Wednesday 4 July 2018

Supplements and hayfever pill taken

Just taken me supplements and my second hayfever pill (first was yesterday afternoon).

The supplements went down OKish, but my throat was already swollen because of the hayfever so I couldn't swallow as much as I usually do when I take the supplements.

The first hayfever pill was amazing yesterday!  It completely unblocked my nose which stopped me sniffing, stopped my eyes itching and watering and my throat relaxed too so I could actually talk!

Took the pill at 2Pm-ish and was still wide awake at 2Am!!  It's 8am now, so in theory I'll be tired at 8pm and I can head to bed at 10pm then hopefully wake up at 8am tomorrow morning.

TBH, as long as I get some sleep, it'll be more than I usually do during the hayfever season!

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