Wednesday 11 July 2018

That was, erm... interesting!

We've had another, slightly older, seagull come down in our back yard.

I spotted it and asked Steve to phone the RSPCA to come out and rescue it, like they did last time.  They refused to come out because they were too busy helping other stranded seagulls.  They told Steve to put a towel over it's head and take it out the front.

I suggested phoning the RSPB but they didn't have a local phone number on their site so Steve phoned the local council who gave him the number of the local pest control who gave the same advice as the RSPCA!

Sooo, we found a cardboard box with a lid and Steve went out to catch the seagull then I pushed the box through the house and opened the front door.

Gently tipped the box up and opened the flaps to let the poor seagull out then came back into the house and closed the door as fast as I could!

The seagull trotted off to the other side of the road like nothing had happened.

It's amazing what teamwork can achieve if you don't get support from any of the 4 places you contact even though it's their freakin' job!!

If it happens again, we know what to do now though - get the poor gull into a cardboard box, scoot it through the house and let it go!

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