Wednesday 11 July 2018

Some people can be so rude!!

Got an email from an author last night, pretty much demanding that I review his book.

He asked 1 question (do you still review books?) and not a please or thank you in sight!  I ask that authors email me with the synopsis of their books first then if I'm interested I'll let them know.

This author emailed their book to me and included a shortened link to their books page.  I don't know about you, but I don't click on shortened links outside Twitter because they don't need to be shortened and could be a link to a virus!

I'll review the book, but it will just have to wait its turn until I've read the 5 other books I've already got waiting for me.  It takes 5 seconds to type 'please' and another 5 seconds to type 'thank you' but this author was so overly self confident that he forgot to be polite and follow instructions!

I'm doing you a favour after all, so you want to get on the good side of me!

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