Wednesday 27 April 2022

Thanks again, Gaia!

The last part of the delivery has just turned up and I can't thank Gaia enough for getting Mr Postie to turn up when he did... literally five minutes earlier and I'd have been putting my external hard drive away and five minutes later I would have been in the bathroom!

I was dreading the weight of this delivery and while it was still very heavy, it wasn't anywhere near as bad as I was thinking!  The postie put it up against the wall next to the front door and I managed to haul it over the doorway and into the house, lean over to close the front door and shuffle it to the living room doorway then Steve took it the rest of the way and flung it (with difficulty, understandably) out of the back door for me.  It means that I can put the pots together today, fill them with the compost tomorrow and plant the seeds whenever they arrive.

I'll be able to have my bath tomorrrow instead of on Friday now... just gotta wait for the gardening gloves first though otherwise I'll get splinters all over my hand which'll then get infected and have to be amputated 😉  I only need one glove for 24 hours then I can return it to Steve's family.  Aksherley, I won't be getting the glove until tomorrow evening at the earliest, so maybe I should have my bath, as planned, on Friday anyway?

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