Saturday 7 July 2018

Steve's promises are...

Just asked Steve if he was going to come on family walkies with me and the pup today, like he's promised for the last few days but he said he wasn't so that's one promise broken yet again.  I asked him what we were having for tea and he said it was too hot to cook so I said about him promising yesterday that we'd have pasta bake today.  His reply?  "Oh yeah, sorry".

Same with Patrick's insurance.  I asked him to phone up to renew it as soon as I saw the renewal come through, he said he'd do it "later" so I emailed them to find out what time they closed.  6pm.  Steve said he'd definitely do it before then, but he didn't, so I'm gonna do it online on Tuesday using the insurers new online renewal system that goes live on Tuesday morning.

He does this all the time... promises something then goes back on it so I've given up now.  As far as I'm concerned, Steve's promises are worthless from now on.

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