Friday 6 July 2018

I knew it!!

Steve is my hubby and carer.

Mitzi is our senior pup.

I asked Steve to do two things yesterday and he promised it would happen for sure.

The first was to make pasta bake for our lunch/tea and the second was to take Mitzi on the first family walkies 'cos all three of us enjoyed them last time they happened regularly.

Steve did neither of those things today.  I knew he wouldn't.  He never does, despite being paid to be my carer for at least 25 hours a week.  The reality is that I struggle to get an hour of care out of him a week and that's usually the few seconds it takes to do my bra up for me.

I asked him about when we were having the pasta bake at lunchtime.

"It's too hot to cook" says he.

"So we're not having it for tea either then?" says me.

"Nope, definitely tomorrow though.  Promise" says he.

I asked him about taking the pup out for her family walkies when he got home from his nurse appointment.

"It's too hot out there right now" says he.  "We'll definitely go this evening when it's cooled down though.  Promise"

I've just asked him what time it will be cool enough for him to take her out.

"About 2am" says he.

"All three of us will be asleep then though" says me, starting to get angry.

"Yep.  Sorry" says Steve.

So I've just taken Mitzi out for her walk and fed her.

25 hours a week is just over 3 hours a day for 7 days yeah?

In the last 7 days, Steve's done my bra up once and that's it.  Less than a minute under his "carer" title.

Even if you include the household tasks as caring, he's put the powder into the washing machine and turned it on once which took less than a minute, so that's 3 minutes of caring so far this week, yeah?

He's cooked once this week so even if you include the 20 minute cooking time and 5 minutes plating up, that's 25 minutes caring, plus the 3 minutes from the previous paragraph, means that he's cared for me for 28 minutes this week, not the 25 hours he's being paid for!!

If he'd spent those 25 hours caring for me then I wouldn't have minded not having the pasta bake and taking Mitzi for her walk, but he hasn't even spent half an hour caring for me this week instead of the 25 hours he's being paid for!

He's got a job too that he's being paid for, yet he spends the majority of the day and night asleep then complains when his boss asks him how he's getting on with one of the tasks that he hasn't even started because he's asleep for 20 hours a f**king day!!

He's sat in his chair snoring his head of now and he's only just turned his computer on for the first time since yesterday afternoon!!

When I met up with C yesterday he asked me if I'd ever thought about moving away and I said sometimes - this is one of those times, if you're reading, C!

C does more for me in 2 hours a couple of times a month than Steve does in a f**king month of living with me!  C is more like my carer than my own husband and C's not even being paid for it!!

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