quick email just introducing myself and asking if he was ready for me to send my first assessment to him.

He was a lovely, supportive, understanding man who talked me through submitting the assessment which I duly did.

A week later I got the result that I'd failed on some of the questions so I'd need to re-study those bits and re-submit just those sections.

That's when the problems started and they haven't stopped since.

I tried to resubmit the questions I'd got wrong, just like it said to do on the site but it wouldn't accept it.

Must be a computer glitch or something I ponder and try again.

Same thing.

Gave it several hours just in case they were doing something behind the scenes.

Same problem.

So I email my tutor to find out what I should do.

I'm sure I must have vented about it on this blog about it since then, so I won't repeat myself, but I heard from DLU last night to say they'd put a message on the course to contact a different email address if the student was having technical difficulties, which is fair enough, but what about fixing the thing that caused me problems to start with!?

They offered to give me a 2 week extension on my second unit assessment, even though they still hadn't fixed the problem with their site for submitting the first unit's assessment!

I'd already forgotten everything I'd learned so told them where to stick it!  lol

If you're looking for an online course to study that is free and actually works, go with OpenLearn first then to Alison - you don't get a tutor with either of those sites, it's all automated, but their sites do genuinely work and it is genuinely free even if you don't complete the course you registered for!

The OpenLearn courses don't give you any kind of certificate or anything but some courses have badges that you can download after you finish the course to put on your site or CV or whatever.  If you pass a certificate or diploma course on Alison you can pay for it if you want to but if you don't then there's no pressure at all either way!

Whatever you do, avoid DLU at all costs unless you want to pay an £85 non-completion fee for something that isn't even your fault!

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