Tuesday 24 July 2018

Tuesday's blog post

Was awake and downstairs by 7am this morning for some reason, even though I didn't take my prescription until gone 8pm last night.  I'm totally wiped out now though, so I'm gonna try and remember to take me pills at about 6pm and head to bed at 7pm... you watch me forget tonight though!  lol

Took the pup out for her morning stroll then came home and fed her - she's been so hungry that she's gobbled the lot down straight away, yesterday and today!

Taken me hayfever pill and supplements too so we're all set for the day now!

Sooooo tired!!!!!!

Chinese for tea yet again.  Steve reckons he enjoys cooking and he's being paid to be my carer for 35 hours a week so why are we having take aways for lunch/tea every day?!

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