Saturday 30 April 2022

Nite nite orl

My Kindle hasn't quite finished charging yet, but I'm yawning and my eyelids are drooping, so I'm heading off to bed now.

Nite nite orl.

Achieved quite a lot today!

After taking my morning pills and making breakfast for me an' 'im, I went out to plant/sow the seeds (which turned out to be more stressful than I anticipated), then had a lovely warm (as opposed to barely tepid like I was dreading), lavendar-scented bubble bath with waaay too many bubbles and I actually managed to get a small warm top-up out of the emersion heater this time too, which is usually unheard of, then I had a home-cooked lunch instead of a take-away and I've spent the rest of this afternoon continuing to read and review an ARC of a NF book on philosophy until my Kindle ran out of juice after spending 10 of the last 24 hours using it non-stop and without charging it.

I'm charging my mobile up now too, so that it doesn't die at silly o'clock and I get flustered about having broken it.

I've taken my night-time pills and I'm ⅓ of the way through the book now, so I'm on track for finishing it on publication day (3rd May).  I very much doubt that there will be any news until the book is finished and reviewed though, but I'll keep on writing blog posts and stuff, it's just that the news usually takes me all morning to do which is valuable reading time atm, so this book is taking priority until I finish it.

Steve's made his own tea tonight, so I can, in theory at least, have a wonderfully early night.  Gotta wait for the side effects to kick in first though  😉

Support totals for today look like this:

Amanda's care of her carer:  9 hours 16 minutes
Carer's care of Amanda:  1 hour 26 minutes

So far this week, the caring totals break down like this:

Amanda's care of her carer:  72 hours 14 minutes
Carer's weekly care of Amanda:  3 hours 46 minutes

I'll spare you the rant that I'm sure you all know off my heart by now  😉

This morning's gardening session

I planted 3 sets of seeds this morning but only took photos of the 38 Degrees session 'cos otherwise I'd have been even more stressed out than I was this morning.

When I eventually got into a routine of filling up the pot with compost, then sowing the seeds then covering them up and shuffling the pot back to its new home, I started to really enjoy it!

Assuming these seeds grow, I'll be investing in more seeds next year too, 'cos it was just the filling up the pots with compost that I found stressful, but the bees will be worth it and I can't wait to watch the #SeedsForBees2022 grow so that I can keep taking photos of them!  Just gotta remember to give them a drink each day now!

Here are the photos:


During sowing:

After sowing:

Today's (30th April 2022) lunch photo

I've thankfully had two meals today so I'm totally stuffed now.  I'm also 667 calories over budget, but that's OK 'cos I wanna put weight on, so every calorie counts 😉

Today's lunch was plant-based pasta bol with sliced cheese broken over it and it tasted sooo good.


Here's the photo:


Gardening done, bath had...

...lunch underway after I refused to have a take-away for my lunch again.


The bathwater was dark grey by the time I got out, thanks to "planting/sowing" the seeds half an hour before I got in.

Just gotta resize the photo's, share them on social media, put them on my site (on a new page) and hopefully my lunch will be ready then.

Just weighed myself and...

...I've already put on 900g after two meals, so that's a relief.  I'm only just in the healthy weight range for my height now, so I wanna put on another kilo or two, just for reassurance, but hopefully I'll be back up to where I wanna be by the end of the weekend then I just wanna maintain it...somehow.

From now on, I'll keep having breakfasts, but only eat at lunchtimes if it's home-cooked.

I've got 86 calories left to eat today, so if my carer makes lunch (which I doubt 'cos he's already cooked 3 times this week) that should take me nicely into the red on my FitBit app, which'll hopefully mean I've put on a bit more weight when I weigh myself tomorrow.

Today's (30th April 2022) breakfast photo

Just had my first breakfast of the week and forgot to not take a bite out of it before I'd taken the photo lol

It was just 2 slices of toast and vegan spread again, but it was sooo good to finally have a breakfast inside me after 5 days of none.

Here's the photo:

Mornin' all

How are you all doing this morning?

My hayfever is alreaday through the roof so I'm gonna be sniffing and sneezing and my eyes are gonna be streaming all day today.

I've taken my morning pills and got everything ready for planting, so I'll go and take the collapsed Amazon boxes and paper packaging through to be recycled then make breakfast for us, weigh myself then let my breakfast "go down" a bit before I do the planting - busy day today!

The virus scan is running and I'm onto my second pint of pop already this morning to try and increase my weight a touch more.  Gonna wait until after I've had breakfast before I weigh myself each day now 'cos that's what I used to do.  I'm gonna weigh myself every day until I've got my weight back up to where I want it to be then back to once a week on a Monday morning again.

Time to go and make breakfast for both of us when my carer has woken up.  Nope, not joking - he spends 8-10 hours asleep during the day and all night asleep, so he's only awake for about 6 hours out of every 24 and  that's spent either cooking (2-3 days a week) or talking about sport that I couldn't care less about so I dunno where he gets the caring for me for 5 hours a day (minimum) fitting into it!

I'm gonna go and have a bath when I've done the planting, so I need to find fresh clothes too, but they will have to wait until later on in the day.

The virus scan has finished now and it's still showing up as clear, thankfully.

Gotta remember to keep reading and reviewing last nights book too... all go to day by the looks of things lol

Friday 29 April 2022

Nite nite orl

I've spent the last couple of hours reading the start of what is, so far, a really interesting adult non-fiction about philosophy through the eyes of a child and it's been absolutly amazing so far.

I can't wait to keep reading and reviewing it tomorrow, but it's my bed-time now, so I'm shutting down for the night.

I hope you're OK after this morning's appointment, TLU!

Steve's just...

...replaced the battery in my scales for me (thank you Steve!) and I've just weighed myself and I'm only about 50g underweight after lunch, which is still below where I want to be, but I'm not as worried as I was first thing any more.  Hopefully after a couple of really high calorie breakfasts and a couple more home-cooked lunches, I'll be more like where I want to be (in around the middle of my healthy weight range rather than at either end of it) but I can stop worrying so much now.  I'm hoping that by the time I've had my breakfast tomorrow (my first of the week) I'll be able to stop worrying and just work on slightly raising or maintaining my healthy weight.

I'm about to jinx it, but...

...I've taken all my pills at the proper times so far this week and I've only got 7 more times this week then I've gone a rare week being fully dosed up at the appropriate times which I'm feeling pretty proud of!

Today's (29th April 2022) lunch photo

We were supposed to be having sweet & sour today but I couldn't find the jar of sauce in the cupboard for some reason, so it was decided that we would be having a Balti curry instead and I've definitely taken that off the list of our food stock now.

After not consuming a single calorie for 2 days then two drinking chocolates and three vegan chocolate cookies, followed half an hour later by a curry was more than my stomach was expecting, so I'm bloated now lol

I think that calls for another stock-take at the weekend and potentially adjusting the menu's for the next two weeks, but I need to let my lunch "go down" and my stomach get today's gorgeous lunch processed first methinks.

Here's today's lunch photo:

We're having...

...a home-cooked lunch for the third time this week!!!


Steve's just... my previous blog post (explaining this week's plan) and I think it's finally clicked just what my intention has been for the last 4.25 days...

...and he doesn't like it one little bit...

...and I might even have hurt him...

...but I don't care any more.  From now on he gets credit only where it's due.

I've got my second drinking choccie on the go now, so by the time I've guzzled that I'll have had 1,215 calories in about half an hour, which I'm hoping will line my stomach in preparation for lunch.

Keep your fingers crossed 🤞 that I'll have put on rather than lost weight when I weigh myself tomorrow.

The plan...

...has officially come to an end.

When I weighed myself this morning I was below the weight I promised myself (and all of you blog readers) that the plan would instantly stop.  I'm below that weight now, so the plan stops right now.

For those of you who have been wondering what the plan was, keep reading 'cos I'm about to dish the dirt on what I've been up to for the last 4 days.

Steve (my hubby/carer) tells everyone that he makes all my meals and drinks for me as I'm sure I've said countless times before and takes full credit and support for it, so this week's plan was to officially record just how few he actually does.

In the last 4.25 days he's had the opportunity to make 9 meals and at least 18 drinks for me.  He's made exactly 2 meals and 0 drinks which has made me lose 2.2kg in 4 days which I'm not at all happy about, so it's toast and really high calorie (as in over 600 calories per serving and I have 2 slices of toast, so 2 servings) for breakfast each morning until I've regained that weight (and hopefully a bit more) so that I'm back in the healthy weight range for my height.

The only things I've eaten since I woke up on Monday have been things that my hubby/carer has made for me (ie 2 lunches) or tap water.

We've both got a drinking choccie on the go now, to try and start to raise my calories (and therefore weight) a bit.  I'm not gonna eat junk food to get my weight back up, just home-cooked meals, but I'm gonna re-start having high calorie breakfasts and drinking choccies again to try and put on around 500g-750g a week.  I'm only gonna move off the sofa to go to the bathroom, the kitchen or go to bed so that I burn as few calories as possible.

It's frustrating that it got to this point and I don't think my carer even cares/worries about how little I've consumed this week.

I've just...

...weighed myself and I've lost 1.2kg since yesterday morning, so either the battery is dying a death very rapidly, in which case the batteries can't come soon enough today, or I've lost 2.2kg already this week, which is possible but I seriously hope not.  


If we don't have lunch today then I'll start eating toast and the very high calorie vegan spread for each meal to try and get my weight rapidly back up, but I'm hoping that the last week has proved my point to Steve that he only usually cooks 2-3 meals a week and no drinks at all rather than the every meal and drink that he tells everyone he does.

Mornin' all

Started caring for my carer pretty late this morning - 5.45am - but I had to keep caring for him after I shut down my laptop last night so I've already cared for him for almost 50 hours this week and this morning's care so far takes us over 50 hours, so there's a pretty good chance that it'll be another 85 hour week.

I've taken my morning pills, drunk half a litre of water and my belly is used to not having anything to eat all day now, so if we have lunch today then I don't know what'll happen.  I'll force it down if I have to, but after two full days of zero calories, my body desperately needs calories by now otherwise it won't be able to function healthily.

My carer did the washing up (but "forgot" the pasta boxes yet again, so I'll have to do them later when my deliveries have been) and made a bottle of squash for me, so his weekly total is now 108 minutes for the entire week, so there's very little chance of him hitting the minimum required to be recognised as a carer and I've already done more this morning alone than he has all week, but apparently I'm not the carer <shrug>

I'm not gonna do the news today - don't wanna be interrupted by the delivery and lunch and caring for my carer is all.


The virus scan was clear, thankfully, so I'm safe from nasties again, which is a relief.

I've meant to publish this three times so far this morning, but have kept getting side-tracked, so I'm gonna publish it now before I forget yet again lol

Thursday 28 April 2022

Nite nite orl

The side effects from my pills are rapidly kicking in so I'm gonna sign off for the night and head to bed... hope I won't wake up (albeit temporarily) at 4am tomorrow, like I did today 😉

Nite nite orl.  Sea ewe in the morning at approximately sparrows fart (assuming I remember to post as soon as I log on of course)!

Just taken... last two pills of the day so just waiting for the (hopefully rapid) side effects to kick in, then I'll head to bed.

This morning's prediction was... on, so today will be my second calorie-free day on the trot and I've now missed 6 meals that he tells everyone he makes for me.

I've just asked Steve...

...if we can make bread tomorrow 'cos neither of us have got anything going on and he said "maybe yes" which I'm hoping turns into a proper yes, but you'll have to forgive me for being doubtful.

I've got ¾ of the gardening stuff coming, but the bread stuff should, I think, take less than half an hour to do and we can time it around when it's due to be delivered as well as hopefully our lunch (my third meal of the week) so 30 minutes in about 15 hours should be pretty easy to achieve, right?  Wrong, knowing my luck though lol

Just taken... lunchtime pill and I'm also currently giving myself a huuuge guilt trip.


Because about half of Tuesday's grocery total is stuff just for me which I don't think has ever happened before.  I willingly took off all my pop 'cos I've still got 10 bottles in the kitchen (after not even letting myself have that this week) so I went searching for vegan treats that I could have.


I started off with the chocolate protein soya milk, then spotted an oat ice cream that seems to be me-friendly, then a couple of vegan chocolate cupcakes and vegan shortbread, which took the total over the budget, so I took the cupcakes off and checked out before the guilt trip won.  


Of a £49 shop, mine is over £20 of it for a very rare change.  I can guarantee that I won't get all of it by the time it's delivered, either because Steve's taken some/most/all of it off to make room for his stuff and/or it'll be out of stock on Tuesday morning... it's good that I'm allowed this very rare treat though!  


I've just gotta keep ignoring the guilt trip I keep giving myself though.

I'm predicting...

...that Steve won't be making lunch today and potentially tomorrow or even for the rest of the week.


Because his box of beef jerky has literally just turned up and he's diving into it already so he's sorted for lunch today too, which means he'll fill up on the jerky and be too full for a proper lunch today.  He will also scoff at least 2 packets for breakfast tomorrow and potentially another couple for lunch so I don't reckon he'll be cooking tomorrow either, so the earliest I'm predicting (but seriously hoping I'm wrong) I'll eat this week will be potentially Saturday.

I've eaten twice (for lunch on Monday and Tuesday) so far this week instead of the 10 meals he tells everyone he's made for me by now.  Steve's eaten 3 times every day (so 10 times so far, as well as the snacks he pretty much constantly eats) so far this week but my belly is left to rumble.

Apparently I'm lying about that though <shrug>

Just realised...

...that in 2 months and 1 day from now, it'll be our 20th wedding anniversary!  Means we've been together for 26 years as a couple too!  That's a loooong time lol

Also means I've been physically disabled for 24 years this Summer, which is also a very long time lol

FitBit is now...

...fully charged, monthly virus scan is at 30%, all three sets of news sorted and my glass of water almost empty, so I'm gonna drain the glass and go and get myself another one.

News on 28th April 2022

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28th April 2022

The Art of Friendship: How to Keep Your Connections Strong

Friendship and Belonging in Middle Age

Mornin' all

So far this morning I've:

  • started the virus scan
  • taken my morning pills
  • ordered myself some more batteries for the scales 'cos I think they are on their last legs and not giving me an accurate weight reading after losing the best part of 2kg in 3 days, despite eating a *very* high calorie lunch on Tuesday
  • added some last minute gardening things to the order that'll help me to keep track of what's growing and seeds to help the bees and butterflies to survive potential extinction
  • started charging up my FitBit and
  • cared for my carer for nearly 2 hours this morning

My to-do list for today is pretty simple:- I'll go and weigh myself after I've posted this then finish charging up my FitBit while I wait for someone from Freegle to come and collect her things.


On the menu for today is a mug of instant soup again, 'cos of the monthly virus scan, but I'm predicting that today will be my second (and hopefully last) calorie-free day of the week 'cos I can't see my carer making lunch for either of us again even though he tells everyone who asks, that he makes all my meals and drinks for me.  So far this week he's made 2 meals and no drinks, as I predicted at the weekend <shrug>

Steve's got a medical appointment again just before his surgery closes and I'm predicting that he'll cancel the appointment and not go yet again.

Right, time to publish this, reattach my FitBit to my ankle and go and weigh myself I reckon.


Wednesday 27 April 2022

Nite nite orl

Just taken my last two pills of the day and Steve's awake right now, so I'm going to head to bed for a very early night.

Nite nite orl.

Steve's eaten...

...twice today (crisps for lunch and a Subway meal and sides for tea) and I haven't eaten for 30 hours.  Steve got me three vegan cookies but they are money down the drain 'cos they aren't made by Steve so I'm not going to eat them, no matter how tempting they are.

Back on track, food wise, for...

...having the sweet 'n' sour on Friday and the curry at the weekend 'cos Steve's family managed to get hold of a couple of packets of the vegetarian pieces along with another two drinking chocolates that are me-friendly, so assuming tomorrow onwards goes according to the menu, I'll be eating for the rest of the week and I'll only have missed 7 breakfasts and 1 lunch this week... I'm trying to remain cautiously optimystic but am expecting to be let down.

Looks like today will be...

...a totally calorie-free day and I'll be living on just tap water today 'cos Steve's just said "I'll just have my Doritoes for lunch" so he's not gonna be cooking and I'm sticking to the plan so I won't be eating anything today.  Tomorrow is potentially another day without food 'cos of the monthly virus scan and Steve's medical appointment in the late afternoon and I'm predicting that he won't want to cook when he comes home.  Hopefully things will be back on track on Friday though 'cos that's sweet 'n' sour vegan pieces, as long as Steve's mum can get us more tomorrow 'cos we've only got one left in the freezer and two meals that use 'em this week!

Thanks again, Gaia!

The last part of the delivery has just turned up and I can't thank Gaia enough for getting Mr Postie to turn up when he did... literally five minutes earlier and I'd have been putting my external hard drive away and five minutes later I would have been in the bathroom!

I was dreading the weight of this delivery and while it was still very heavy, it wasn't anywhere near as bad as I was thinking!  The postie put it up against the wall next to the front door and I managed to haul it over the doorway and into the house, lean over to close the front door and shuffle it to the living room doorway then Steve took it the rest of the way and flung it (with difficulty, understandably) out of the back door for me.  It means that I can put the pots together today, fill them with the compost tomorrow and plant the seeds whenever they arrive.

I'll be able to have my bath tomorrrow instead of on Friday now... just gotta wait for the gardening gloves first though otherwise I'll get splinters all over my hand which'll then get infected and have to be amputated 😉  I only need one glove for 24 hours then I can return it to Steve's family.  Aksherley, I won't be getting the glove until tomorrow evening at the earliest, so maybe I should have my bath, as planned, on Friday anyway?

Not even 11am yet, but...

...the virus scan and backups have already finished!!  Means I can now save my spreadsheet and know that no matter what time the delivery comes, I can wake Steve up and go to the door without risking pulling the leads out, going base over apex and having to restart from scratch again.

Today is gonna be a good day.

Virus scan has...

...just finished after about 3½ hours, so I've started the backups now and hoping that I don't have to restart them at 90% again lol

Thank you Gaia!

The final delivery is coming today ("by 8pm") so I'll be able to do the potting tomorrow ready for when the seeds arrive.  I'm thinking I'll need more pots and seeds though 'cos there's 40 litres of compost and the pots only take a maximum of 33 litres lol

I'm hoping the Green Man will send the seeds on Friday so that I can get 'em planted then hopefully have a hot bubble bath on Friday evening, then I can recover all weekend and advertise more stuff from the spare room on Freegle when my body has recovered from this week.

Mornin' all

I did it!  


I managed to care for my carer for over 14½ hours by the time I eventually went to bed at 9.10pm yesterday, which means I've got to care for him for 9 hours and 11 minutes today before I start working overtime.

The plan is going well so far 'cos I've had two meals already this week and neither of us have had any hot drinks - other than the squash to take my pills with, I've only been drinking water and I'm really hoping that yesterdays three toasted sandwiches will mean that I've maybe put on some weight today to see me through the rest of the week.  Best go and weigh myself now before I forget!


I've lost 400g since I weighed myself yesterday, so today could, potentially, be the last day of the plan.  If I went to the utter lowest it's safe to be for my height then I can lose a maximum of 1.7kg more this week, but I'm not gonna take any chances to get that low, so if I lose the 700g before Sunday then I will stop the plan and instantly start having breakfast again.


I've set the weekly virus scan running and remembered not to open my emails today.  Gotta take my morning pills too, so I'm gonna do that before I forget too.

I'm expecting a delivery either today or tomorrow that I'm seriously hoping comes today so that Steve can help me to haul it in, 'cos it does, potentially weigh almost as much as me - not even kidding!  I'm hoping it weighs less and it's tightly packed to maybe make it lighter but I don't think I've bought anything so heavy since buying Patrick (my electric wheelchair) which I still can't bring into the house alone!

Just had the reminder come up to take my morning pills, so hold on while I do that please.


OK, that's my morning pills down the hatch too, so I'm all set for the rest of the day now.  Gonna publish this then grab my second glass of water of the morning, then make a start on the news.


Tuesday 26 April 2022

Nite nite orl

My carer has got his tea and he's watching something on his laptop, so I'm gonna use the opportunity to head to bed 'cos my lower back is killing me again.

Nite nite orl.  Sea ewe in the morning.


...13 hours of care for my carer already today and it'll prolly just about be 14 hours by the time I'm finally allowed to crawl into bed which is the vast majority of triple the minimum time required each day and hasn't happened in a veeery long time.  If I hadn't sorted out the spare room, I might have made it 15 hours today, but apparently I do nothing to care for or support my carer and he "does everything" for me, despite only caring for me for 81 minutes so far this week <shrug>.

That's a bit more...

...of the spare room tidied up now.  Other than a couple of stationery trays, the top of the (very dusty <sneeze>) desk is totally clear and I've got more stuff to go onto Freegle now... wanna recover a bit first though so that I don't lose more weight than strictly necessary.  


I'm gonna take the photos and email them to myself tonight/tomorrow, but I won't advertise them until I've put the weight on that I'm bound to lose this week.  I wanna move around as little as possible this week so that I don't use up more calories than I consume... shoulda thought about that before I went up to do the spare room, but the tiny amount of tidying up in the kitchen motivated me, so I wanted to make the most of it while I could lol

I'm a sweaty Betty now though, so I really will have to have a bath after I've finished planting in the back yard lol

I was wrong twice this morning

I said in my second blog post of the day that Steve wouldn't reject one of the substitutes - I was wrong because he did.

I also said that he'd come up with an excuse not to make lunch, but I was wrong about that too 'cos you'll have seen the photo by now.

It's my weekly virus scan tomorrow and the monthly one on Thursday so they will both be instant soups, hopefully made by Steve, but they are going to be low calorie days again (assuming they are actually made of course) but the extremely high calorie today should even things out a bit.

Today's (26th April 2022) lunch photo

Steve's just made our lunch for the second day on the trot - thank you Steve!

We had toasted cheese sandwiches today and it's a good job it's my only meal today 'cos it was 3,516 calories which came mostly from the spread of course.

I'm glad I didn't have 4 sandwiches or I may not have been able to finish 'em all... the 3 that I had was just enough to fill me up without bloating me.

Here's today's only meal photo:

Just had...

...the substitutions email for our groceries and my ice creams (the vast majority of my total) are unavailable and haven't been replaced so the total is £31.99 instead of £47 lol

Here are the totals for today:

My stuff:  £2.07
Steve's stuff:  £20.25
Joint stuff:  £7.17

So Steve's stuff is ⅔ of the entire order today and I bet he'll forget to reject the replacement for the vegetarian pieces which we won't be able to use so that's gonna go onto Olio and it's £2.50 so an expensive waste of money that I would prefer to keep in my bank account, rather than putting it straight onto Olio because Steve's accepted it rather than rejected it.

Because the pieces aren't there, we're having toasted cheese sarnies for lunch and I bet Steve'll find an excuse not to do it, so my entire calorie count today will be from the iced tea I had for breakfast, so under 500 calories for the entire day for the second day on the trot.

Mornin' all

How are you all doing this morning?  My hayfever is already affecting me and it's only just gone 6am, so I'm guessing today will be another high hayfever suffering day today.

I've already taken my morning pills and remembered to bring my bottle of iced tea in and charge up my FitBit, as well as setting the virus scan going (still clear) and supporting my carer for almost an hour this morning.  I ended up doing double the minimum amount of care last night and I think my carer quickly realised what my plan was, but I'll keep it going either for the rest of this week, or until I'm below where it's healthy to be with my weight.  If that happens either today or tomorrow then I'll go back to having high calorie breakfasts so that I can rapidly increase my weight then I'll give the plan its second attempt when I'm at the top of the weight range, rather than just under the middle.  


So far, out of the three meals he could have made so far and that he tells everyone he makes, he's only actually made one.  I'm trying to remain hopeful that I'll have lunch again today and I think it'll be a higher calorie one than yesterdays, which is no bad thing.

I've also remembered to have my iced tea this morning, so I've already got 144 calories inside me, which is just under half of yesterday's calories for the entire day.

When my FitBit has finished charging up, I'll go and weigh myself to make sure I can keep on with the plan today or if I should abort the mission after only 24 hours.


Forgot to publish this lol

I'll go and weigh myself now then let you all know whether today is a continuation of the plan or if I am aborting the mission for a week lol

I've lost 300g in just under 24 hours, so the plan is still good to go for today... I can safely lose up to another 1.1kg this week if I need to, but if I lose more than that I'm instantly aborting the mission.

Our groceries are due this morning so I'm hoping that my carer will still be up for making lunch for us, otherwise my only calories today will be from the iced tea I finished off this morning.  I've had my 3 allowed servings of caffeine this week now, so it'll just be water unless my carer makes a hot drink for me/us this week.

Monday 25 April 2022

Nite nite orl

Not as tired as I have been some nights, but I'm gonna head to bed for an early night for a change.

Goodnight all, see you bright and early in the morning!

I've taken my...

...last pills of the day and my carer has got his own tea today, so I stand a small chance of having a rare early night tonight!

I took... afternoon pill about an hour ago but forgot to post about it!  Woops!

Today's(25th April 2022) lunch photo

T'was a particularly scrummy lunch today - vegan spaghetti bolognaise with "a whole heap of Italian seasoning" which really did give it more depth!

We're in desperate need of more pasta though 'cos neither of us could find it anywhere in the kitchen, so I've asked Steve to ask his mum to get us another huuuuge bag and appropriately sized tub to keep it in 'cos neither of us can work out where our supply has disappeared to!

Here's today's photo of my only meal:

Tomorrow's grocery totals...

...break down like this after Steve "tinkered around with the shopping":

My stuff:  £16.07
Steve's stuff:  £20.25
Joint stuff:  £9.37

I'm hoping I'm wrong, but I reckon it'll be my stuff coming off to make room for more of Steve's 'cos I can't see him agreeing to my stuff being over £5.00 even though I'm the one who's paying for the damn thing!

Steve's just gone out to make a start on lunch and has told me that I'm "the official getterer of stuff" so that he can sit on his stool listening to a podcast and just occasionally stir the pasta and sauce!

At least I'll get one meal today though!


...weighed myself and my weight isn't as high as I would have liked so the plan will still go ahead this week, but may not continue all week and weighing myself every morning is even more important too 'cos the plan will instantly stop if I get to a certain weight 'cos anything below that is too low.

Mornin' all

I haven't weighed myself yet, but judging by Saturday's weight I'm still good to go with the plan 'cos I'll hopefully have put on a bit more weight.

I've already taken my pills, run the daily virus scan (which was clear) and cared for my carer for 1 hour and 24 minutes this morning.  I'm gonna weigh myself now to see what my starting weight is then refill my glass with water again, instead of a hot drink.

When I've done that, I'll log my weight into FitBit, download the spreadsheet then code and upload it for you all to have a look at if you want to.


Sunday 24 April 2022

Nite nite orl

I've made my carer's tea for him and forgot the mustard but remembered his two pasties.  I'm wiped out, in pain, in a foul mood and I've just had about as much as I can take for one day, so I'm off to beddy-byes while my carer is still awake.


The final caring totals for the week look like this:

Me caring for my carer:  83 hours 33 minutes
My carer caring for me:  2 hours 15 minutes

Nite nite orl.

Just taken... last two pills of the day and supported someone on a forum and my screen is starting to dim, so it must be 7pm now, so I'd best go and make my carer's third meal of the day for him instead of him demanding it just as I'm about to head up to bed, like he usually does.  He wants plastic cheese with his ham and mustard today, so that's one meal I'm missing one day next week already (when we were supposed to be having toasted cheese sarnies) - he'll make sure he has plenty to eat and I'll go hungry yet again.

You'd think I'd be used to it by now, but it still hurts that he's so flippin' selfish.

My diary/to-do list for next week...

...looks like this:

Monday:  wait for, bring in and take outside the pots that are being delivered from Amazon

Tuesday:  bring in and put away shopping, turn emersion heater on

Wednesday/Thursday:  wait for, struggle in with and take outside the compost that completes my Amazon order

Friday:  Try to put the compost into at least one of the pots and potentially get very stressed out in the process

Saturday:  Recover in a very long and hopefully very hot lavendar-scented bubble bath - my body will be demanding it by that point lol

Sunday:  Get ready for a new week - hopefully less busy and physically demanding than the week I'll just have been through.

I can do this - I just need to relax while I'm not being active to help my body to prepare/recover from the incredibly active week that it's gonna be starting tomorrow.

Today's (24th April 2022) lunch photo

We had a bag of hash browns between us for lunch (Steve had 8 and I had 5) and the grill thing in the bottom of the tray along with pre-heating the air-fryer with the tray already in it definitely helped today.  I also only took the tray out and gently shook it a couple of times (at 12½ and 7½ minutes to go) instead of every 5 minutes too, which also seemed to help.

Steve's already burping like a good 'un and I predict he'll be asleep before the motor racing starts lol

Here's today's lunch photo:

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Today's (24th April 2022) breakfast photo

After eating twice yesterday, I was feeling pretty full so I'm now almost bloated after my usual two slices of toast with vegan spread.

It's hash browns for lunch today, cooked in our air fryer 'cos we're still without an oven.  Gonna try and remember not to shake them about as violently as Steve did the first time and the grill thing definitely crisped up Steve's waffles so I'm gonna leave it for a good few minutes before I even *think* about shaking them so that they will hopefully be more solid this time.

Here's today's breakfast photo:

He actually helped...

...with the rubbish and recycling this week!  I only had to raise my voice once, but there was no shouting, and it was done and dusted in under 20 minutes instead of the half an hour it takes when I do it on my own!

That takes his weekly caring total up to 2 hours and 18 minutes for the week so far.  I'm predicting that I'll be doing lunch 'cos it's just hash browns and so his only opportunities to help me for the rest of the day are to do the washing up and take the food waste caddy outside after lunch, which'll take a maximum of half an hour combined, so yep, still under ⅒ of the minimum required care he tells everyone he does.

Plan for next week is still on but I'm not gonna take any risks with it.

Mornin' all

How are you all doing this morning?  My hayfever is already through the roof but I'm determined that I'm gonna have a good day today so the hayfever can eff off already.

I've taken my pills and updated the FitBit app 'cos I didn't down the full bottle of Berry Crush yesterday, but I've already drunk a litre of it this morning and I've just about got another glass left in the bottle, so I'm guessing that I only had a single glass of it yesterday!

Even if my carer does nothing but care for me until midnight tonight, there's no way he's gonna even approach the minimum required amount of care... I doubt he'll even make ⅒ of the minimum 'cos he's only cared for me for 116 minutes so far this week and there are only 12 hours left to go before my bedtime tonight, so I dunno how he's gonna cram over 30 hours of care into 12 hours again!

It's supposed to be hash browns for lunch, so I'm predicting that I'll be making those and I'll be making my carer's breakfast for him when he wakes up for more than 10 seconds at a time... the longest he's managed since I came downstairs has been 8 seconds... 6 seconds that time - yes, I am counting this morning so that I'm not left standing there for ages when I've made his breakfast for him.

He's awake now and desperate for a wee by the looks of things, so I'll go and make his first meal of the day while he's in the bathroom... I refused to make his tea for him last night, which he wasn't happy about 'cos it meant him going into the kitchen, over to the fridge, getting his tea out then coming back in here to eat it.  By the looks of things, he didn't even do that though 'cos there aren't any packages anywhere, so he'll be really hungry this morning then lol

Time to go and make my carer's first meal of the day.


Saturday 23 April 2022

Nite nite orl

What a day!  I'm absolutely cream crackered, so I'm listening to my body and shutting down for the night now.

Nite nite orl.

Last pills of the day are...

...down the hatch now, so just gotta wait for the side effects then I can head off to beddy-byes.

That's my...

...lunchtime pill crunched up and swallowed, so that's me dosed up until 7pm now.

Today's (23rd April 2022) lunch photo

Cor lummy, I'm stuffed now!

We had a gorgeous vegan Rogan Josh curry and we've both agreed that we couldn't go any hotter taste-wise.  T'was yummy, scrummy in my tummy and apparently Steve feels more up to cooking now that his meds have been increased and finally starting to kick in, which I'm trying to remain hopeful that that means we'll be having more than 2 home-cooked meals next week!

Here's today's photo:


...eating today, thankfully, 'cos Steve's doing the curry and rice on the hob now.  Hopefully that means I'll put on even more weight tomorrow, in preparation for Monday's plan kicking into action.  I prefer to be at the top of the healthy range rather than below it, so it was a huuuuge relief when I weighed myself this morning.  I'll be weighing myself every morning next week just to make sure I don't go too low... if I do then I'll start up with the high calorie breakfasts again, but I'm seriously hoping it won't get to that point.


Smells like the chef has put the curry sauce into the frying pan now, so I'm gonna put my laptop on the floor until I've finished eating and taken the plates out.


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Today's (23rd April 2022) breakfast photo

Just my usual two slices of toast and vegan spread for my breakfast this morning.

I've taken another loaf of bread out of the freezer to defrost in time for tomorrow's breakfast if Steve has sandwiches for his tea tonight but if he doesn't then I'll have a couple of slices with my hash browns tomorrow.


Next week's plan is...

...good to go.  I've put on exactly 2kg since Monday so I'm happy with that and as long as my weight has gone up a bit more on Monday, it's safe for me to do it.  If I've lost weight on Monday then the plan's off, but right now we're good to go.

Mornin' all

I've woken up in a great deal of pain, my legs are weak, motivation at rock bottom, but I've still gotta do things for other people.  I'm charging up my FitBit and getting on top of my emails first though!

I've taken my morning pills and started the daily virus scan, so just gotta wait for Steve to come out of the bathroom then I can make his breakfast for him.  It's supposed to be curry for lunch, but I'm already predicting, at 7.02am, that it won't be happening.

I'm gonna weigh myself today to see if I'm on track for Monday's plan... I'm hoping that I've put on a considerable amount of weight so that I can move seemlessly into my plan on Monday morning - I'll see how long I can do that for though and it certainly won't be longer than a week, but it'll be proof of how much my carer lies to everyone.

Gonna live on pop this morning so that I can hopefully get a few more calories into me - I've already drunk half a litre of it in about 15 minutes though lol

My carer has just come out of the bathroom and wants his breakfast, so I'm gonna publish this, make his breakfast, have my own then hopefully remember to weigh myself after that.  Keep your fingers crossed that I remember to cross it all off my to-do list before my carer falls asleep again lol

Friday 22 April 2022

Nite nite orl

I'm gradually closing down all my programmes 'cos I'm only 5 minutes away from the 13 hour target and I wanna be sure my carer is sorted before I head off to bed, so I'm gonna publish this, close my browser and shut down for the night now.

Nite nite orl.  Sea ewe in the morning.

Last two pills of the day...

...have been taken and I've only got one left of each of 'em.

Can someone remind me at some point between when I head to bed tonight and when I come back downstairs in the morning that I need to charge my FitBit up please?  It's currently at 82% so it'll record my sleep tonight but it won't tomorrow if I don't charge it up very first thing, 'cos it starts to stop recording things when it gets below 75% which'll be tomorrow lunchtime and I wanna be able to move around without having to take it off, set it charging, decide I need a wee, put it back around my ankle, put my boot back on, go to the bathroom, come back in here, take it back off, set it charging again then the cycle starts again a couple of hours later lol

It's looking increasingly likely that I'll hit the 12 hour mark at 7.35pm and possibly the 13 hour mark at 8.35pm but I want an early night tonight, so I'm not gonna push my body much beyond the 12 hour mark and I'll listen to it when it tells me it's had enough for the day.  I've already put in a 60 hour week and haven't had a healthy last 24 hours of them, so I'm gonna give my body the extra rest it needs tonight to hopefully get things back on track tomorrow morning.  Hopefully last night's tea will have worked it's way out of my body by tomorrow, 'cos that's what has caused the bad night and day I've had.


Washing up done...

...cold infusion erm infusing and I'm back to caring for my carer again.  Only got 15-ish minutes to go and I'll have cared for him for 10 hours today, so 12 or even 13 hours is looking pretty likely today and my carer is still at 73 minutes for the week.


All I've eaten today is the two slices of toast that I risked having for my breakfast and I've had 4 drinks to try and increase my calories a bit more - the drinking chocolate was the most helpful at 403 calories, so I might try and sneak another one in before I head to bed tonight to try and make my FitBit graph a bit redder.  It's supposed to be a Rogan Josh curry tomorrow, so I'm trying to remain hopeful that I'll be able to have my second lunch of the week but I'll have a couple of slices of toast for breakfast just in case it doesn't happen.  I'm still hopeful that it's full steam ahead next week, but it all depends on what the scales say on Monday - if I've put on enough then it's full steam ahead but if not then it'll be another week of desperately trying to get way too many calories into me.

Got 7 minutes of care left to go now, so I'm hopeful that by the time I take my pills at 7pm it'll be almost 12 hours then with any luck I'll just about scrape in 13 hours by the time my carer lets me go to bed.

I've whittered on for waaaay too long, so I'll shut up now 👌


That's my carer watered, so now...'s time for me to do the washing up.  I hope I'll stay upright while I'm doing it, unlike when I brought my carer's lunch in for him!

Just made... carers lunch for him and I experimented with two things without him knowing until I brought his lunch in today and they both worked an absolute treat.

The first experiment was to put the grill into the bottom of the drawer - it was sat on top of the porridge container totally unused, so I used my initiative.

The second thing was to pre-heat the air fryer with the drawer in, like it should be, instead of leaving it open 'cos Steve was filling the drawer while it was heating up.

It took a grand total of 41 minutes from me shuffling out there to bringing my carers lunch in for him instead of the over hour that it usually takes to barely cook things.

I also didn't shake the tray until the waffles had started to crisp up and even then it was just a gentle shake to get 'em all moving slightly instead of my carers violent shaking he did with the hash browns that make them come out totally separated into little bits of no more than a couple of centimetres each at their most put-together point, so I appear to be the air-fryer queen now 😃

We've got 18 waffles left to cook and I'm seemingly not eating for the rest of the day now 'cos my legs won't hold me up for long enough after making 100% of my carers meals so far today.

He tells everyone that he "makes all her meals and drinks" yet he's only made one meal and zero drinks so far this week.  He's cared for me for 73 minutes so far this week so he's still got to pull 33 hours and 47 minutes out of the bag before midnight on Sunday which would mean him putting in over 11 hours a day from now until bedtime on Sunday which just ain't gonna happen in reality.  Apparently he's my carer though <shrug>

Today's (22nd April 2022) breakfast photo

Steve said that I might be feeling crummy 'cos of being hungry, so I've just forced down a late breakfast to please him and I'm now feeling worse than I did last night.  At least I've eaten though and it's potato waffles for lunch today but if I'm still feeling this bad then I'll just make them for Steve so that I can use the time to properly recover from last night and this morning.

Here's today's photo:

My carer has decided...

...that I'm feeling hungry as opposed to ill, so he's said to "have a couple of slices of toast for a late breakfast to see if that eases it for you" and I bet he'll want me to have lunch too, no matter how I'm feeling, so I'm gonna have another bad night again.

Not to worry though, eh Steve?

My carer has been...

...fed and finally finished off his box of Shredded Wheat.  I'm feeling even worse now after all that bending down and moving around to make Steve's breakfast and bring it in for him, so I'm gonna leave off breakfast this morning I reckon.  I've had a couple of very high calorie days, so missing one breakfast won't harm me and it's better than bringing it all back up as soon as I swallow it.

Might attempt a couple of slices of toast at lunchtime when I make my carer's lunch (waffles) for him, but I'm not gonna take any risks today which could, potentially mean no food and just plain water to drink.

Mornin' all

I hope you're all feeling considerably better than I am this morning.  After last night's tea then heading to bed so soon after eating 'cos of the side effect of my night-time pills kicking in, I've woken up feeling really sick, in a lot of pain, exhausted, my head feels like it's full of cotton wool and I'm in a bad mood, but that doesn't seem to matter to my hubby/carer as long as he eats 3 meals a day.

I'd better take my morning pills then go and make his breakfast for him when he wakes up.

It's Friday today, yeah?  If it is then the only way my carer can reach the minimum required amount of caring is by caring for me for over 11 hours a day between now and bedtime on Sunday, which has never happened in a fortnight, let alone a day!


The daily virus scan was clear again and I've just had the reminder come up to take my morning pills, so I'd best do that now before I forget...


OK, I'm all dosed up for this morning now and it really hasn't done my icky and painful belly any good, but that doesn't seem to matter, right Steve?

My carer is awake for more than 5 seconds, so I'd best go and make his breakfast for him.


Thursday 21 April 2022

Nite nite orl

Unfortunately the side effects are already kicking in, so I'm gonna head off to bed now and try falling asleep sitting up against the wall instead of laid in bed.  I should hopefully be fine once I've got to sleep, it's just the falling asleep without throwing up everywhere that's the problem.  Hope I don't wake up feeling sick or I'll be missing out on breakfast which I really want to avoid this week in preparation for next week.

Nite nite orl.

Just taken my pills and...

...just as I was thinking, I'm now in pain, exhausted and constantly on the verge of throwing up so it's gonna be another late night tonight, which I really didn't want.  Thanks a bunch, Steve 😒😞

Today's (21st April 2022) tea photo

I really was hoping to avoid eating tonight, just like every night, but I was told that Steve would be getting a Chinese for tea and he was going to get me a bag of chips.  I've given up trying to get my point across that I can't usually eat in the evenings without feeling very sick when I go to bed an hour or so later, so tonight is gonna be another very late night for me so that I don't end up throwing up everywhere.

T'was just a bag of chips, but I was still full from my previous two meals today, so I'm verging on bloated now and I've gotta take my last pills of the day in less than 20 minutes, so I'm hoping that the side effects wait for a good few hours to kick in tonight.

Here's today's tea photo:

Does anyone have... idea/rocket I can shove up my carer's bum to motivate him to do two things please?

The first is to pay his mum back for our hair cuts now that he's got access to his online banking again.

The second is to ask his brother and/or sister if they wouldn't mind coming over to get rid of all the dead weeds in the back yard so that I can get the bag of compost that Steve's found on Amazon and plant the wild flowers to help to feed all the bees that are rapidly dieing out and even approaching the verge of extinction.  I can't do much, but I *can* do that for them.  

The seeds are due to arrive next week so I wanna get it all sorted before then.

I'm giving Steve until tomorrow morning to contact his family about both those things that he's promised to do or I'll do it myself.  Again.

Today's (21st April 2022) lunch photo

Compared to my normal lunches, this was barely a snack but it's better than nothing and Steve reckons he's going to have a Chinese take-away for his tea "and whether you like it or not I'm gonna get you a bag of chips too" so it looks like I'm eating three times today and going to sleep feeling very sick.  He's apparently gonna go to one of the ones that you can pre-order from which will hopefully mean that it'll be in our hands at around 5.30pm which is a lot better than it turning up at 7pm!  I don't like cold chips so if Steve changes his mind about the early delivery then I'll be going to bed nauseous and very late, which is far from perfect, but I seemingly don't have a choice <shrug>

Here's today's lunch photo:

Steve's *finally* having...

...his fish fingers for lunch that have been in the freezer for at least 3 weeks lol

I'm having his leftovers from the vegan spaghetti and sauce that we had on Monday when he brings his lunch in, so I'll be eating twice today for the second time this week and I can't wait!

I'll take a photo of it for you all and I need to remember to save it as a .gif for you, my blog readers, and my Instagram followers to hopefully get around the Blogger platform seemingly suddenly having a problem with .png's which is frustrating after it had been working so well for me!

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Today's (21st April 2022) breakfast photo

Another 2 slices of vegan spreaded toast this morning.  I'm really enjoying the seeded bread and if it wasn't so expensive I'd get it every week, but I'm not willing to pay £1.35 for something that only lasts for two days between the two of us!  I'm not saying we'll never have it again, but like with the Pure Heavenly chocolate, it'll be an occasional treat to have for a change from our usual bread.

Here's the photo... hopefully!

It's worked today by saving it as a .gif so Blogger must have got its knickers in a twist with .png files, but that's OK - it'll keep me on my toes for a while, then I bet Blogger will start accepting .png files again lol

Mornin' all

Woke up very late this morning, but my body obviously needed the 9½ hours of sleep it got!

I've already made my carer's breakfast, done the washing up, taken my morning pills and supported someone who has severely triggered me without giving a damn about how others might be feeling.

I'm gonna go and make my breakfast now and my carer still wants his fish finger sandwiches for lunch, so I'll finish off his left-overs from Monday so really need all the calories I can get from my breakfast in case the leftovers aren't safe to eat any more.  They've been in a box in the fridge, so they should be OK shouldn't they?

I wanna put on as much weight as possible this week so that I don't get underweight next week when I'm predicting I'll get a maximum of 3 meals all week and I'll be drinking just plain water or fruit squash when I take my pills.

Gonna set the virus scan running while I make my toast.


Wednesday 20 April 2022

Nite nite orl

I started yawning just as I hit 'Publish' on my last post, so I'm gonna shut down for the night now.

Nite nite orl.  Sea ewe in the mornin'.

All my pills...

...are now down the hatch and I'm hoping for an early night tonight when the side effects kick in.

Looks like...

...I'll be going without lunch on a Wednesday as standard for a while yet 'cos my carer has just said that "the tomato is really nice" and that he wants "tomato for a while yet because I'd forgotten how yummy it is!" so I'm only gonna be having breakfasts on a Wednesday until my carer rejects it in favour of his chicken ones again.  There are 11 left so it'll be at least 11 weeks before I can have lunch on a Wednesday now, even though my carer has got 10 of his own chicken soups too.  I'll just have to hope that we've got enough bread for me to have high-calorie breakfasts like I did this morning, otherwise I'll be surviving on 250 calories on a Wednesday, which is far from healthy, but that doesn't seem to matter to my carer, as long as he is fed and watered with the things he wants to have, seemingly.


I've now made 7½ of his meals and all of his drinks and he's made half of one of my meals and none of my drinks.  Again.

It's a good job...

...that I had breakfast this morning 'cos for the second day on the trot, it's my only meal.

Steve decided that he wanted a tomato soup which is the only one I can have 'cos I'm vegetarian and I'm allergic to dairy, so him having that is one less for me so I'm going without lunch again today.

Had to...

...restart the backups again 'cos they had stopped at 90%-odd, which was frustrating, but they are on their way again now.

When my carer wakes up I'll go and make our lunch for us both.

Problem fixed...

...Blogger doesn't like .png files any more for some reason, but .gifs are fine, so I just need to remember to save the meal photo's as .gifs to upload them to my blog, which is annoying but there's nothing I can seemingly do about it unfortunately.

Assuming I remember, there will be a lunchtime photo of my mug of soup and I'll hopefully remember to save it in the right format this time.


There has been something screwy with the photos for some reason, 'cos I've just attempted to upload one of the other photos from 2nd March and it worked as I expected, so something is going screwy with the photos for some reason... I've just gotta work out what it is and how to fix it now!

That's the...

...vegetables gone, so we've got room in our freezer for more stuff now and I'm betting it'll be something meaty for Steve as opposed to anything for me, same as always.

Today's (20th April 2022) breakfast photo

I was too stuffed to eat anything else after having 4 slices of toast and very high calorie spread for breakfast yesterday, but thankfully I only made two slices for myself this morning.

It's my weekly virus scan and backups today, so it'll be instant soup for lunch again.

I'm trying something new with my blog this morning - turning my VPN off before starting this blog post, just in case that was the problem yesterday and the day before.  Keep your fingers crossed that it works today lol

Nope, not working, so I'll email Blogger to see what's gone wrong over the last 3 days 'cos it was fine at the weekend!  I think I updated my browser at the weekend so maybe I need to uninstall the update??

Pills taken and...

...I desperately need a wee after yesterday afternoon's caffeine, so I'll make my breakfast after I've washed and dried my hands.


Mornin' all

How are you all doing this chilly morning?

I've just made my carer's breakfast for him and Steve's not going for his medical appointment yet again (apparently his surgery texted him "after you went to bed last night" and cancelled it which is sounding more and more like total bollox to me), I've remembered not to open my email programmes 'cos of the weekly virus scan (which is already 37% of the way through) and I'm gonna go and get my breakfast when my carer wakes up.

Someone is due to come over and pick up the vegetables today... and I'll be making lunch again 'cos it's just our weekly Wednesday instant soup and I'm predicting that I'll be making my carer's tea for him again, so by the time I go to bed tonight, I'll have made 8½ meals for him and he'll have made half a meal for me... apparently he makes all my meals for me and I do nothing to care for/support him though <shrug>


Time to take my morning pills then I'm gonna go and make my breakfast... hopefully only two slices this morning lol

Keep your fingers crossed that I can upload my breakfast photos for you all today lol

Tuesday 19 April 2022

Nite nite orl

Only an hour later than usual and I'm starting to yawn.

My carer's got his tea, so I can safely head to bed now.

Nite nite orl.

Taken my last pills of the day, but...

...thanks to the caffeine I accidentally had at 3pm, I'm still wide awake so it's gonna be a veeery long night for me but hopefully I'll wake up later than 5am tomorrow to try and re-set my body clock to wake up at a more sensible time.

That's... carer fed.  By me.  Again.  I've made 4 of his meals and helped to make the fifth and he's half made one of mine.

Apparently he "makes all her meals and drinks for her" which is total and utter bollox already this week 'cos he's made half of one of my four meals which is far from the every meal he claims to make for me.  I honestly can't remember the last time he made me a hot drink, so I'm gonna be making all the drinks this afternoon too, same as always.

Starting now, seemingly, 'cos he wants a drinking chocolate so I'll just get myself a glass of water so that I can save the pop for the rest of the week.



My carer actually helped to put the groceries away today... it should go down in the history books!

He spent a good five minutes ranting about how nosey and unhelpful the driver was, but that's nothing new - unless the driver takes the initiative and bags up every single thing we've bought then hands the bag to Steve to swing from one side of his body to the other for me to take through to the kitchen, they are unhelpful apparently!

He's now deciding he wants cheese sandwiches for lunch "with half of the cheese that came today" instead of the sausage sandwiches that he decided on this morning which was another change from the menu that he agreed to at the weekend.  Either way, I won't be eating by the looks of things again <shrug>

Now he's wasting a 1kg bag of vegetables because we're not gonna be having vegetables with any of our meals, so I'd better go and photograph them and put them on Olio then.

Steve's having cheese sarnies for lunch and I'm having nothing, using up the bread so I'll be having less for my breakfasts and I can see him wanting a take-away for his tea too.

I give up, I really do.

Our grocery order... has just come in and the tissues were unavailable and weren't replaced, so todays totals break down like this:

My stuff:  £8.35
Steve's stuff:  £20.54
Joint stuff:  £15.60


So yet again Steve's stuff is considerably the majority of the order and just under half of the whole thing that only he can have.  I'm predicting right now, at 9.01am on Tuesday 19th April 2022, that the majority of his stuff will go to waste again too.  Literally all mine is, is two tubs of vegan ice cream and a bottle of maple syrup.  Steve's got meat and fish and milk and sandwich fillers and crisps and sausage rolls and pasties and pop and all kinds of other things that I'm predicting will be wasted yet again.  That doesn't seem to matter though 😠

Today's (19th April 2022) breakfast photo

Let's see if I can get the photo's to upload today - still can't work out why yesterday's two photo's wouldn't upload... if I have problems with this one too, I'll email Blogger to find out what's going on.

I was only going to have 2 slices of toast and spread for breakfast today, but for some reason I toasted and spreaded 4, so I'm verging on bloated now and my calories are through the roof, so I'm not gonna have any lunch today and just let Steve have his vegetarian sausage sandwiches that he wants instead of the sausages and veg that we were supposed to be having today.

That's a whole different rant that doesn't belong here though lol

Here's today's only photo:

Nope, still no joy, so I shall be searching the help files then emailing them to see what's going on <sigh>

Woops! lol

I've just had my breakfast and I don't think I need to worry about not having lunch today 'cos I'm already almost 2,000 calories over budget thanks to the spread lol

I was intending to have 2 slices of toast and spread, but put the third and fourth slices into the toaster, toasted and spreaded them and it wasn't until I came in here and Steve said "how many calories is that then?" that I realised what I'd done!

I won't be having any lunch today after all so Steve can have all the sausages and bread that he wants for his vegan sausage sarnies at lunchtime.

Just about to resize and put the photo up - assuming it works today of course!

Mornin' all

I must have been totally wiped out last night 'cos, according to my FitBit, I was only restless once all night and was asleep for 9 hours and 24 minutes!

I've made Steve's breakfast for him, but the dried washing up away and generally cared for my carer for over an hour this morning, and it's not even 🕢 7.30am yet!

Our shopping is due between 10am and 11am and my carer has already decided "I might just have sausage sandwiches" which means I'll be going without lunch, so need every calorie I can get from breakfast.  It also means that he'll be using up the next two days worth of breakfasts for me, so there's a good chance I won't have put on much weight so won't be able to follow the plan next week either.  Saying that though, I think we've got more bread coming today, so that's not so bad.

My carer has almost finished his breakfast so I'll have to take his bowl out to the kitchen and wash it up before I can have my breakfast, which'll make me unsteady on my feet so I'll have to come and sit down again to recover before I go and make my toast, but then the shopping is due soon after that so I'll have to be ready to take all the groceries through to the kitchen, which'll make me wobbly again so I'll have to recover from that, then it'll be lunchtime and I'll have to make my carer's lunch then recover from that, so I'll miss lunch too.  Today is potentially a calorie-free day again.  Not good, but my carer's needs come before my own.

He's just finished his breakfast so I'm gonna go and wash up then see how I feel and if I can have breakfast after all.

Monday 18 April 2022

Nite nite orl

The two photo's still aren't uploading but my last two pills of the day are rapidly kicking in, so I'm off to beddy-byes.

Be back again, same as normal, tomorrow morning.

Look after each other.

Nite nite orl.

Today's (18th April 2022) lunch photo

Just polished off my lunch of spaghetti and Linda McCartney's vegan meatballs.  I'm totally stuffed now so won't be moving far from the sofa this afternoon, other than to put Steve's leftovers in the fridge and potentially go for several wee's.

Hope I'll have more success uploading the lunch photo than I did with the breakfast one lol

Nope, it's still refusing, so like with this morning you'll have to follow me on Instagram if you wanna see what I've eaten today.  I post exactly the same photo and comment each time I've got a food photo and it worked yesterday, but it's throwing a strop at me today for some reason.  Just search for foodfotos4amanda and you'll find me.

Today's (18th April 2022) breakfast photo

I weighed myself this morning (like I do every Monday morning) and I'm only just within the healthy weight range for my height, so this is potentially my last granola photo of the week 'cos I'm gonna go back to having spreaded toast for breakfast for the rest of this week, starting tomorrow morning (assuming the bread has defrosted by then of course), to try to put me back into the main part of my healthy weight range.

The photo isn't uploading for some reason and I've restarted my browser and rebooted my machine but it still doesn't want to upload  😞  You can see it on Instagram if you want to though?  It's exactly the same as I post here on my blog each day, but when Blogger throws a strop, you'll be able to see my food photos there instead, just follow foodfotos4amanda if you're that desperate to see what I eat each day lol

Mornin' all

I weighed myself before I had my breakfast this morning and after barely eating last week, I'm only just in the healthy weight range for my height, so I'm gonna put this week's plan on hold until I've put on at least 2½kg then I'll only eat and drink when my carer makes it.  I should have 14 meals and at least 25 drinks that week 'cos that's what he tells everyone he does, but I'm predicting that I'll have 3 meals, tops, that week and I'll be drinking water throughout 'cos he hasn't made a single drink since well before NaNo21.

I'm thinking I should be having toast instead of granola to bump up my weight more rapidly 'cos one serving of the spread alone is over 300 calories and I'll have two slices of toast a day, so that and the bread will be about 650 calories in just one meal, so if I can keep going with that this week, I'm hoping my weight will be better to hopefully put my plan into action next week.  I've just taken a loaf out of the freezer that'll hopefully be defrosted by the time I have breakfast tomorrow, assuming my carer doesn't use it all in his teatime sandwiches of course.

OK, that's the bread on the order and the chocolate soya milk taken off, so I'll hopefully be having toast for the rest of this week at the very least.  Keep your fingers crossed that I can rapidly increase my weight with just my breakfast choice alone.

I've taken my morning pills and run the daily virus scan and made Steve's breakfast for him and downloaded the spreadsheet, so I'll code that into my homepage now, then get cracking on the news while my carer is snoring his head off 😴 in his chair.  Gotta remember to put my breakfast photo up for you all too!


Sunday 17 April 2022

Nite nite orl phone has got 10 minutes left until it's fully charged, so I'm gonna shut down now and get ready to do any last minute things my carer is bound to want me to do for him.  I'm going to bed at 8.30pm tonight and just for once I'm not gonna let him stop me.

Nite nite orl.

Pills taken and...

...I'm still wide awake, so lets do the weekly breakdown of care as of 7.28pm on Sunday 17th April:

My carer's care of me:  2 hours 52 minutes (and unlikely to increase)
My care of my carer:  82 hours 23 minutes (and still counting)

So I've considerably more than doubled the minimum required to be registered and paid as a carer and my carer hasn't even hit 10% of that same minimum yet and he's registered and paid as my carer.


If we hadn't had our hair cuts on Monday, it'd've been an easy 85 hour week this week 'cos we were with Steve's family for more than 3 hours on Monday and he'd have been asleep the whole time if we hadn't been out of the house, same as he usually is.

He's got one more chunk of cheese left to eat then I can take his plate through to the kitchen and head to bed.  I don't reckon I'll be asleep much before 9pm yet again, despite telling Steve how cream crackered and in desperate need of an early night I was again tonight.  He's got his tea and I'll see if he wants another drink then I'll hopefully be able to head to bed after that... I bet he'll find yet another reason to keep me up again though.

Gonna publish this blog post now before it gets even lighter and prolly won't post again before I say goodnight to you all.

Leaving you in peace for a bit now.

I'm currently at...

...891 calories for the day thanks to a drinking choccie and small choccie milkshake this afternoon, which is far from ideal but I haven't had a choice again today.

My carer's eaten twice so far today and I'm gonna go and get him his third meal of the day after I've been for a wee.  Apparently he makes all my meals and drinks for me though <shrug>

The grill had...

...been left for even longer than I thought.  I honestly thought it was clean when Steve had his chicken at the end of last year and it was the fat from his 5 lots of grilled chicken that he had while I was doing NaNo and JanNo, but nope, apparently it's been in there for "over 2 years" and he was "secretly hoping that they would take the whole lot away when we got our cooker replaced" as direct quotes from Steve... no wonder the grilled veggie stuff had been tasting like real meat - they were being cooked in the fat from real meat for the last two years!!

Not a happy bunny right now.

Looks like today will be...

...another calorie free day 'cos my carer "don't want any cooked lunch, I'll just have sarnies instead" to which I replied that he's only got one sandwich filler left" and he goes "best leave that for me tea then".

He's just said "have we got anything other than veg to have with the sausages?" so I said "vegemince" which made him chuckle.  "We've got waffles unless they're earmarked for another day?" to which I nodded my head.

He's now saying about grilling the sausages to make sausage sarnies, but he said a while ago (as in weeks) that the grill is full of meat juices so he'll be the only one eating again today then.  At least I've had two meals (yesterday's breakfast and lunch) this weekend though, so I shouldn't complain really.

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